True Father Comments on Hyung Jin Nim's Ministry (December 1, 2007)

(Unoffical translation) December 1, 2007
True Father concluded his speech with the following words:

“I’d like to tell you a few words of reminiscense God told me once: ‘The achievement of your life will be the gifts of that I would be proud eternally.’

I wish Hyung Jin can succeed in his mission. I have hesitated until now to give him this mission, which is not easy at all.

I plead you all who are living in the same lifetime to support him to achieve the task of God together succesfully in order to make mankind totally free and to build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in Heaven. I have established numerous churches, for example the one in Hyo Chang Dong. In order to establish them I made inmense efforts.

If you make the same effort together with Hyung Jin to build a honourable church (foundation) your descendants in thousands of generations will be proud of you and it will be the great gift for God, as He said to me once.

Please keep it in your mind! Be pioneers who are leading at the frontline and create historical memorial moments for your ancestors and your descendants.


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