Sermon: Let's be a Miracle to Somebody (December 1, 2007)

Rev. Hyung Jin Nim’s Sermon Head Quarter Church, Chungpadong December 1st, 2007

Young Jin Hyeong was that miracle for me. My older brother Kook jin hyeong, he is a real miracle for me. People who believe in you, who encourage you, who instill faith in you, who say, “You know, you’re not who people tell you who you are. You are somebody that will be great. You are somebody that’s a champion in life. God believes in you.” When we have that kind of people, that kind of encouragement, when we have that kind of miraculous person in our lives, that changes our destiny forever.

Yeon Ah Nim’s Message:
This morning Hyung Jin Nim had the Inaugural Ceremony in this building and I looked around the hall and I recognized that some of you came for that event. I would like to once again send my deepest appreciation to those who came to the event to give us support.

Everytime I sit in the chapel for a short while before the service starts, I always say the same prayer which goes like this, “Please let us keep the same heart from the beginning to the end. Let us know that on the last day of our ministry we can say honestly that we served You, Heavenly
Father. Please let this ministry not be about us
but about giving glory to our Unification families here. We are here to praise You, Heavenly Father and True Parents.” Brothers and Sisters we always love you and we believe in you …. AJU!

Interesting Story (Hyung Jin Nim):

I heard a story about an Atheist. He was swimming and enjoying his time in the beach, in the ocean, swimming around. All of a sudden he saw a tremendous fin coming towards him with rapid speed. It suddenly stopped and right before him a huge great wide shark came out of the water, ready to swallow the atheist .

Now at that very moment the atheist said, “Oh my God, Save me!” and like a miracle the time stopped, the clouds parted, and right from heaven there was a booming voice that said, “You don’t believe in me and want me to save you?” And the atheist said, “Could you witness to the shark instead of me? That maybe helps in this situation.”(Laughter)

And God answered with silence and the clouds closed, the light went back up into heaven and all of the sudden the atheist was facing the shark again. As time resumed the shark gently closed his mouth, retreated and gathered it’s fins together and prayed, “Heavenly Father, thank You for preparing this meal for me and may I become healthy. In my name ..AJU!!”(Laughter)

From a young age I was not really the greatest student. My brother, he was always getting A’s. He was a 4.0 student. I was closer to a 1.2. So I was not doing the greatest. So I was struggling constantly. I would hear people saying to me, “Oh that guy? He’s an idiot! He’s got the worst, lowest part of Parent’s genes! He’s got the worst genes.” So I ended up slowly starting to believe such words.

Main Message (by Hyung Jin Nim):

Today’s sermon is about being a miracle to somebody. In 1954, Maslow, a very famous psychologist, talked about the different levels of what people need, about a hierarchy of what people need. And as you may recall – and you can see from the triangle – he talked about the physiological (aspect), that people need food, and that they need homeostasis, or breathing.

Then he talked about safety, love, belonging, esteem, and self-actualization. There was something very interesting that happened with Maslow. In 1970 he redrew this entire hierarchy. He actually added another level to this hierarchy. And that level that he added, he called ” Self-Transcendence”. And that was to pursue self-realization as well as help another person achieve self-realization.

Now he talked about these individuals experiencing ecstatic joy and simultaneous(ly) cosmic sadness at the ability for human beings to foil (lose) their chances for transcendence in their lives and in the world at large.

When I think about my own life, and even when I think about today’s event, the person that comes to my mind is my brother that passed about 8 years ago, Young-jin hyeong.

From a young age I was not really the greatest student. My brother, he was always getting A’s. He was a 4.0 student. I was closer to a 1.2. So I was not doing the greatest. So I was struggling constantly. I would hear people saying to me, “Oh that guy? He’s an idiot! He’s got the worst, lowest part of Parent’s genes! He’s got the worst genes.” So I ended up slowly starting to believe such words.

After graduating from high school and barely (almost not) getting into college, I remember that Young jin hyeong (hyeong means elder brother), my brother, called me one day. It was after a service on Sunday service, remember, how we did the kyung-bae services back then? He called me and he challenged me. He called me and said, ” You know what? You may be hearing from many people that you are a failure, that you cannot succeed, that you can only get C’s and D’s, that you are not capable of getting an A. You may hear from other people that you are dumb, that you are ungifted, or that you are inferior to your other brothers and sisters.” And he said to me, “Dont you ever believe them.” He said to me, I remember so clearly that day, he said, “You have to believe in yourself. And make sure you show that that is not true. That those words of negativity are not true.” And he asked me that day, he challenged me, he said, “Im not only challenging you to start changing your thinking. I want to take a year off from school (to be ) with you.”

That year, he took a year off. He actually began to train me every day. (He showed me) all the tips that he learned, all the stuff that he developed, how to read texts quickly, or taking tests, and he was training me in SATs. He spent and invested his time every day. It was 3 to 5 hours of his time every day that he gave to me.

