Rev. Hyun gJin Nim's Opening Prayer

Heavenly Father, thank You for this day that You have blessed upon us. Father, on this summer day we can hear the sound of the beautiful rain outside. But Father, inside our hearts there is sunshine. Father, inside our hearts we are being refreshed by your soothing rain. Father, thank You so much for bringing us together from all different nations, Father, gathering together as one family here. Father, what a special sight! What an amazing occasion to be here together on such a day. Father we are celebrating You on this beautiful Saturday. It is the beginning of our week spiritually here. Father, we pray that You may fill us with Your strength, that You may fill us with Your perseverance, that You may fill us with Your victory, Father. And as we leave this place, Father, we pray that this new coming week we will have more victory, more illumination, Father, that we will make more peace in our lives.

Father, let us not stop there but truly be a blessing to this world. We are praying for all those blessings to blessed central families who are scattered across this world, Father, in every single nation. Father, Your seeds of hope, Your seeds of heart, Your seeds of love are taking root in every nation, Father.

Thank You so much for this day. Thank You for bringing us together. And Father, we pray with an everlasting and overflowing love, and we thank You so much for this time together.
Praying in our names, as blessed central families. Aju!

Sermon: Being a Hero every Day / July 19, 2008


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