Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Opening Prayer

Heavenly Father! Thank You for this glorious day that You have given to us, where we are worshipping together in the beautiful Head Quarter Sanctuary in Your Fatherland Korea. This is the place where our True Father shed his blood, sweat and tears for humanity and the sake of the world, when nobody believed that he could go forth and create a worldwide impact.

When True Father was starting in the old HQ church of such humble beginnings in a couple of square meters room they were praying for the world, praying for peace. So many of us may have heard stories, or even followed at that time, but we know that at that time it almost seemed impossible that one man, who was praying for the world, would actually move the world. Father, we have seen this history come to pass, we have seen our lives being impacted by that. We as Second Gen. are here because of that fruit; we would not be here otherwise.

Father, let us know that amazing value and power that is within us, that has been passed down to us by True Parents. Let us know that we have the power to even do the seemingly impossible. Maybe not on our own strength or on our own fortitude but with You, Father, all things can be made possible. We pray that You give us the strength and courage, the hindsight and the future sight, to see our lives becoming brighter and brighter, becoming greater and greater blessings to this world. We pray that You may endow us with Your physical, mental and spiritual strength, so that we can overcome adversity in a manner that is elucidating and illuminating. Let our example truly inspire those who are coming with us, before us and after us.

We thank You so much for this day that You prepared. Let this day be Your day, Father. We pray that the glory and the joy that we can experience, may be doubled and tripled one hundred times over, flowing into Your fathomless, limitless heart. We pray these things with tremendous gratitude and everlasting love in the names of the central blessed families that are gathered here today. Aju!
Sermon: Created To Do The Impossible/Nov. 15th, 2008


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