Youngpyung Resort Providence

May 30, 2009, HQ Church, Seoul Korea

One of the things that really struck me this week was that at his funeral ceremony there were different religions that represented Korea. So Buddhism was there, Catholicism was there, Christianity was there, even Won Buddhism. Won Buddhism is a small sect of Buddhism. It is a modern sect of Buddhism. But there was one religion that wasn’t there, or not even invited. We were not there to be representatives of Unificationism. That struck me, because I realized that we have still a way to go in our movement. We have still a way to go to really be able to move the nation, to be mainstream and have thousands, rather millions, of followers. BUT when I saw those religions there, of course on one hand I felt we have still a way to go. On the other hand however, I saw this new religion, Wonbulgyo Buddhism; they did it in a matter of twenty to thirty years. And we have an amazing opportunity at Unificationism, we WILL – in the very near future – be representing Korea as one of the major religions here. I believe it! If you believe it…(applause)

Welcoming Remarks:

Yeon Ah Nim:

Good afternoon brothers and sisters! It is really great to see you all, and it is really wonderful that we can gather together and worship our Heavenly Father and our beloved True Parents. We are always honored to have you here in this sanctuary, and for those who are joining us via the internet, we are also welcoming you as well. Welcome brothers and welcome sisters.

Hyung Jin Nim:

My goodness! Look at all these Unificationists in one room, brothers and sisters. We have our Korean sisters here that were matched to Japanese brothers and are living in Korea. They are here in the front rows. Let’s give them a warm welcome.

We are going to start with Cheong Song Gyong, page 568. Father says, “It is important how you connect your life course with eternal life. Doing so is your lifelong responsibility. A lifetime is determined through linking each day to the next. Your entire life is the sum of the continuous days in your life.” Once again, “How you connect your life course with eternal life.”

Brothers and sisters, it is so important to connect to the eternal. Remember, we are on a timeline that is beyond this short temporal life. We must remember that we are connected to a being, the heavenly parents, who are eternal. Then we will be able to gain the right perspective on the daily tribulations of life that we meet and that challenge us. When they come at us and try to steal our joy and to make us sad and depressed we need to remember that these are temporary things and that life eternal lasts forever. Let’s give it up for life eternal!

Brothers and sisters, I want to welcome you. This week in Korea has been a tough week. As you know, the former president Roh Moo Hyun took his own life last week. This has been major international news as well as news here in Korea. Yesterday there was a very long procession up to the Kyeongbuk Palace here in Korea. The whole nation is mourning and praying. We want to pray today during our prayer session once again for our former president Roh Moo Hyun, and we want to extend our condolences to his family.

One of the things that really struck me this week was that at his funeral ceremony there were different religions that represented Korea. So Buddhism was there, Catholicism was there, Christianity was there, even Won Buddhism. Won Buddhism is a small sect of Buddhism. It is a modern sect of Buddhism. But there was one religion that wasn’t there, or not even invited. We were not there to be representatives of Unificationism. That struck me, because I realized that we have still a way to go in our movement. We have still a way to go to really be able to move the nation, to be mainstream and have thousands, rather millions, of followers.

BUT when I saw those religions there, of course on one hand I felt we have still a way to go. On the other hand however, I saw this new religion, Wonbulgyo Buddhism; they did it in a matter of twenty to thirty years. And we have an amazing opportunity at Unificationism, we WILL – in the very near future – be representing Korea as one of the major religions here. I believe it! If you believe it…(applause)

Welcome to service brothers and sisters. Remember it is always important for us in service time to focus not on what is wrong in our lives, but we want to focus on what is right in our life. We want to focus on what God is blessing us with today. Take all those other thoughts out of our mind for the next hour and a half. Let’s really give God praise and give Him thanks. When we do that, this new week is going to be better and more fulfilling, even though it’s busy with big plans. We’re going to get more done, we’re going be blessed more, and I believe we’ll have returned more glory to God. If you believe, let’s give it up for God.

