Rev. Hyung Jin Nim Closing Prayer

Father, we thank You for this day that You have blessed upon us. Father, we are truly victorious before Your eyes. Father, we know that when You look at us, You see victorious children, You see illuminating children. Father, You see children that are filled with peace, that can spread Your blessings to this world. Father, we pray that we may realize that the precious dreams that You have instilled within our hearts are those that are given by You. And Father, let us have the courage to press through, to achieve and realize those dreams.

Father, let us have the courage to move forward, past criticism, past those that may not believe in us, Father, Arch Angels that may try to stop us on the way. And let us realize that truly we can make a difference in this world. Father, You have given our tremendous community, the brothers and sisters here, their families, their children, amazing potential, cosmic value. Father, You have instilled within them hopes of the future. And Father, we pray that they never let go of that courage, of that strength, of that overcoming power.

Father, we thank You so much for being with us today. We know that You are in happiness, that You are in joy today, looking at Your children, celebrating You, worshiping You, giving thanks, and returning glory to You.

Father, we thank You for this day that You have blessed us. Please be with all the brothers and sisters who are joining us through the Internet, all around the world. Please be with each one of their families, that You may bless them with divine health, that You may bless them with great protection; that they may truly live the blessed life, have great connections and relationships in their lives and truly shine before history.

Thank you, Father, for giving us the strength, giving us the wisdom, and giving us the continual opportunity to become better, and to empower others. Thank You so much. We pray these things, with the everlasting love, and our grateful hearts, in our names, Aju!
Sermon: Living the Dream / August 9th, 2008


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