Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Opening Prayer

Dear most beloved Heavenly Father, our most beloved True Parents,

We thank You for gathering us today in this holy sanctuary where our True Father had cried so many of his sermons, his words of tears. Father, we are so grateful that we may be gathered here as a family, Father, to honor You and to bring joy to You. We are earnestly respecful of each other. We truly, Father, feel each other’s presence here today. Our eldest brother Hyo Jin Hyung in spirit world, we know that you are with us today. We pray that you may take a seat and enjoy this time that we may share in reflection and that we may share in opening our hearts to each other.

Father please be with us in this place today. Allow us to truly commune with each other, Father, to leave this place with memories that can truly give us joy and lasting peace in our lives. Father, we pray that we may become greater blessings to this world, and whenever any one of us leaves early to the spiritual world, Father, we pray that we may reflect on the value of our existence, the most preciousness of our lives. Father, let us today feel that value, feel Your love flowing through us, and let us be here together as brothers and sisters.

We will be here to honor Hyo Jin Hyung, his memory, and hopefully leave this place, Father, with a new rebirth in our hearts, a new heart, a new page that will be turned in the histories of our lives. And Father, we pray that You may guide us today, be with us today, lead us today.

We thank you and pray these things in the name of Moon Hyung Jin, a member of a blessed central family. Aju!

Sermon : Hyo Jin Nims Memorial Worship Service/March 22 2008

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