Yeon Ah Nim:

One day one of our sisters came up to me and said, “I can forgive anybody in this world, but there’s one person I can absolutely not forgive.” And she said that that person is her mother- in-law. She said that she’s been attending her for over 10 years but she still hates her and doesn’t know what to do. So she had this really big internal battle within herself.

So I told her that I had that experience, too, that once I knew a person that I had a very difficult time trying to love. It was extremely difficult for me to deal with that person. And as soon as I said that she said she was so surprised, “Even you are that kind of person!?” I said, “Of course I am, I’m a human being, too. I am such a person.” I told her that because of that person whom I had trouble giving love to, I developed an exercise in my mind. Whenever I met this person I would try to recite Father’s well known poem “The Crown of Glory” in my mind. At first it was a little difficult but as I began to change my thought channel to recite Father’s poem it actually helped me to relate to her better, to deal with that person in a more loving manner.

I still remember what True Father said to our members at the breakfast table. He said,” If you know somebody you really don’t like, think of that person as though they were sent by God. God sent that person because He wants to train you in this lifetime before He meets you in the next.” So brothers and sisters, even in life we struggle so much, but still we know that we will be victorious for our Heavenly Father and True Parents. Aju! We love you so much brothers and sisters and we believe in you.

Hyung Jin Nim’s remarks about prayer:

Brothers and sisters let’s take this time to pray. I want to take this time in prayer for former president Roh Moo Hyun. As you know, this is a real time of mourning in the nation of Korea. So let us offer our prayers. We know from the principle perspective that suicide does not solve the problems, that we have ancestors that see us and also know what we are going through.

But nevertheless we want to extend our condolences to the former president and pray for him and his family. Let us join our hearts in this time of prayer. Let us offer our prayers for former President Roh Moo Hyun and this nation of Korea. Let us pray together brothers and sisters……..

(Unison prayer)

We pray truly truly wishing our best for former president Roh Moo Hyun that he be in a good place, that his ancestors may work with him kindly and that also the nation of Korea may be able to move past this into their future with hope, strength, and may have the power to overcome. We thank You and offer all these things in our own names as Central Blessed Families. Aju.

Thank you, brothers and sisters. It really is a tough time for the nation of Korea, but we are always praying that the nation may come to a higher level of strength through this ordeal. We are praying that through this ordeal people may understand that suicide is not the way.

But nonetheless, in our lives we may have circumstances that are unpredictable. We pray for the people remaining in former President Roh Moo Hyun’s family and for the citizens that now have to move forward and advance the nation. We pray that they may be strong and hopeful, so that they will fulfill the great mission of Korea and return glory to God and True Parents. I really do believe that.

Brothers and sisters thank you for praying and extending your hearts for the former President and the nation of Korea. I’d like you all to stand up. Now is the time to extend that to your neighbour. So if you are here with your spouse it is time to give her a refreshing new hug, tell her you love her, thank her at least 3 times, come on pastor, let’s make this happen! Let’s welcome and greet the neighbour next to you.

Hyung Jin Nim:

Thank you, thank you, please be seated. We are ready for a turnaround. Speaking of turnarounds, we have a wonderful guest speaker today. When Kook Jin Hyung came here first in 2005, the Tongil Chaedan, which is the group of businesses operated here by the Unification Movement, was at a loss of $100 million per year, so it was not in good shape. Kook Jin Hyung came in here and did a series of restructuring, and one of the major companies that was turned around was Yongpyong resort. Here in a matter of 3 years under Kook Jin’s and his team’s leadership they put together a plan and were able to turn around $100 million losses per year into a $50 million in profits. They turned it completely around! Let’s give it up for Tongil group…incredible!!

