Personal Testimony

I was very young when I met the Unification Movement. I was by the time starting my studies at the University. I was taught the Divine Principle, which was introduced by a cousin of mine, and, no doubts at all, I accepted Our Father as the Messiah. I became then a true member and a very dedicated one. I have always been anxious for true love in my live, but I couldn't find it anywhere. I was finally happy for having discovered a new style life, being able to give myself to other people, where I could truely find a reason for my existence. While I was an adolescent I used to inquire myself about the meaning of life and the answer I gave to mysel was that life gained a different meaning if we were able to love our next.

Unfortunately, I couldn't stay more than two years as an activ member in the Unification Church. Very sick in my second year and enduring a tremendous suffering between life and death I was abandoned by the leader of the Unification Church, who went to the spiritual world some years after. Only my physical parents came to help me and took me to a private clinic where I stayed for two months.

Many years past through, but I never lost my faith and never was angry at my situation. I received many blessings from God and could experience Him. It's been wonderful. Of course, I forgave the person who put me to death and even denied me food. What matters is God never adandoned me as I never abandoned Him. Thanks Heavenly Fafher and True Parents. Francisco


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