Sermon: Living with Perspective (February 9, 2008)

February 27, 2008

Rev. Hyung Jin Nim’s Sermon Headquarter Church ,Chungpadong,Seoul
February 9, 2008 Topic: Living with Perspective

And so it’s important, when we look at ourselves, that we realize that we are children of True Parents, that we have that tremendous value, that we have unique value, cosmic value, and divine value. And it’s so important to look at ourselves this way because that’s the highest perspective. That’s God’s perspective.

Hyung Jin Nim’s Welcome Message:

Brothers and sisters, let’s always remember, before we start our service, to see ourselves from God’s viewpoint. As we recall from the fall we know that Lucifer saw Adam and Eve with the wrong eyes. He saw them with his own eyes. He couldn’t understand their value.

And so it’s important, when we look at ourselves, that we realize that we are children of True Parents, that we have that tremendous value, that we have unique value, cosmic value, and divine value. And it’s so important to look at ourselves this way because that’s the highest perspective. That’s God’s perspective.

So I always want to encourage you, every time we start our service, that’s the way we should start, knowing who we are, knowing whose we are, knowing that we are precious, that we are filled with value. Father said in the blessed family text that the blessed families are those whom the sages have waited for all throughout the ages, the families that are the providential fruit of God’s sweat, His tears and of His wish.

Let us remember that we are that kind of precious families, all of you. We’re all engrafted into the original lineage. True Parents are flowing through us. They are always loving us. They believe in us.

It’s so important that we see ourselves with that kind of right perspective. I want to encourage you that whenever you go out and see each other please see each other with those eyes with that beautiful vision for each other. When we can do this we can really start creating that ideal kingdom before our eyes.

Brothers and sisters, welcome so much. We have a lot of guests from the States. Brothers and sisters from the States, welcome you all. It’s such an international gathering. We want to send out to all our brothers and sisters throughout the world. And thank you all for coming. Welcome!!

Yeon Ah Nim’s Message:

A couple of days ago, it was a big Korean National Holiday. We went to the Peace Palace and had breakfast with True Parents. While we were eating, True Father really praised my husband and me, our couple, for our effort in church building. And I was really delighted to know that True Father is really happy about our ministry. Read the rest of this entry »


Sermon: Overflowing Together With God (November 10, 2007)

February 26, 2008

Rev. Hyung-jin Nim’s Sermon,
Mapo Church, Seoul
November 10, 2007

Topic : Overflowing Together With God

…try to learn something from your experiences every day. There are miracles abound in your life.

Yeon Ah Nim’s Message:

Good evening brothers and sisters. We are truly blessed and honored to have you all here in Mapo Church this evening. Many people have commented that they are truly inspired by my husband’s book, A Bald Head and a Strawberry. My husband always tells me how grateful he is to hear that many people, brothers and sisters, got help from that book. I remember several days after he completed that book, at that time True Father was in Korea, and my husband was planning to go to Korea to get approval from Father whether he can publish this book or not. In fact, my husband was very nervous and worried that True Father and members might feel insulted to see True Father in such a personal and human manner. As you might remember, there is even a scene of True Father yanking his nose hair out in that book.

So he even told me that before he left for Korea, if True Father says “No, you can’t publish this book”, then he will just simply say, “OK,” and he will just keep it as his personal memory. Several days later, he left for Korea. I got a phone call from my husband. He said that True Father was truly happy about the book, and he even read it several times at Hoon Dok Hwae. He told me, “When True Father told me that he really liked that book, I truly felt that God’s love and blessing is flowing through True Father.” So, in the same way, I truly hope God’s love and blessing may always fill your heart with joy, laughter and peace. Aju!!

If we really want to live that life of blessing, wherever we go and whoever we meet, even during the day, try to leave some goodness on them. Try to leave them better than when you first met.

Interesting Story:

Before I start, I always like to start with something kind of enjoyable. At the Divinity School we always used to like looking at the funny stuff. You know, I came across this one. I don’t know exactly how it is, but I’ll share it with you. I heard a nice little story about an old man. He was wheelchair ridden, and one day he went to the church and there, and at the front door of the church was a beautiful bowl of holy water. So he wheeled right in front of that and he took some of the water and began to sprinkle it on his legs. All of a sudden he jumped up out of his seat and threw his wheelchair, cast it away. And at that moment a young boy saw that and ran to the minister, the priest. He said, Father, this is what happened…and the priest said, Oh my goodness, it’s a miracle! Where is that man? Bring me to him immediately. And the young boy said, well he’s flat on his derriere near the holy water.