So we here at the church, we’ve had people in politics, we’ve had President Carazo, the former President of Costa Rica visiting us, giving us a speech, sharing his words. We’ve also had leaders from religion such as Rev. Walter Fauntroy who had joined us just a few months ago, giving us a wonderful inspiring sermon. For today my brother Kook Jin Hyung recommended as our VIP speaker, from the field of business, our current president of Yongpyong resort. Of course, as you know, this is the largest resort here in Korea. He’ll talk about it a little more, but I’ll just give you a little background information:

He got his bachelor’s degree in English literature, Kyeonggi University, 1987. Then in 1990 he got his MBA from Hanguk University of Foreign Studies. He went on in ’98 to get his doctorate in business administration from Changwon University. And in ’98 he became the director of the department of finances, planning and business support at Seggye Times. In 2003 he became the managing director of the department of planning, finances and the general manager of Yonpyong resort.

That was all before Kook Jin Hyung came. When Kook Jin Hyung came to Korea he saw a variety of situations, one was that Yongpyong and another organization had the same president. So he asked the president to focus on only one company. So the former president focused on one company, and Kook Jin Hyung asked our Cheong Sajangnim to take the role as president of Yongpyong in 2005.

Of course he’ll give you a little more detail, but he has been a part of the Tongil group team now for about 3 years and has made financial results working with Kook Jin Hyung’s team. And of course not only that, he has been a very wonderful participant in the congregation, he has contributed greatly to the remodeling of this current church, the cafe etc.

He has two wonderful daughters, his wife here is one of our women leaders who help in discussing and implementing the witnessing- strategy, (etc). So his family is really a wonderful owner of Cheon Il Guk, like we say when we recite from the Family Pledge. He really is a wonderful brother. He has a lot of experience, professional experience, and he really represents the business world of Korea. He is showing that it is possible for a Unificationist to be successful as an executive, to run an organization representing the Unification Movement, and that it can move in a positive direction. So, when President Cheongcomes up, I’d like you all to put your hands together and give him a really warm applause. Let’s invite President Cheong up.

Main Sermon:

Good afternoon, everybody. I am the CEO of Yongpyong Resort, who was just introduced so graciously by Hyung Jin Nim. I would like to extend my deep gratitude to Hyung Jin Nim for giving me the opportunity to speak to you here today at the Headquarter’s Church.

At the foundation we have quarterly meetings with Kook Jin Nim. Last month there was the quarterly meeting to report on the first quarter. When I finished my report there Kook Jin Nim said, “President Jung, it would be good if you would give a report at the Headquarter’s Church.”

I was quite apprehensive at this request. First of all, I was afraid to stand on the stage at the Headquarter’s Church in front of so many people. And on top of that, the word that Kook Jin Nim used when he asked me (he was speaking English) was ‘Guest Speaker’ and I immediately felt I was not qualified to be called a ‘Guest Speaker.’ Even right now, as I am standing here, I am so nervous, I don’t even feel like I’m wearing my own clothes.

Since I have never served as a minister or religious leader – I may be an earnest worker – I don’t feel there is anything in particular that is worth speaking about regarding my earnest work. Then the thought came to me, ‘What are you so worried about? You can give a report about the work that you are doing. God would like the members to know what is happening at Yongpyong.” That’s what I thought about.

I’d like you to imagine that you have come to Yongpyong for an outdoor worship service this morning; pretend that you’re participating in an outdoor service at Yongpyong while you look at the pictures on the screen.

Here is a summary of what I will speak about today:
-Table of Contents
-Personal History
-Yongpyong Resort Overview
-Financial Standing
-Providential meaning of the Yongpyong Resort
-Footmarks of True Parents
-Beache Palace
-CEO’s management philosophy

I will report briefly about these things.

Since most of you don’t know me, I will briefly introduce myself. I joined the church in Masan on March 11, 1971, when I was a 2nd year high school student. I was blessed as a previously married couple in the Blessing on October 31, 1988 in Yong-in. I was at Yongpyung from 2003, and on March 11, 2005 while I was at Hannamdong for Hoon Dok Hae, Father promoted me to CEO of Yongpyong.

Hyung Jin Nim already gave me a brief introduction, but if I would like to give you a brief summary of where I worked before. Before I worked at Segye Times, I worked at the Hanyang Construction Company, for about nine years, and then joined Segye Times in February 1989. While I was working at Segye Ilbo, I heard, just as all of you did, Father’s direction for all members to return to their hometowns. When Father announced this on August 29, 1991 at the Segye Ilbo training center, I felt it was a very significant providential direction.

