Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Interesting Story

At the school of divinity, we sometimes like to find the very funny stuff of religion, so I thought of a very interesting one. There is a story of a Rabbi, a Hindu priest, and a preacher, who were in the countryside, travelling. And all of a sudden lightning started and clouds emerged, it started raining really heavy, with lightning and thunder. So they quickly ran to a little farm house that they saw before them. They knocked on the door and said, “Farmer, please help us. It’s pouring rain out here, and we have nowhere to rest.” He said, “Okay, I have two rooms for you, two of you have to stay in the house, but one of you has to stay in the barn.”

So the Rabbi said, “I’ll be merciful, my God is merciful, my God is a good God, I’ll go to the barn, and you guys stay in the house.” A couple of minutes later, there was a big knock on the Farmer’s door, and when the Farmer opened up the door, the Rabbi was there, and he said, “I can’t stay in the barn, there’s a pig in there, it’s not Kosher, I can’t stay there. I have to come in.”

Then the Hindu priest said, “Okay, Rabbi, I will be compassionate to you, you come on in, I’ll take the barn, I have nothing wrong with pigs,” and he went to the barn. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door, and the farmer opened the door, and the Hindu priest was there. And the Hindu priest said, “I can’t stay in the barn, there’s a cow in there. It’s against my religion. I have to be inside the house.”

And then the preacher said, “Okay, well, my God is a good God, He’s an almighty God; so I’ll go to the barn.” So the preacher went over to the barn. A couple of minutes later, a knock was at the door. The farmer opened up the door, and there was the cow and the pig, and they said, ” We can’t go to sleep; the preacher won’t stop talking!”

Sermon: Keeping God and True Parents enthroned / May 3. 2008


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