Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Closing Prayer

Father we thank You for this day that you have blessed upon us. Father we have heard Your message. Let us truly be honest, Father forthright in ourselves. Let us step up in our faith, Father. Let us be a giver and not a taker, Father. Let us help build this community. Father, let us help build our church, Your dwelling place, Your house here on earth so that Your children can come and gather, so that Your children can be prosperous and live an abundant life. Father, we know that starts and begins with us, living and thinking abundantly, sharing the blessings that You are giving to us with our community and with our Church.

We thank You for this opportunity that we can come together. We pray that we may absorb Your message, that we may go forth, remembering the tradition of Abraham, Moses, Jacob, Christ and up to our present day, Father, where we truly stand in the position, Father, of the historical fruit that You have prepared. Let us go forth and build a truly, truly, amazing Church, Father, for all peoples to come and gather, to be engrafted into Your love and Your life and Your lineage, and to experience the blessed life that You are blessing us to have. Let us truly be blessings to this world, to our community, to our brothers and sisters, to our believers in faith, our brothers and sisters here in faith.

Father we thank You for this day. Once more we pray with all our hearts, that You may guide our steps, that You may direct our paths, that You may light our way. Let us leave this place more wise, with more joy, Father, and with more victory. We know that You are giving us more Victory, more Illumination and more Peace everyday. Thank you so much.

We are praying these things in our names. AJU!

Sermon: Tithing versus Subsidization by Kook Jin Nim / April 26th 2008


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