I also had dreams that told me how significant the hometown providence was, so I felt it was very important to go to my hometown area, and I lost no time in moving back to my hometown and beginning activities there. I went to my hometown and offered my best. Very soon after that, the Ilsung Bugok Condominiums opened, and I submitted my resume and joined the staff of Ilsung Leisure in February of 1992. After working at Bugok Condo for about four years, I was promoted to be manager of the Sorak Ilsung Condo location.

After working at Bugok for about two years, I was asked to return to Segye Times, to deal with the situation there. I am trained as a business manager. At that time Segye Times was bankrupt. It was during the period just after Korea’s IMF crisis, and there were a number of serious problems at the Times. It was very difficult for me to return to Segye Times. I really didn’t want to go. But under the circumstances I had to go. So, although there were a number of serious financial problems, many members came from Japan and worked sacrificially for the sake of the paper. Through their hard work and True Parents’ guidance, solutions were found for the problems. After that, I again left the Times and went to Yongpyong. During that short time I faced a lot of tough situations.

I am 56 years old now, and in my life there are a few adages which I try to follow when facing difficulties, and I’d like to tell you two of them. One is “No matter what kind of difficulty you are facing, always follow the direction of heaven. This will bring blessing to your life. Don’t become stagnant. You can see where the path of your life will take you next, so always be prepared for the next stage of your life. Sharpen the sword. Be prepared for what is coming next.”

Now, we’re going to take a tour of Yongpyong Resort. ( Some of you have been to the resort, but I think the majority of you have not been there. To get to Yongpyong, you go a little bit south from Seoul, and then take the Yeongdong Expressway, you will come to Daegwalyoung. Daegwalyoung is a large area of 4,200 acres designated as a recreational and tourist area. It takes about 2 and a half hour to get there by car. The region is about 700 meters above sea level.

This altitude is the most beneficial one for the human body, and the temperature averages 7-10 degrees lower than Seoul. The summer weather there is ideal. Yesterday there was a 12 degree temperature difference between Yongpyong and Seoul. In the winter months there is a lot of snow, so it’s an ideal place for skiing.

I’ll give you a brief history of the Yongpyong Resort. Construction on the resort was begun in 1973, by the Ssangyong group, and they developed it for about 30 years. Then, in 2002, Birch Hill condominium, which you can see at the very bottom of this picture, was opened. These condos were built in European style. Just after that, the Ssangyong group fell victim to the effects of IMF, and the group went out of business. As the Ssangyong was selling off their assets and settling their debts, they hung onto the Yongpyong Resort until the end. I guess this was because the destiny of the resort was to find its true owner — Tongil Group.

After hearing a report about the property, which was going to be sold at auction, Father came in January and took a tour of the resort. The transaction moved forward quickly, and on February 11, we made a contract to purchase the property. The official purchase date was in March, and the property was purchased by Segye Times. Between the purchase date and the end of last year, we completed seven additional development projects on the property.

I will tell you about them. This a map of the resort. The white parts are the ski slopes. At the bottom on the left are the hotels and condominimums. I don’t know how well you can see it. The area of ski slopes inside the blue line is the area that can be accessed by the gondola. The lodging facilities at Yongpyong include about 2,500 units, counting one hotel room as one unit. We are able to accomodate about 12,000 guests a night. During the height of the ski season we actually accommodate about 15,000 guests. There are five main categories of business at the resort: Lodging, Food and beverage, Skiing, Golf and Water Park.

Let’s begin our virtual tour of the resort with this photo. When you come to visit the resort, you can see it in person. This is a hotel. The upper photo shows what the hotel looked like when it was opened in 1975, and the lower photo shows what it looks like now, including the new addition added later. Next is the youth hostel, across from the hotel, which has 73 rooms. It doesn’t show clearly in the photo, because of the trees. Next is the Yongpyong Condominium. This was the very first condominium built in Korea, built in 1982. These are vacation homes, with each unit individually owned. This is a shot of the condos, looking from the hotel.

