Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Opening Prayer

February 27, 2009

Heavenly Father, thank you for this wonderful day that You have blessed us with. Father, today we know that You’ll be with us, Father, in our presence, that You will speak to us, that You will, Father, be able to participate here in this beautiful sanctuary.

Heavenly Father, our brothers and sisters are gathering with us from around the world. We pray that our gathered hearts and our gathered sincerity and devotion and love may be returned to You with the utmost glory, Father, that You may be truly able to nourish Yourself and feed, Father, Yourself and Your heart with the love that we are able to show. Father, thank You so much for this day, we pray for each and every one of the families who are gathered here and their connected families all around the world. Father, we pray for our families who are with us via Internet today. We pray that You may work Your miraculous power in their lives, that You may truly be able to give them the wonderful gifts and treasures truly allowing them, Father, to live a victorious life in any aspect, in every aspect of their lives.
Father, thank You so much for being here today. We are here before You with humble hearts but with everlasting joy and everlasting love. We wish to celebrate with You this day and to learn from You this day. Please be with us, be in our presence and, Father guide us today. We pray these things in the name of Hyung Jin kajong (family), member of a central blessed family, together here with all our brothers and sisters, in blessed central families’ name. Aju!

Sun Jin Nim’s Special Sermon / September 27, 2008


Hyung Jin Nim's Interesting Story

February 27, 2009

I heard a very interesting story. Its about a mother. She had two very cute little boys. Their names were Young Jin and Hyung Jin. And they were trouble makers. They made a lot of trouble when they were young. So one day she decided, “You know what? I need to discipline these boys.” She knew (that) at the village on the other side there was a very scary man. And that man would discipline them, put them on the right track. So she decided to catch Hyung Jin but she ended catching Young Jin and she dragged him to the man’s house.

To the man there she said, “Please educate this young boy, so he gets back on track.” So the man took him in and he sat him on the chair and asked him with a very loud voice, “Where is God?” and Young Jin couldn’t answer at that point. He asked again and he shouted, “Where is God?” Young Jin again couldn’t answer. He was trembling with fear. Once again the very scary man shouted , “Where is God?” and Young Jin was very frightened. He ended up escaping and running back to his home. He jumped in a closet and was shivering with fear and Hyung Jin came over to him and knocked on the closet and said, “What happened? Hey. Hyong, what happened? Tell me what happened?” and Young Jin said to him, “It’s terrible. We’re in big trouble. God has been kidnapped and they think WE did it?” (Laugh)

Sermon: Relationship with Your Past/December 29, 2007

Rev. Hyung Jin Moon at the UC World National Leaders Assembly

February 24, 2009

January 28, 2009, Cheon-shim Youth Center

But one of the things that we really think is important is letting go of authority in leadership, learning to let go of authority, learning to delegate, learning to give power to our members. And that’s very important because as we have a membership that feels included and feels like they are part of the path and creating a new history for the church then that creates a new, a very powerful energy.

We started at Mapo Church, a small church in Korea. Every time Father asked me to do some other responsibility, at Mapo Church, the Headquarters Church and then to be the International President, every time Father asked me to do something new, I continued to ask him one constant question: “Father, what shall I do next?” And it’s very interesting to see that Father’s answer has been quite consistent. Ever since we started at Mapo Church moving to Headquarters Church as Father was asking us to take on a larger role. Even after every single one of those events I asked Father. And his response was very simple, he said: “Continue to give cheon seong.” I think that’s a very important secret, I would say.

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Learning to challenge your challenge

February 24, 2009

February 14 2009- HQ Church, Seoul, Korea

But see, I had one very big challenge here. As a fast growing church there is the danger of getting so bogged down in the management and systems for me that the religious leader becomes less religious and more of an organizational manager. Then the religion becomes sort of like a religious business. And this is the real thing that I have to watch myself in.

Welcoming Remarks:

Yeon Ah Nim:

Good afternoon, everybody!

We know that every day is the day that our Lord has made and every day is a sweet day to worship and celebrate Heavenly Father and True Parents. Just like today, today is Valentines’ Day, and I hope that everyone has a happy Valentine’s Day. Yes? (Applause) Thank you!

