Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Interesting Story

Before I start, I always like to start with something kind of enjoyable. A son asked his father for a car. The father said, “I’ll think about it, and I want you to do three things for me.

The first thing is I want you to bring your scores up, your grades up. The second thing is, I want you to help around the house, do your chores. And the third thing is to get a hair cut.” (Laugh). The son said, “Okay, alright.”

He came back two months later and said, “Dad, look, my scores are up, I’ve been doing my chores. Please now can you buy me a car?” His dad said, “What about the haircut? You haven’t cut your hair.” The son said, “Well, you know, Dad, I know you know the Bible quite well. But I’ve been studying the Bible, and I’ve been searching my heart deeply and, you know what, I realized that in the Bible Moses, Jacob, Samuel and even Jesus had long hair.” (Laugh).

His father took that in and said, “That’s actually a great point; and, you know, another interesting fact about those figures is that they WALKED AROUND to their destinations. If you want a car, cut your hair.” (Laughing).

Sermon: Be Safe In God’s Plan / February 2, 2008


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