The next photo shows the Tower Condominium. The lower photo shows the view of the front of the condominium. The upper photo shows the villa condominiums, which are on each side of the Tower Condominium. These were built in 1989 and 1990. This photo shows the villa condominiums, with the ski slopes on the right, and the public golf course on the left.

The next photo are the Birch Hill Condominiums. The upper photo shows them in the summer, and the lower photo with autumn foliage. These condos were the last portion of the resort built by the Ssangyong Group before they sold the resort to us. This photo shows the Forest Residences, which I mentioned before. These are individually owned vacation homes. The smallest of them is 200 sq. meters. The Forest Residences and the Birch Hill condominiums are owned by people among the top 0.5% income class in Korea. The interiors are very luxurious and palatial. When you come to the resort, I’ll give you a tour.

These condominiums are the Greenpia Condominiums. On the top floor, the 13th floor, there are rooms where True Parents stay when they come, and there is a room for Hoondokhwe. These are our most popular condominiums, time-share condominiums. These are very close to the ski slopes, and they are very popular during ski season. Next, we have the Verde Hill Condominium. These opened last December. You can wear your skis and ski in and out of these condos. The word ‘Verde’ means ‘green’ in Italian.

Next, the dining facilities, starting with the Chalet Terrace, and an interior view of the hotel. These are the dining facilities at the condos. This is the Gerende cafeteria in the ski lodge and the Peak western style restaurant on the 2nd floor of the ski lodge. This is the interior of the clubhouse at the golf course.

Next are the ski areas. Compared to resorts in the west our slopes are small, but we have the longest slopes in Korea. There are 28 slopes, totaling 26 km in length. We have divided them into four zones. First, there is the base zone, then the rainbow zone. An ariel view of the slopes shows how big they are. The rainbow zone has been certified by the FIS International Ski Federation. Starting from the top, they are divided into Rainbow 1, 2, 3 and 4. The most advanced slope is so steep that you can barely see the bottom of the hill as you stand at the top. Ski World Cup and other international ski events are held on these slopes.

Next is the valley course, called the Gold Zone. The gold zone has three slopes, Fantastic, Valley and Paradise. It is a very beautiful area, and very popular with skiers. Next is the Green Zone. It’s a wide area, used by snowboarders and beginning skiers.

Next is the Birch Hill Golf Course. This course is the first area we developed after acquiring the property from Ssangyong. This is the Yongpyong Golf Course. It is the first golf course in Korea to be constructed using imported grass. It’s a very beautiful course. Every time we have our worship service, when we come to the part where Hyung Jin Nim tells us to imagine we are in a green field, I imagine this grass. After you visit Yongpyong, I think you will be able to imagine green valleys very well. Next is the Yongpyong public golf course. It has been designed using the natural beauty of the area.

Next is the water park, which opened last July. It is open all year, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. It’s popular in the summer, but since the indoor portion is quite large, it is popular even in the colder seasons when the outdoor portions cannot be used. There is a wave pool, water slides, spa pool and sauna facilities, so the water park can be enjoyed by all generations, from young children up to grandmothers and grandfathers. In the water park even the grandmothers are wearing bikinis. In the summer months please come, and we will provide heavily discounted admission tickets so that you can come and enjoy the water park. (Applause) Please do bring your bikinis.

Besides these we also have a number of other facilities. We have 23 seminar rooms, and for very large groups the Dome indoor stadium, which seats 7,000 people. Because of the drama ‘Winter Sonata’ lots of tourists from Japan had a gathering in the Dome indoor stadium.

So we have a wide variety of facilities. To operate, maintain and promote these facilities, we have a staff of 292. There is also a staff of 45 at the Beach Palace Condo at western shores. There are also the contract workers, including room maids, and course maintenance crews, totaling 216 people. So, altogether, we have a staff of 556. And during ski season, we have about 400 more part time ski instructors.

