House of Heaven's Harmony

March 29, 2008

“House of Heaven’s Harmony”
Written by Rev. Hyung Jin Moon

We may lavish our children with gifts thinking that we are giving them individual attention but we are often very reluctant to give them the greatest gift of all personal association with us and our lives. We may take them shopping or buy them gifts when really what they want is time to discuss things that are bothering them or get to know our histories and our life story. They may be reaching out for our guidance but we may feel scared that we will not provide a good enough answer or solution and so to mask this insecurity, we may avoid conversations or harangue them for not being grateful or getting on their case for the smallest things.

One thing that children desperately need is individual attention. They need to know that they each are unique, individual truth bodies and that their parents love them for their uniqueness. We as parents, of course see each child as unique and precious but usually our children do not feel that they are unique.

One of the family traditions that my wife and I have used with our
children is making “dates” with our children individually. So for
example the first Saturday will be a lunch date with our first boy, the
next Saturday, with our second boy, and so on. On that date, we go and
do an activity that we planned earlier together. For example, on our
first son’s date we went and had his favorite potato wedges at Taco
Bell. On our second son’s date we went to the supermarket to get him
his favorite tri-colored popsicles and then went to Burger King.

We plan ahead of time allotting Saturday as a “date with one of the
children.” We show them on the calendar what day is their date and we
then plan together, with that child, what it is we will do. We also
remain flexible knowing that on that day they may want to do other
things. It’s up to them. The agenda is theirs during the date as long
as everyone can enjoy the experience. We will discuss what things we
could possibly do then make our final decision (As parents we try to be
as accommodating as possible, but not to the point of teaching the
children negative virtues).

This time together allows for very close bonding, and emotional
comfort. Usually the child must live in competition with their other
siblings in order to get attention. S/he may become creative even
doing “bad” things to get negative attention (still a form of
attention). Therefore, on our dates the children get to truly feel
special and appreciated just for them.

We have a strict rule as parents not to mention the other siblings or compare siblings during the date. The time
is just for that child. We try to love him/her fully and have a
positive and healthy experience that over time we believe will be good
investments into a healthy and trusting relationship.

One thing is for sure, as parents: if you make a promise to your
children, you must keep it! There is nothing more corrosive to trust
than constantly making promises and breaking them. Your children will
then learn to distrust everything you say as well as potentially
hurting their own ability to make commitments and keep them. If you
are not sure you can do something, don’t promise it. Be honest, and
tell your child that you are not sure and you will try your best.

But when you do promise,
make sure that it is kept. Trust is a virtue that must be earned and
it cannot just be given. Making promises are good, for they help
children understand that they are not all powerful and that their loved
ones are resources that will be with them throughout their lives.
However, keeping promises is great, for no trust can be gained without
trust earned. So if you make a promise, have integrity and keep it.

If you absolutely cannot keep the promise due to unforeseen emergency
circumstances, it is imperative that you make it up. It may take two
or three, even ten, promises that are kept to build back the damage of
one broken but keep at it. Think of it as building a brick wall. Each
promise kept is adding a brick to that solid wall of trust. However,
each promise broken is removing a brick from, not the top, but from
beneath many bricks may be needed to be replaced to build back the wall
of trust.

Although this analogy may not be perfect, it shows that in order to
build trust, sweat and effort must be invested. Relationships are a
process and things can change for the better but also for the worse if
you neglect it. So be aware and mindful of the walls of your “house of
trust” that you build with your children. It will pay off in the end.
Your children will cherish that hard-earned trust and will learn to
keep promises with you and their children in the future.

(Above is a section that I had transcribed from Hyung Jin Nim’s book.
Thanks to Amadea. I think it is very helpful. God bless and Happy
Easter to all. – Jim Stephens)


The Secret of the Common Base

March 28, 2008

Reverend Hyung Jin Nim’s Sermon, Headquarter Church, Chungpadong, Seoul , March 1, 2008

So, in our relationships we can see that there’s a vertical common base that needs to be formed in order for that relationship (to) have a purpose. And I would say (that) in the horizontal realm a common base also needs to be formed. It is so essential that in our relationships the horizontal realm is not taken for granted. Father says here in another quotation, that the vertical alone is not enough—that the horizontal must also be able to be substantiated. And so, how do we practically begin to substantiate that horizontal common base? I would say, (through) very simple things like: Practicing gratitude to each other. Practicing an openness, a receptivity, to the other.