Main Sermon by Hyung Jin Nim:

Today I’d like to talk to you about overflowing together with God. It’s so important that in our lives if we are going to live a life of blessing, to overflow with goodness. It’s a very important thing. If we really want to live that life of blessing, wherever we go and whoever we meet, even during the day, try to leave some goodness on them. Try to leave them better than when you first met. It doesn’t matter who they are, it could be the shop clerk; it could be the person who helps you with the gas. But every person you meet, let’s make it a habit of giving them goodness. When we do that, when we try to focus less on our problems and we make God’s goodness our priority, and we wake up in abide, in what is known as an attitude of gratitude. What that means simply is that during the day, we try to find one thing that we can be thankful for. It can be anything. It doesn’t have to be something huge or grand. It can just be something like, “I walked into church on my two feet”, “I have air to breathe today”, “I saw a flower on the way to church”. It can be something as simple as that. Read the rest of this entry »

True Father Comments on Hyung Jin Nim's Ministry (December 1, 2007)

February 26, 2008

(Unoffical translation) December 1, 2007
True Father concluded his speech with the following words:

“I’d like to tell you a few words of reminiscense God told me once: ‘The achievement of your life will be the gifts of that I would be proud eternally.’

I wish Hyung Jin can succeed in his mission. I have hesitated until now to give him this mission, which is not easy at all.

I plead you all who are living in the same lifetime to support him to achieve the task of God together succesfully in order to make mankind totally free and to build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in Heaven. I have established numerous churches, for example the one in Hyo Chang Dong. In order to establish them I made inmense efforts.

If you make the same effort together with Hyung Jin to build a honourable church (foundation) your descendants in thousands of generations will be proud of you and it will be the great gift for God, as He said to me once.

Please keep it in your mind! Be pioneers who are leading at the frontline and create historical memorial moments for your ancestors and your descendants.

Sermon: Be Safe In God's Plan (February 2, 2008)

February 15, 2008

Head Quarter Church, Chungpadong February 2, 2008

Topic: Be Safe In God’s Plan Hyung Jin Nim’s Welcome Message:

Hyung Jin Nim and Wife in front of the Sanctuary

Brothers and sisters, in the book on the Ideal Family, particularly the chapter on the value of the Blessed Family, it teaches us that the value of the Blessed Family is greater and more precious than the one of all of the providential figures of the age (of history). It says that we are chosen, that we are the fruit of history. It tells us that when God views us He sees those who are tremendous. I love that. I didn’t say those who are trembling. It says tremendous. I love that because when we look at ourselves we have to see with those eyes. It’s so important that we see ourselves with the divine perspective. When True Parents teach us the Principle, they said that we have Ultimate Value. We have Divine Value. We have Unique Value. To see ourselves in that light is so important.

…it doesn’t have to be something like meditation or prayer that is exclusively doing God’s work. But we can see in our day-to-day life and how we treat people and how we respect ourselves and what kind of example we are for our children, (in all this) …

It is so easy to go through the day and see ourselves in a not-anointed fashion, but it’s so important that in our blessed life we are able to view ourselves with the same point of view as God. If we look at ourselves with that correct perspective, I do believe that our life will always be brighter. In the Biblical scriptures it says that the path of the righteous (people) gets brighter and brighter. It doesn’t say darker and darker. It doesn’t say worse and worse. It says brighter and brighter, and that’s what we have to expect for ourselves, for our lives and for our families today. We can do that. I know God will bring us to more Victory, Illumination and Peace. I really welcome you all here today.

Yeon Ah Nim’s Message:
Once I had a chance to talk with an American sister. She is blessed with a Japanese brother and has four sons. She’s a very smart and accomplished individual. So I got to talk to her and I kind of asked her, “How have you kept your faith so long as to now, in spite of all the difficulties in your life?” She said with a warm smile on her face, “Well, even though we are tired out, I can still see there’s a fire in True Father’s heart for God. Even at the age of 87, 88, 89 and 90. Just think about that. True Father’s mind is tremendous.

