Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Opening Prayer

Heavenly Father, as we join here today in this sanctuary, Father we enter into Your house. True Father has told us that even when three people gather in Your sanctuary, the heavens will move and shake. Heavenly Father, here today with our families, friends and brothers and sisters from around the world, Father, we know that we will be able to move heaven. We will be able to inspire the generations to come.
Father, we pray that You may use us to fulfill Your divine destiny and use us to truly be able to be Your hands and feet in this world. Let us be the true saints and sages that are able to bring Your love, Your compassion, Father, Your benevolence, Your patience and Your goodness to this world.

Thank you so much for all that You have blessed us upon. We pray that You may be with each and everyone of the family members here gathered, that all of them may be blessed and that Your abundance and ever lasting life may be with them always.
Heavenly Father, please be with all the brothers and sisters joining us around this world in the internet at this moment. We pray that You may be with their families and that You may invest into them Your seeds of hope, Your seeds, Father, of optimism, Your seeds of inspiration, so that truly they may be blessings to this world.

Thank you so much, Father. We pray and offer deep thanks, Father, for all the things that You are planning to do in our lives, that You’ve done in our lives. Father and we look forward to all the things to truly come to fruition in the coming days

Thank you so much, and we offer these things with great humility and also ever lasting love in the names of our Central Blessed families together here as one. Aju!
Sermon: Having the Strength to Share / September 20, 2008


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