Next, from the point of view of corporate goals, we operate as an Abel type business. It has to conform to the original founding ideals of the foundation in support of the church. When the Tongil foundation was founded in 1963 Father gave three directions regarding the operation of the foundation.

First – establish the fatherland, which is Cheon Il Guk. Next, the Unification of North and South Korea, and Restore All Things Back to God. These were the three mission goals Father established for the foundation. We operate Yongpyong based on these same three mission goals. We generate profits to aid divine providence through expanding True Parents’ field of influence. I think it is our mission to work to accomplish these same goals.

Whenever he leads training sessions for the business leaders, Kook Jin Nim always teaches us that we have to go back to the founding goals of the foundation in our work. Especially in order to establish Cheon Il Guk, we have to work so that many people in Korea will join the Unification Church. Only if we can do this will Cheon Il Guk be completed, and Korea can be reunited, and all things can be restored to God. That’s what he teaches us.

The goal is that 50% of the people in Korea should be members of the Unification Church. Based on this, we feel that in order to bring the victory, we need to make money, and we need to keep making a profit in order to be a strong substantial business that can support True Parents and help the church to expand.

These are our internal goals. When we state our business goals we use the slogan, “We will work for our customers’ satisfaction, bring happiness to the guests.” As our company’s vision, we seek to expand to a larger and larger business through pursuing customers’ happiness. Our company goal is to be the best all-season resort in Asia. We are getting close to that goal, but we can’t yet state absolutely that we have reached the goal. We are on the way to becoming the best all-season resort in Asia.

Next, I will give you a report on our financial status. This graph is written in $100 Millions. For 2003, the first year we acquired Yongpyong, the red bar represents assets and the blue represents liabilities. The assets were $600 million, and the liabilities $471 million. The difference is the capital. And at the end of last year, December 2008, the assets were 900 million dollars, and the liabilities at 620 million dollars, Wow. Our assets grew by about 400 million dollars, and the liabilities grew about 150 million dollars. This clearly represents an expansion of capital.

Next is the income statement. The red line is sales, and the blue is operating income. In 2003, our first year of operation, sales were about 71 billion won, and operating expenses were minus 9.6 billion won. In 2004 there was no dramatic change. Starting in 2005, however, there was a noticeable increase in sales, and profits began to increase. As you can see, in 2005 the profits were 10 billion won, in 2006 23 billion won, 2007 6.8 billion won, in 2008, 26.2 billion won. The low result for 2007 resulted from the severe economic downturn that began in the 2nd half of 2006.

As Hyung Jin Nim mentioned, I took over as CEO of Yongpyong in 2005, but I attribute the improvement in profits that you can see from 2005 more to Kook Jin Nim’s leadership and the improvements that he made since taking over the foundation in 2000. His leadership has led to a surprisingly good success in the Tongil group companies, including Yongpyong. Kook Jin Nim is not here today, but let’s give him a big hand!

I would like to share with you what I think is the providential meaning behind the Yeongpyeong resort. When he returned to Korea after one of his big victories in America, Father said, “I need a place where I can relax and rest.” Korea is three quarters mountainous areas but it’s surrounded on 3 sides by ocean and a lot of populated cities. If one wants to be in the city, you can go to Central City, where we have the Marriott Hotel. To spend time on the coast, there is the resort at Yeosu. And if you want go to the mountains, come to Yongpyong. So Cheong Jung Goong is Father’s house, and these other three places are where Father can go if he wants to relax.

