Hyung Jin Nim's Interesting Story

I heard a very interesting story. Its about a mother. She had two very cute little boys. Their names were Young Jin and Hyung Jin. And they were trouble makers. They made a lot of trouble when they were young. So one day she decided, “You know what? I need to discipline these boys.” She knew (that) at the village on the other side there was a very scary man. And that man would discipline them, put them on the right track. So she decided to catch Hyung Jin but she ended catching Young Jin and she dragged him to the man’s house.

To the man there she said, “Please educate this young boy, so he gets back on track.” So the man took him in and he sat him on the chair and asked him with a very loud voice, “Where is God?” and Young Jin couldn’t answer at that point. He asked again and he shouted, “Where is God?” Young Jin again couldn’t answer. He was trembling with fear. Once again the very scary man shouted , “Where is God?” and Young Jin was very frightened. He ended up escaping and running back to his home. He jumped in a closet and was shivering with fear and Hyung Jin came over to him and knocked on the closet and said, “What happened? Hey. Hyong, what happened? Tell me what happened?” and Young Jin said to him, “It’s terrible. We’re in big trouble. God has been kidnapped and they think WE did it?” (Laugh)

Sermon: Relationship with Your Past/December 29, 2007


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