And of course, he wasn’t being paid for this, he wasn’t getting anything. I was just his younger brother. He was in Boston and I was in New York. And during that year he was taking care of me, spending every moment of his time (with me), trying to build my confidence back, trying to lift my self-esteem, trying to help me redirect my future.

And I remember so clearly, that after the time that we spent (together), after a year, I returned to school and for the first time in my life, the very first time, I got straight A’s. I got a 4.0. And I can only say I got Dean’s list and all that kind of thing, but I can only say I was able to do such things because of Young Jin hyeong. Because he believed in something in me. Because he was a miracle to me. We call him an angel now.

And when I think about him, when I think about what he has done for me, how he directed my life, how he helped me, I believe (that) from the spirit world (he was) continuing to give me good habits, study habits, (so I could) eventually go to Harvard. I believe that he was that catalyst, that miracle, that changed the direction of my life.

I heard a story about one minister. During the time of hometown messiahship, this Korean minister went back to his hometown. It was a very countryside rural area. And he was very tired all day, he was working, sweating day and night just to try to witness…

And I remember him telling me that he came back one day, he had chills in his body. He was getting a cold, (but) he was out from 5 in the morning until 11 at night. In this rural area where he resided, he was raising chicken and two dogs and other animals. And he recalled that on the night that he came back with chills, almost sick, so sick from the day that he had gone through, so tired and beaten from the entire day, he came back and he saw his two dogs running towards him.

So he recalled seeing those dogs running towards him and he told me that he fell to his knees and he hugged his dogs, and they kissed him and he kissed the dogs, and he was so grateful that he just started crying, because he couldn’t witness to anybody. There was nobody who would listen to him. But the his dogs came to him. They simply appreciated his presence. And he told me that he felt the presence, the concern of God, working through those dogs. And he told me that really for him, that became a real miracle.

I had a dog, a Shetland sheepdog, Soon-do — for our western viewers, you know the connection in the west that people have with their dogs — I had this dog for 16 years. I got him when I was 11 and he stayed with me until I was 27. For part of his life, for about 2 years, he was on the other side of East Garden. I remember, I was really busy, I was in college, etc. I didn’t get to see him so much.

And I remember one day, I was exercising, doing some jogging, and I passed by his cage. And I remember, he was just so delighted to see me. He could hear my voice, he knew exactly who I was. And it was almost as if he didn’t care that I hadn’t seen him for two years. He just was so thankful that I was there. And I remember that day, like a crazy man, I went to that dog and started crying, and just hugged him and said, “Soon-do, I am so sorry. I am so terribly sorry. I couldnt see you for two years, but you not only forgave me, but you accepted me so heartistically. “

I remember, I came to Korea, and Soon-do was now at a very advanced age. In dog years, he was way (much)over 100. And I remember , I went back to the States just briefly. And Soon-do, at that time, for about a month he was not moving. He was not eating so well. He was very old and he was always lying down. And I remember, I came back, getting out of the car and seeing him lying down there. I went over to him. I pet Soon-do, and I put my hand in front of his nose, and I let him (smell it). It was very interesting because it was almost like he smelled his owner and said, “Now is my time to go. Now I can go (die).” And literally there, right before my eyes he took his last breath. I saw him breathe his last breath. He waited for me to get back from Korea.

When I saw that, I really was so grateful for creation.. God has created this beautiful world for us to have stewardship over, to have friendship with. And I was so grateful. And I remember at that time really recalling in my own mind, thinking again, returning to my meditation practice and realizing how precious our lives are. And I can say that even until this day, in a small way, that Soon-do was a miracle on that day for me. Because it really made me think once again, how precious our lives are.

Today we had the Inauguration Ceremony and my brother came. Kook Jin hyeong came. And he’s been doing so much work here in Korea and I can’t say enough how grateful I am to him. He’s been supporting me from day one. He and I were very close to Young jin hyeong, my brother who passed.

And even today when he came, he was encouraging me all the time. He’s been encouraging me, of course, for many many months behind the scenes. He’s been encouraging me to keep my hope up, to just really focus on loving members, to try to give them my love. He’s been always encouraging me, and trying to guide me, and talking to me. He always comes by and I make him tea. I practice tea ceremony.

And I really realized that each day I can spend with him, each day I can spend with each one of my family members, each day I can spend time with True Parents – they came today for the inauguration – that we really have to capture those moments of miracles. (I realized) that although for us they may be passing moments in our lives, but when we look closely and if we can capture them and if we can imbibe them into our being, if we can see the treasure that is in that experience, we can see a miraculous moment that God is giving to us.

I heard a story about a young orphan named John. He was in an orphanage and he had a very interesting dream, a dream that many young kids have at that age, maybe 7 or 8 years old. And he had a dream that he wanted to fly. He said “Why can’t I fly? I want to fly?” One day while going through the orphanage he met a guest that was just touring through. And it was a young boy named Tom. Tom was in a wheelchair. He had no legs.

They started talking to each other, and then John asked Tom, “Do you have a dream? Do you have something that you wish you could do?” And Tom, the boy with no legs, said to John, “Yeah. I wish that I could walk and run like you guys. I wish I could simply walk and go around the park like all the other boys and girls.”