Hyung Jin Nim’s Welcome Message
I’d like to share with you a passage from page 1242 of the Cheon Song Gyeong and it says, “The Blessed Families, the nations stem from you. That is why blessed members should think about the universe during every waking moment. You have received the Blessing so that you can share blessings with others.” I really want to get our minds wrapped around that today.

Really, when we live the blessed life, when we are able to move in that
upward blessed trend, then

really, one of the keys (for this) is being
able to become a greater blessing to this world, to become a greater
blessing to those around us and those who are in our spheres of
influence or relationships, really becoming an empowering source, a
real blessing for those people around us.

One of the things that was lost during the Fall, (is) really to take
our own stance as people who are blessed, who are blessings to this
world. Really, each day, we pray that we may rise higher in all these
elements, all these dimensions: in wisdom, strength, and in patience
and ability to overcome obstacles. We pray that everyday our blessings
may shine brighter and brighter, that people around us may become
empowered and that they may become strengthened. And really from the
power of one—each one of you—the whole network, an exponential network
can grow. And really the world can start to become brighter. People’s
lives can become changed.

It doesn’t start with everybody at once; it starts with just ourselves
and the people around us and what kind of blessing we are to them. We
want to encourage us to have that viewpoint today. Great to have you
all here today—welcome brothers and sisters.

When we start looking at ourselves from God’s perspective and viewing
ourselves with that true nature, (then) we start seeing ourselves with
great value and cosmic value, unique value. Then we also know and can
realize how much of a contribution that can be towards others. And
really, that is one of the keys to be able to build ourselves up and –
at the same time – to let that strengthening self, that blessed
self—that is becoming more blessed and victorious— (to let this self)
allow others and inspire others to do the same. We really want to
encourage you, brothers and sisters, that every time you come to
service, we see ourselves with the correct viewpoint, that we see
ourselves with the eyes of God and we really take dominion over that

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The Meaning of Family Pledge (for Two Rivers Congregation)

March 26, 2008

As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk, Our family pledges to seek our original homeland and establish the original ideal of creation, the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven, by centering on true love.

True love is connected to God eternally. Because God is an eternal being, when we connect to true love, we can automatically become eternal beings. Cheon Il Guk is the nation in which two people become one. You should be able to fulfill the way of true children of filial piety in front of God, of patriots in the nation, of saints in the world, and of divine sons and daughters in heaven and earth with an attitude of one heart, one body, one mindset, and one harmony based on mind and body unity. All of you can determine with a pure mind of filial piety, "We will live attending True Parents eternally." Otherwise, you cannot become citizens of Cheon Il Guk. It does not matter that there are certain difficult or happy circumstances in this world. You must go beyond them. You can be the person who is to inherit Cheon Il Guk only when you determine to become God’s representative in the position of a pioneering prince.Your clans must attend God as tribal messiahs. So the family is the starting base that can attend and live together God. You have to know that the family is the starting base of the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven.


As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk, Our Family pledges to represent and
become central to heaven and earth by attending God and True Parents;
we pledge to perfect the dutiful family way of filial sons and
daughters in our family, patriots in our nation, saints in the world,
and divine sons and daughters in heaven and earth, by centering on true

Families that have centered themselves on True Parents can enter into
the realm of God’s direct lineage, centering on God’s love. Blessed
families are the historical fruits of True Parents in this world.
blessed family represents all six billions of humankind. Blessed families
are restored families. If you go home, your family home is your palace.
It is the palace of your tribe, the palace of your nation, the palace
of the world, the palace of heaven and earth. Your family is the seed
and the fruit of the unified world.