That’s the reason I’m here in the Unification Church.” After I heard that, it was a somehow a satisfying answer for me. It was simple and heartistic; I can really feel her real heart, like True Parents. She uses the True Parents’ example to inspire herself. In her late 40’s, she graduated college with high honors. I was so proud of her. Let us also be inspired by our True Parents’ spirit and passion, and be successful with whatever work we are doing. Like True Parents, let’s bring back all the glory to Heavenly Father. Brothers and sisters, we love you so much and we believe in you. AJU!!!

HJN: Interesting Story
A son asked his father for a car. The father said, “I’ll think about it, and I want you to do three things for me. The first thing is I want you to bring your scores up, your grades up. The second thing is, I want you to help around the house, do your chores. And the third thing is to get a hair cut.” (Laugh). The son said, “Okay, alright.” He came back two months later and said, “Dad, look, my scores are up, I’ve been doing my chores. Please now can you buy me a car?” His dad said, “What about the haircut? You haven’t cut your hair.” The son said, “Well, you know, Dad, I know you know the Bible quite well. But I’ve been studying the Bible, and I’ve been searching my heart deeply and, you know what, I realized that in the Bible Moses, Jacob, Samuel and even Jesus had long hair.” (Laugh). His father took that in and said, “That’s actually a great point; and, you know, another interesting fact about those figures is that they WALKED AROUND to their destinations. If you want a car, cut your hair.” (Laughing). Read the rest of this entry »

Sermon: Relationship With Your Past (December 29, 2007)

February 11, 2008

Rev. Hyung Jin Nim Sermon
Head Quarter, Chungpadong, Seoul December 29, 2007

Topic : Having The Right Relationship With Your Past

Now, it’s very important to take that pressure off ourselves and to learn to see how far we’ve come rather than always see how far we have to go.

Yeon Ah Nim’s Message:
One time my husband told me that he used to not like his birthday or Christmas. He knew that (there) will be a lot of presents for him, but somehow he used to feel that the day is not for him. He instead felt it is a gathering with the fill of strangers. He was not allowed to invite his school friends and he thought that he was forced to smile in front of the camera. However this time when we went to America for Christmas, we felt that the Family Gathering was really nice.

We got to see True Family Members whom we usually have not seen for a very long time. We felt especially looking at the third generation, the matured third generation of the True Family Members. My husband and I felt tremendous hope. He looked around the room and we saw members as brothers and sisters. We sincerely felt gratitude for such familiar faces around us. Coming out of 2007 we are filled with joy and hope. We are blessed to live on this earth with True Parents.

We are blessed to walk the Unificationist path with our brothers and sisters. We thank Heavenly Father and True Parents for love and blessings. We believe it will be brighter and more hopeful in 2008. Brothers and Sisters, we love you so much and we believe in you…AJU!!!!

Interesting Story by Hyung Jin Nim:
I heard a very interesting story. Its about a mother. She had two very cute little boys. Their names were Young Jin and Hyung Jin. And they were trouble makers. They made a lot of trouble when they were young. So one day she decided, “You know what? I need to discipline these boys.” She knew (that) at the village on the other side there was a very scary man. And that man would discipline them, put them on the right track. So she decided to catch Hyung Jin but she ended catching Young Jin and she dragged him to the man’s house.

To the man there she said, “Please educate this young boy, so he gets back on track.” So the man took him in and he sat him on the chair and asked him with a very loud voice, “Where is God?” and Young Jin couldn’t answer at that point. He asked again and he shouted, “Where is God?” Young Jin again couldn’t answer. He was trembling with fear. Once again the very scary man shouted , “Where is God?” and Young Jin was very frightened. He ended up escaping and running back to his home. He jumped in a closet and was shivering with fear and Hyung Jin came over to him and knocked on the closet and said, “What happened? Hey. Hyong, what happened? Tell me what happened?” and Young Jin said to him, “It’s terrible. We’re in big trouble. God has been kidnapped and they think WE did it?” (Laugh) Read the rest of this entry »

Sermon: Regain Your Subjectivity (January 26, 2008)

February 5, 2008

Rev. Hyung Jin Nim Sermon Head Quarter, Chungpadong, Seoul January 26, 2008

Our destiny is not to be a person that always criticizes ourselves, that tells other people (that) they can’t do anything right, that tells ourselves that we can’t do things right or that we have no talents, that we have no ability. That is not our destiny. That is not what God intends us to do. Instead, we are made in His image. We’re supposed to be creative. We are filled with wisdom, power. We are filled with the ability to overcome obstacles, to remain focused.

