July 26, 2008

Hyung Jin Nim’s Prayer:

Heavenly Father, thank You for this day. Father, we have nothing but gratitude this day. Father, it is a truly miraculous moment in history.

Father, this past week we have witnessed a true disaster. Father, True Parents were taken to the grave, but Father, they emerged victorious, Father, reborn, resurrected, overcoming the power of death.

Father, we see a miraculous time in history. We are living in this rebirth age, Father. We are living in this resurrection time. Father, we hope that in our lives this day, with every breath that we take, we may be reborn, with every breath that we inhale, Father.Let us be resurrected to new life.

It is Yours, Father. We are extending our gratitude to You this day. We want to celebrate You this day.

Father, let us know that truly You are a miraculous, supernatural God.And Father we know that You are in this place today. You are in our hearts, You are in our lives. Father, guide us. Father, direct us, give us the insight,Father, the direction, give us the path that we will have to take.

And Father, we pray that each footstep may be illumed (illuminated), Father, each step that we take, may give glory back unto You.Thank you Father for what You have done. Father we stand here truly open with our arms, opening our hearts, Father, with an everlasting love and an everlasting gratitude.

And Father, with the confidence that You have given us through this experience, Father, we face our lives with confidence, with hope, with optimism. Father, we know that we will overcome any obstacle and we will truly live a victorious life for You.Thank You so much and we pray these things with all the brothers and sisters around this world as one family connected by True Parents in our names. Aju!

(Miraculous Helicopter Landing Special Sermon: July 26, 2008)


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