As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk, Our family pledges to perfect the Four
Great Realms of Heart, the Three Great Kingships, and the Realm of the
Royal Family, by centering on true love.

The perfection of the Four Great Realms of Heart is the path we have to
go to perfect ourselves as human beings. The Four Great Realms of Heart
are the realm of the child’s heart, the realm of the brother
and sister’s heart, the realm of the husband and
wife’s heart, the realm of the parent’s heart. The
Four Great Realms of Heart should be perfected within the realm of
God’s vertical heart so that we can liberate God from His
sorrow. Our family is the foundation for realizing and actualizing the
four great realms of heart. Therefore, we should live a life of love
within our own family. Families that have completed and perfected the
Four Great Realms of Heart and Three great kingships are ideal
families. God holds the kingship over heaven, and the parents hold the
kingship over the earth. The sons and daughters are the kings and
queens who inherit this. The place where all these Three Great
Kingships are bound together and bear fruit is our own ideal family.
Only after realizing the Four Great Realms of Heart and the Three Great
Kingships, can we enter the realm of the royal family, or the royal
clan. All of you should now become part of the royal family centering
on true love. Unless you pass through all these gates, you cannot meet
God in the original world.

As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk, Our family pledges to build the universal
family encompassing Heaven and Earth, which is God’s ideal of
creation, and perfect the world of freedom, peace, unity and happiness,
by centering on true love.

God’s ideal of Creation is “One Family under
God.” All the ideals of creation would have realized if a
perfected Adam and perfected Eve, perfected children, and a family
based on the four-position foundation, had been linked to
God’s love. At the conclusion of the history of restoration,
a true family based on true parents and true love will be established
as the hope of humankind and at the same time the hope of God. This
true family will be the starting point of the peace and happiness of
humankind. In the ideal society and nation, people are conscious of
being the sons and daughters of the one God and become brothers and
sisters under the True Parents. In the ideal society and nation,
Blessed Families, who have restored their lineage, rights of ownership
and hearts, realize a world of freedom, peace and unity based on the
True Parents’ language and culture. They will come to lead
lives of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared
values within the culture of God’s heart.

As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk, Our family pledges to strive everyday to
advance the unification of the spirit world and the physical world as
subject and object partners, by centering on true love.

Adam’s family is the core of all reciprocal subject and
object partners in the physical world created by God, while God is the
core of the subject and object partners in the spirit world. Mind is in
the subject position and body is in the object position. Likewise, the
spirit world is in the subject position and the physical world is in
the object position. And God and True love can link the spirit world
and physical world. We should strive every day to advance
God’s will. If we strop, death awaits us. So we must advance
forward God’s will every day even one step.

As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk, Our family pledges to embody God and True
Parents; we will perfect a family that moves heavenly fortune and
conveys Heaven’s blessing to our community, by centering on
true love.

It is not just I (Rev. Moon) but also you who should be True Parent.
You are all seeds taking after me as the large tree. You resemble the
root. Just as individuals have fortune, so do families, nations, and
the world; in the same token, all of heaven and earth have heavenly
fortune. The fortunes of the nation and the world are determined in
accordance with the direction and progress of heavenly fortune, which
encompasses and exists for the sake of the whole. Just as heavenly
fortune follows the True Parents around when they move, you should
unite completely with them and become families that move heavenly
fortune and convey Heaven’s blessing to your community. You
should create families like yours around you. You are pledging to be
such a central family.

As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk, Our family pledges to perfect a world
based on the culture of heart, which is rooted in the original lineage,
through living for the sake of others, by centering on true love.