We are always honored to have you here in this sanctuary, and for those who are watching us through internet, we welcome you as well. Welcome brothers, and welcome sisters!

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Hyung Jin Nim's Interesting Story

February 22, 2009

I heard about a story of a young girl and she had an aged grandfather and the grandfather, he was now very old and he was in the 90’s and was preparing to go to the next world. He was in a hospital, and he was everyday undertaking a new habit that she noticed and everyday she walked into the room, she visited him, she would open the door and there he would be, in front of a lamp, small lamp, reading his bible everyday

Now at that very moment the atheist said, “Oh my God, Save me!” and like a miracle the time stopped, the clouds parted, and right from heaven there was a booming voice that said, “You don’t believe in me and want me to save you?” And the atheist said, “Could you witness to the shark instead of me? That maybe helps in this situation.”(Laughter)
Sermon: Let’s be a Miracle to Somebody / December 1, 2007

Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Closing Prayer

February 20, 2009

Heavenly Father, thank You for this day that You have blessed us with. Father, we are here in Your presence. Let us receive Your strength. Father, let us receive Your endurance. Let us receive Your never ending hope for one another, for humanity, for ourselves.

Father, let us always know that we can constantly improve, mature and grow. Father, we can always become better than we are today and, Father, let us know that when we look forward one month, one year from now, in the year 2009, we will be more victorious, more illuminated, more filled with peace, more blessed in our life. And Father one year from now, we will also be a greater blessing to the community, a greater blessing to our friends and family, a greater blessing to this world and our community worldwide.

Father, let us see ourselves with this kind of eyes. Let us envision ourselves with this kind of mindset. We pray that You may flood our thoughts with thoughts of Your life, of Your love, Father, thoughts of Your empowering victory. Father, let us always be aware of the thoughts that we have in our hearts. Let us always train our thoughts, discipline our minds, Father, so that we may truly live up to our potential that You have asked us to live up to.

Father, thank You so much for this day and we pray that today we may implement in our lives the power of consistency, Father, the power of learning to try everyday to be our best and to live that blessed life that You have blessed us to live.

Thank you so much. Father, we pray these things with a humble gratitude and everlasting joy. In our names we pray as Central Blessed Families, Aju!
Sermon: The Power of Consistency/October 4, 2008

Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Opening Prayer

February 15, 2009

Heavenly Father, thank You for this day that You have blessed us with, Father, for this life that You have blessed us with, Father, for this community, this worldwide Unification family that You have blessed us with.
Father, we are in Your presence, in Your awesome presence today. Father, let us open our hearts so that we may be receptive to Your presence. Father, that we may receive the things which You wish for us to receive not so that we can only use them for ourselves but, Father, that we can be a conduit, a channel, to share those blessings to those around.

Heavenly Father, today as we pray and as we extend our hearts universally to our cosmic True Parents, to our families all around the world, we know that we are being united in heart. Father, we know that as one family we are here gathered before You, bowing our heads in humility. Father we are offering our hearts in gratitude and able to be transformed in your vast and boundless love.
Heavenly Father, thank you so much for this day that you have blessed us with. We pray that You may be with each and every one of the family members here, with each one of their children, Father, that You may allow their dreams and ambitions, Father, that You have placed within them to come to fruition, Father, that You may bless the worldwide unification family, brothers and sisters in New Zealand, in Latin America, in Russia, in China, all over the world. Father, we pray that Your abundant blessing and Your abundant love may work through them to extend to this world.
Father, thank You for allowing us to have a part in Your providence, in Your work. Let us truely live up to our potential to be all that You have created us to be. Father, let us actualize all those amazing gifts, those amazing talents and the amazing love that You have placed within us and let us extend that and make this world a better place.
Father, thank you so much for this day, the confidence, the compassion. Father, the love that You pour upon us today. Father, we pray that we may truly go forth, with our hearts full of courage, facing our future and facing our destiny with pride, Father, and confidence.
Thank you so much. Please be with our families today. We pray these things in the name of Moon Hyung Jin Kajong (family), a member of a blessed central family, praying in True Parents’ name, in the True Family’s name and in our Unification families’ name,
Sermon: The Power of Consistency/October 4, 2008