Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Closing Prayer

Heavenly Father, most beloved True Parents!
Thank You so much for the message that You have given to us today. We feel that we are living in a most precious time in history, with True Parents here on this earth and with such a powerful message, that You have brought through them to this world. Now the task for us is to truly be confident in ourselves and in our beliefs, to not shy away from the public and people, thinking that they will attack us or criticize us like in the past. The task is to have a new level of conviction that builds (grows) as we share this message, our belief and our faith.

You have truly blessed us. You have waited for us for six thousand years. We have heard that so many times, but let us truly understand and actualize this in the way we carry ourselves. Let us not only conceptionally understand that we are precious to You and then leave the sanctuary with shoulders slumped and walking out with no confidence. We pray that we may understand that message and put our shoulders back, that we may have pride in who we are, that we may share this message and confidence with others, that we may be proud of our beliefs, our tradition and our heritage and be able to share this with the rest of the world.
We believe that when we do that You will create miracles and move the hearts and minds of men and women. You will help them understand and be inspired in their own lives to become those sharers of faith. Thank You so much that you have given us this time, that we may truly reflect and understand the providential significance of our lives here, that we may understand that we are not only living for this age but we are connected to thousands of future generations and that we are connected to thousands of past generations.

We pray that we are not only speakers of our Unification tradition but that we are actors and contributors in this tradition, that we may be those that bring this foundation and church to the next level. Let us have this kind of ownership and stewardship, that kind of heart that wishes to see a child truly succeed and blossom. Let us know that the Unification Church is our child. It is our baby. Let us know that each and any one of us must become parents to that church and truly nurture it, grow it, build it with confidence, have it stand before the world proudly and allow it to communicate and share that empowering message to the rest of humanity forever.
We pray that You can give us that kind of strength, faith and devotion. Fill us with that energy. We offer all these things to You in gratitude and everlasting love, in our own blessed, central families’ name that are here together as one. Aju!
Sermon: Kook Jin Nims Special Sermon/Nov 29th, 2008


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