If we inherit the original lineage centered on God, the original
culture of heart arises. Culture is linked through history. The culture
of heart should be a network of the family, society, nation and world.
Be a person who lives for the sake of others. This is the basis of the
generation and formation of the cosmos. God exists for the sake of
others. The ones who live for the sake of others, centering on true
love, are welcomed, day or night, wherever they go in the cosmos. The
coming future world is the world of the new culture of heart and the
culture of love based on the true family, where God, human beings, and
all things live in harmony. It is the world of interdependence, mutual
prosperity, and universally shared values in which people live for the
sake of others in true love and live together in harmony and

As the Owner of the Cheon Il Guk, Our family pledges, as we enter the
Completed Testament age, to achieve the ideal oneness of God and
humankind in love through absolute faith, absolute love and absolute
obedience, thereby perfecting the realm of liberation and the realm
of being completely free in the of the Kingdom of God on Earth and in
Heaven, by centering on True Love.

What promise is being fulfilled in the Completed Testament Age? It is
the promise that God made to human beings at the time of creation. It
means that God is giving the Blessing to humankind. God created with
absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience and aspired toward
the ideal unified world of absolute love. Thus we should also
inevitably practice absolute faith, absolute love and absolute
obedience in order to earn the right to be partners with God. God’s
purpose of creation, human beings are the only object partners who wear
the substantial body of God. They are born as the visible body before
the invisible God. When human beings reach perfection, they become
God’s temples. Now we have reached in the realm of liberation even in
the spirit world. The spring time of Kingdom of Heaven and Earth is
approaching. The spring, that can resurrect new lives, is coming to
earth. So a peaceful era will come to earth.

Sermon Text: The Power of Forgiveness

March 25, 2008

Hyung Jin Nim’s Sermon, Headquarters’ Church, Seoul, December 15, 2007

When we think about forgiveness, forgiving and learning the habit of forgiving is a very important part of living a blessed life. If you want to move forward, if you want to have more victory, more illumination, more peace, the process of learning how to forgive is such a very important practice.

Yeon Ah Nim’s Message

True Father forgave people even though they betrayed him. True Father even liberated people who persecuted him tremendously in the early stages of our church. He said it was really difficult, even for him, to forgive those people. But he had to do it because he is our True Father. In my life, when my mother passed away because of illness, no one was physically beside her. She went to the spirit world when no one was around her. Because of that, I blamed myself a lot, or I even told myself that I was selfish or even hypocritical.

By doing that, my memory of my mother was filled with guilt and sorrow.
I realized that it is not the way my mother wanted me to live. That is
not the way she wants me to live, so I learned to forgive myself, and
move on. Now, whenever I think about my mother and offer a prayer, I
can wish for her happiness in the spirit world, and I can even say to
her that I still love her so much.

Brothers and sisters, sometimes it is important to forgive others, but
the most important thing is, I think, to forgive ourselves first. Even
though we don’t express our pain verbally, it doesn’t mean it’s not
there. When we learn to forgive like True Parents did, God will forgive
us of our mistakes.
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Sermon Text: Having God's Strength and Letting Go

March 20, 2008

Rev. Hyung Jin Nim’s Sermon Mapo Church, Seoul November 3, 2007

This very important because the world is as you see it. If you see in a negative way, every experience will be more negative than it is. Every frustration will become an impending doom. So it’s very important where our minds are. Our lives will follow our minds. Remember, where our minds go, our words go, our actions go, our habits go, our character goes, and (finally) our life goes.

Yeon Ah Nim’s Message:
When we are in a public setting, we sometimes hear about True Children’s suffering and painful past. (They say) it is because True Parents had to save the world and True Parents had to love Cain children first, that they could not take care of True Children. And it is also said that that caused all the suffering and hardship in True Family.

Whenever my husband hears such a statement, he says that he feels very down and sad. He says he’s totally grateful for when members worry about true family members, but repeating the negative and painful past over and over in a public setting, he thinks, in the end it doesn’t help anybody. It causes pain in True Children because it constantly reminds them that True Parents often were not there for them. Also it blanket blames all members.

Ultimately it causes great suffering for True Parents because they also are constantly reminded that they were not there, they could not be there for their children. So, as my husband thinks, in the end nobody wins with that kind of blame. One day True Mother told my husband, “Lovey, I’m so sorry for not being there while you were growing up.” At that time my husband told True Mother, “Mother, please don’t say that. The fact that you persevered beside True Father (means) you’ve done the greatest work, and we True Children are really grateful for what you have done for our family.”

