Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Opening Prayer

Father, we thank You for this day that You have prepared for us. We are truly grateful to be alive at this time. We know that our lives are so precious. Father, we know that we only have a limited time here but Father, we pray that during that time we may be the greatest blessings to those around us, Father, to those near and to those far. Father, that we may continue to actualize the principles, the teachings that we are learning.

Let us each day grow in our strength, in our maturity, in our devotion, in our sense of self . Let us become stronger and wiser in Your wisdom. Let us become more full and filled with Your joy, Your abundance, Father, with benevolence.

We thank you once more that You have gathered us in this place and each one of us we tie our hearts spiritually together. We offer this time to You and we pray that we may bring joy to You during this next few hours. We pray that we may truly bring blessings to those around us and we may leave this place a greater blessing to this world.

Father, thank you for once more guiding us each step of the way leading us here as You will lead us forward, we have faith that You will continue to allow us to shine brighter and brighter as our lives continue.

Thank you once more for this day and we truly are grateful for all our brothers and sisters who are joining us here in the internet. All our brothers and sisters that are with us, physically, spiritually. We pray for them, their health, their well being, their safety, their happiness and their peace.

Father, thank you so much once more that You are dwelling within us that You are dwelling here in this sanctuary and guide us today, lead us, Father, pull us into Your realm of heart.

We thank you once more. We pray these things in the name of Hyung Jin Kajong (family), a member of a Central Blessed Family, Aju!

Sermon: Leaving a Legacy in Our Lives / March 29, 2008

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