Yeon Ah Nim’s Message:

About a week ago, we got a letter from a Japanese brother. It was a letter about his decision to go back to Japan. He was originally planning to stay in Korea for 4 or 5 years in order to learn Korean, while his family was in Japan. But he said that after attending our services regularly, he realized that the most important thing he needs to take care of is his family, and we were happy for his decision.

He said that, according to researchers, a child who does not get enough adequate attention from his/her parents before the age of 6, will try to GET attention. There is a lack in their early stage of life. So they do anything to get attention even though it is a negative attention (even in a negative way).

Another interesting thing I always remind myself of when I feel very frustrated about my children – which can happen sometimes, honestly speaking, frequently can happen – I always remind myself that we are living in the time (that this is the time) to build a relationship with my children. Somebody once told me that after the age of 12 it is very hard to rebuild the relationship back with our own children. But what if my children are already teenagers or they are already grown up and they’re blessed already?

Well, how about just like writing letters or e-mails regularly that emphasize why they are blessings to your life, and how you want to be a bigger blessing and change yourself into a bigger blessing for other people.

What I believe about parenting is that there is no flowers formula (no general formula). So brothers and sisters, please love your children. Don’t spoil them but love them so much and tell them how precious they are in your eyes and God’s eyes. Because you’re the only one in this entire universe who can teach your children about God’s love.

Brothers and Sisters, always remember that Heavenly Father loves our children. We love you so much and we believe in you… AJU!!!

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Sermon: Let's Not Lose Our Joy & Laughter (January 19, 2008)

February 4, 2008

Rev. Hyung Jin Nim’s Sermon
Head Quarter, Chungpadong, Seoul
January 19, 2008

True Father said, “Come on, Come down people. Things happen in life. Don’t take everything too seriously. As long as nobody got hurt from the incident, it is ok.

Yeon Ah Nim’s Message:

One day when Father was at his house in Hannam Dong a couple of leaders came in to report something to him. They were hesitating a lot and said,”True Father, well, there was a fire and the pavilion you paid in for decades has burnt down.” Then there was a pin-drop silence. Everybody in the room waited for True Father’s reaction.
Would he be so angry? How could they let Satan invade the sanctuary? Would he be mad like that? Or would he scold them about how reckless they were? Would he punish the person who was in charge of the pavilion?

Without a word True Father looked around and tilted his body a little bit and then he let out his thunder: “Boom”!

So after hearing the holy guests “thunder” (laugh from audience) everybody in the room left it so hard(depressed). Then True Father said, “Come on, Come down people. Things happen in life. Don’t take everything too serious. As long as nobody got hurt from the incident, it is ok.” Brothers and sisters, let us learn also how to laugh. Let us also learn let go of things and circumstances that are holding us back. Let us also move forward with joy, laughter and courage. Brothers and Sisters we love you so much and we believe in you.. AJU!!!

Interesting Story (by Hyung Jin Nim):

I heard an interesting story about a blessed couple. There was a brother and he got matched to a sister from the Jewish Heritage. So one day they decided that they had to go and see their parents-in-law. So the young man took his wife to see his parents-in-law. So the father now came to him and said “Young man, how shall you provide for my daughter? How shall you put a roof over her head as she is accustomed too?” And the young man said, “Well, God will provide.” And the Father-in-law asked him, “Then how shall you buy her a diamond ring such that she deserves?” And the young man said, “Well, God will provide.” At that point his father-in-law left him and went back to his living room, there was the mother. So she asked her husband, “So how did it go with the new son-in-law?” And the father-in-law said, “Well, he has no job, he has no money, but the good news is, he thinks I’m God.” (Laughter from the audience)

Sermon (by Hyung Jin Nim):

Today I would like to talk you about not losing our joy and our laughter. If we are really to live that blessed life that True Parents have blessed us to live, it is so important that we don’t lose our joy and our laughter. That’s always such an important thing in our lives. Life is full of inconveniencies, aggravating people, negative circumstances, negative environments that can really take away that power in our life. But if we really going to live that life of blessing then it is important to always hold on to our joy and our laughter. Read the rest of this entry »