Let’s not focus on negative and painful thinking of the past or on blaming somebody for this and that, let’s focus on our hopeful and mature future. I believe we’ve learned from the past, and we will not want to repeat the same mistakes. We are the blessed families that True Parents blessed. Aju.

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Sermon Text: The Power of One

March 19, 2008

Rev Hyung Jin Nim Sermon , Headquarter Church, Chungpadong, Seoul, March 8. 2008

After he hung up the phone, we noticed that one of the people on our team was really crying. So we asked her, “Are you OK?” and she said how inspired she was by the fact that my husband was talking with True Parents. That’s when I once again realized how precious True Father’s love is, and once again I realized how precious True Father’s existence is. Brothers and sisters, let us also be strength to each other. Let us each be the one who can give strength to many people.

Hyung Jin Nim’s Welcome Message:

Brothers and sisters I want to share this quote with you from Cheon Seong Gyeong, page 1245, “Even if God Himself changed, I would restore Him, and go on together with Him. If God is not absolute, I will make Him absolute. Once you have these thoughts in your mind, God Himself – the Almighty God of creation- will be absolutely obedient to you”. Father goes on to say, “I am telling you that you have to think, ‘The color emanating from me is like the bright color of gold, like the luster of diamonds; it is resolute and unchanging’ ”

That is what we are talking about brothers and sisters. When see ourselves, we have to see ourselves shimmering with gold like the luster of diamonds. That’s how precious we are; this is what God intended for us. We’re supposed to go forth with that kind of confidence, knowing that we have that kind of amazing value.

It’s so important that every time we start service, we start seeing ourselves in the right viewpoint, seeing ourselves with those eyes, (seeing us) with the bright color of gold, the luster of diamonds, seeing ourselves, our spirit bodies, with that kind of value.

Every time we start service, we always want to thank you for making the time to come out here. We know that God is acknowledging every person that comes out. We know that your week is going to go better because you take the time to really honor God in this sanctuary. We believe that and we know that as we start viewing ourselves with the eyes of God, then our viewpoints begin to change; our perspectives can start to change. We can start seeing that we will make a difference and just like today’s sermon, “The Power of One”, we have immense, immense power; and in that same way, let us be a blessing to those around us, let us be a truly great blessing to this world.

Brothers and sisters, thank you so much for coming out here. Welcome!

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Sermon Text: Peace in Motion

March 18, 2008

Rev. Hyung Jin Nim’s Sermon Headquarter Church, Chungpadong, Seoul February 23, 2008

It is important to do providential work, but I believe that it is also important to build a family, having an ideal family in each one of our homes. I saw too many families that assume that everything will be okay, including kids, as long as we do providential work. But we saw that this is not true.

Hyung Jin Nim’s Welcome Message:

Bothers and Sisters, it is a wonderful Saturday. I want to share this with you in Cheon Song Gyong, Book 8, pages 12-16. Father said, “Let the satanic world persecute me as much as it wants. Let it strike me. I will capture them all. With what? With the power of love, God’s creative power. If I do so, God will be with me. In such a position God acts with me”.

Brothers and Sisters, I believe that we are acting in that way, that even though there may be voices against us, or even opposed to us, we know we are doing good things. We are going to be a blessing to this world. And it’s so important that when we look ourselves, we see ourselves appealing (doing) this very important mission and task, that we look at ourselves from the viewpoint of God, seeing ourselves in His image, seeing ourselves with that kind of value, divine value, cosmic value, unique value, always remembering the internal value, and meaning that we have.

We believe that our family members will continue to be the greatest blessings to this world. We believe that every one of you, everyone of one of us, has within our hearts a champion inside, a greatness inside. Never forget that it’s so important, whatever we may hear, to always return back and meditate on that reality.

Brothers and Sisters, let’s always remember, and see ourselves in that light, as we are now gathered here before True Parents and before God on this wonderful Saturday. We really want to welcome you. Let us really have a great celebration today.

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