And John took that into his heart. He was outside the orphanage one day and he ended up stumbling across a little playground that he used to play in, and he saw Tom, the young boy without any legs ,in the sandbox. And he went over to Tom and said, “Hey, remember me, the boy from the orphanage?” And they ended up (started) talking and ended up playing together and making sand castles and making funny noises that kids make, just having a great time, a great laugh.

And then about 2 hours later Tom’s Dad came and said, “Tom, we have to go home.” And John leaned over to Tom’s father and said, “Could I ask you something?” and whispered something into that father’s ear. And the father said, “Sure, you can do that.”

John went over to Tom and said, “Tom, you know, I cant give you your dream. I cant fulfill your dream for you. You want to walk. You want to run like the other boys and girls. I can’t give you that. But I can give you something else.” And he asked Tom to jump on his back. And John started running around the playground. And he ran harder and he ran harder. And Tom’s father saw that scene playing out and he started to cry, he started to weep. Because he saw his little boy Tom, with no legs, flapping his wings in the wind, saying, “Look Daddy! Im flying! Im flying!”

When we are in a time of crisis, when we need to have something in our lives, when we need a miracle in our lives – just like Tom received a miracle from John – then we can learn from that story. We can learn that when we need something, that we have to be the one to give first, to help another person; that when we want our dream to be fulfilled, we first have to help another person. We have to make a conditional sacrifice, so to speak, an offering. We have to help somebody else fulfill their dream.

It doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your own dreams, that you have to throw away and cast aside the vision that you have for your own future. But you incorporate that part to help another person to achieve HIS vision and HIS dream.

I remember so many little miracles, when we were growing up. I remember having a very nice time fishing with Father and that kind of activity– I think everybody knows. I remember, one time we were in the playground and Father was shooting basketball. That’s not a scene you see too much of Father. I remember that scene. Father never played basket ball so he didnt really know how to dribble the ball, and he was shooting, and it was so cute. And I can recall that scene and just remember being in that miraculous moment. It is just something that I imbibed into my being: a snapshot of a memory that has a place in my heart.

It’s so important in our lives that we become mindful and aware of these kinds of snapshots. We have all this kind of rich experiences during our life. Even in the course of a day, we have so many rich experiences. If we are able to open our eyes, to expand our awareness, we will be able to notice that each of those experiences is miraculous in some way. Our life in itself is a complete miracle.

So if we can learn anything today, if we can learn just a small thing, let us learn to be a miracle to somebody else. If we want a miracle in our lives, and need help in our lives, it’s very important, to be that miracle to somebody else first.

Young jin hyeong was that miracle for me. My older brother Kook jin hyeong, he is a real miracle for me. People who believe in you, who encourage you, who instill faith in you, who say, “You know, you’re not who people tell you who you are. You are somebody that will be great. You are somebody that’s a champion in life. God believes in you.” When we have that kind of people, that kind of encouragement, when we have that kind of miraculous person in our lives, that changes our destiny forever.

I truly believe that if we are able to do that for somebody else, that will change the course of our life. It will change your destiny. You can reach out to somebody who needs a miracle. It doesn’t have to be somebody in an extreme circumstance. Sometimes people in extreme circumstances need a certain type of care, or even professional care. But I’m talking about somebody who may not have self-esteem, somebody who may not believe that God loves him. Somebody who may not believe that he can pass the next test, or who believes that he will never succeed at work. If we can be a miracle to them in a small way, I believe that God can make a big miracle and create a great blessing in our midst.

So if we can learn something today, let’s try to become somebody’s miracle. Let’s also do our best, at the same time. Remember if we want to receive a smile, its a very simple principle, the same principle as receiving a miracle: if you want to receive something from others, it has to be given first.

That’s what the principle teaches us. It teaches us that in give and take action, the subject has to give first in order to receive. And in fact, the subject cannot demand from the object to give, cannot demand from the object that he or she has to be the bigger person. Let’s be that subject person, let’s be that larger person, OK?

We can do that in small ways, with a smile, with a thank you, with an encouragement, helping someone believe in themselves. If we do that, I do believe that each one of our days can be more enriching, that each one of our days will be more miraculous and that we will, I truly believe, become somebody’s miracle. So brothers and sisters, if you can accept my offering today, what could you say to me? Aju?

As I remind you every week, let’s remember, you are VIPs. We are not only Very Important People, we are Victorious. We are Illuminating. We are filled with Peace in our hearts. Let’s always create that kind of image of ourselves. Let’s not create the image of mediocrity, or the image of not being able to make it, and the image of failing. “I’m a failure. I don’t see myself well. I have low self-esteem.” Lets not see ourselves that way. Let’s see ourselves how True Parents view us. They see us as more than important people. In their eyes we are truly the real VIPs. So if we can do that, I believe that we will truly live that life of blessing that True Parents give us and expect us to live. I believe that we will (do that ) if we can do such small things.

Source: ipeacetv
Edit by: Kenshow Kuk-hee


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