Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Opening Prayer

Heavenly Father, True Parents!

Thank You for this day that You have blessed upon us. We are standing here at the beautiful turn of Your new season. We are expecting new seasons in our lives today, new seasons of change, new seasons of abundance, of growth, of maturity, of success and victory.

Father, these beautiful seasons and the transformations that You bring in our lives! Let us offer the glory back to You and True Parents. Heavenly Father, we are here together as blessed central families and we are here connected with all our families across this world, giving You glory and offering our thanks and gratitude for this day. Heavenly Father, we pray that today at the start of this new beautiful autumn season, we will, in these next months, as this season moves and moves into the next season, find ourselves with more blessing and more victory, more illumination and peace, that we will be able to give to others the blessings that we are receiving from You. Let us be a blessing to this world.

Thank You so much for all the things that You are doing for us. We pray that Your heavenly hand of protection and Your heavenly hand of blessing may be with each and every of the families that are here today and (with) those who are joining with us from across the ocean via internet.

Father, please be with our Unification families, give them strength, lift them up and let them believe in the people that You have created them to become. Thank You so much for all that You have done. We pray that today we may have a great service where we can offer You victory and joy and our brightness, and may You truly feel happiness this day.

Thank You so much once again! We offer our thanks with an everlasting love and deep gratitude. We pray these things in True Parents’ name, in True Families’ name and with all blessed families together in our blessed central families’ name together. Aju!

Sermon: Returning to your safe Haven / September 13, 2008


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