Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Opening Prayer

Father, we thank You for this day that You have given us. This Holy Saturday that You have blessed us with. Father, we feel the spring that is blooming before us. Father, we can feel the warmth all around. Father, we can hear Your creation bloossoming into life, the birds, Father, all of creations are coming into harmony before You this day.

Thank You for this opportunity, Father, for this chance to be together here at this moment and Father, we thank You for the glorious future that You are opening before us from right now. Father, we are grateful for this future, we are grateful for the opportunities that You will give us. Father, the gifts and the miracles that You are preparing. Let us be opened in our hearts to receive that. Let us always be a great blessing to others. Let us move forward with perseverance, with courage and Father, with sincerity.

We thank you for this day. Once more, we thank You for our fellowship, our friends, all the brothers and sisters that are here with us and they are joining us from around the world. We pray that You may be with their families that You may bless them with great abundance and blessings. Father, with great health, Father, with great protection and Father that all that they made You may flourish and succeed.

Thank you so much for this day. We are receiving Your blessings today, receiving Your strength, your wisdom, Father, we are receiving Your love today.

We pray these things in the name of Hyung Jin Kajong (family), member of the Central Blessed Families, Aju!

From Emotion to Action / March 15 2008


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