Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Interesting Story

Every time before we start the words, I would like to start with something little interesting. In the Divinity School, we would like to see the funniest side of religion. It is good to be able to laugh about yourselves once in a while.

I heard a story about an elderly man. He had a heart problem; he ended having had a heart by pass surgery. So he ended up in the care of the nuns. The nuns asked him, “How will you pay for this hospital bill?” And he said in a very raspy voice, “I have no health insurance.” They asked him again, “Well, do you have any money in the bank?” He said, “No money in the bank.” They asked him again, “Well, is there anybody who can help you?” And then he said, “I don’t have any relatives. The only person I have is a sister and she’s alone and lonely. She’s a nun.” And the nun said to him, “We are not alone and we are not lonely for we are married to Almighty God.” And at that he said, “Then send the bill to my brother-in-law.” (Everybody laughing and applauding).

Sermon: Self empowerment for God / May 24, 2008


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