This is one of the purposes of Yongpyong. Here is a picture showing four seasons at Yongpyong. Yongpyong is a model of paradise on earth. It is not I, but Rev. Lee Yo Han who said this: “Yongpyong is the kingdom of heaven for the body. It is really a beautiful place, a good place, an ideal place. Yongpyong has everything, just like a combination gift set from Heavenly Father. When you are all stressed out from working in the city, you can relax and get rid of all your stresses. You can walk and meditate in the forest; you can rejoice in the wide open spaces of the meadows, the thrill of skiing can clear your mind.” (applause)

These photos represent Yongpyong as it was when we first purchased the resort, before we began making additional developments. The original funds to purchase Yongpyong came from the Segye Times. As it happens, Segye Times is located in Yongsan-gu (Dragon Mountain Ward); the HQ church is also located in Yongsan; and the church headquarters building is also located in Yongsan. Furthermore, the Hannam-dong house where True Parents used to live, and where the True Children are now living is also located in Yongsan. So Yongpyong has a very special relationship to Yongsan.

The place that we contracted to undertake the management of Yongpyong was in Yongsan. And the place where the Yongpyong Resort is located is actually called Yongsanri, (Dragon Mountain Village). And the name of the developer that built the resort was Ssangyong Group (Twin Dragons Group). If you go visit Sun Moon University, you will find out that it is located in Ssangyong-dong (Twin Dragons Village) Through Yongpyong Resort, all these things are related.

On this lower photo you can see a mountain called Bal Wang San, which literally translates to ‘the mountain where the king is born’. This name means that a ‘Manwang’ or ‘King of the Universe and all Creation’ will be born here. During the colonial era, the Japanese occupation, they added the character for ‘day’ or ‘sun’ (日) that represents Japan, to the character for ‘king’ (王), which makes the character for ‘prosper’ (旺), which is also pronounced ‘wang’. So the name meant ‘mountain where prosperity begins’ instead of ‘mountain where the king is born.’ Father said that the Japanese did this to block the energy and the possibility of such a king being born.

Father has visited Yongpyong resort on numerous occasions. This picture is from last year when True Parents came to pray and bless the new water park when it opened. The facilities are very beautiful. These are the outdoor swimming pools and water slides. Father sat here and had a hamburger and a coke and enjoyed the atmosphere. Shin Chung Nim and the other grandchildren played in the water and had a fantastic time.

The next photo is the Hoondok room in the Greenpia condominiums. When we were finishing up the condominiums, Father came to inspect them and he was very pleased. Because Father declared that we should complete the realization of Cheon Il Guk in 2013, we decided to make this a 13 story building, with the Hoondok room on the 13th floor.

This next picture shows the interior of the 2nd floor of the ski house on Balwangsan Mountain. I was very pleased by what Father did when he visited the ski lodge. Father had some potatoes and kimchi and wished for the success of the resort when he visited the ski lodge. And he said that since we are running a business here, he should pay for all the meals he eats here. He said that if he pays for his meals then all the other members who come after him should not expect a free meal. He said, “Don’t give them meals for free.” But, actually, our members don’t really come expecting things to be free.

This is a photo of True Parents at the top of Balwangsan. This picture was taken before Father moved back to Korea permanently. This photo is from the second hole at the Birch Hill golf course. It not only shows a beautiful view of the golf course, but also a very peaceful and beautiful image of True Parents.

This next photo is a very special picture. You might wonder why there is a photo of a Buddhist temple in my tour of the resort. This temple was given to Hyung Jin Nim by the white haired gentleman that you can see on the right side in the photo. The white haired man is a ceramics expert. The temple is not a real temple. It is a temple that was made as a movie set. This set was used in the Spring section of a movie about the course of life, called ‘Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter’. The movie set was given to him after they finished the movie, and he, in turn, gave it to Yongpyong.

When Hyung Jin Nim came to visit Yongpyong once, soon after he came from the United States, we invited a high Buddhist cleric to say a blessing on the temple. I’ve always thought I was rather tall, but next to Hyung Jin Nim, I suddenly look very short. In this picture, Hyung Jin Nim’s face looks so benevolent and beautiful as he looks at the temple. It makes me wonder if he’d like to go on into the Temple for a meditational retreat. Let’s give a hand to Hyung Jin Nim, who works so tirelessly for Chun Bok Goong and to handle so many other difficult situations all the time. (Applause)

Next, I’ll give you a brief report on Beach Palace. The photo on the left is a view of the exterior of the Beach Palace Condominium. Yongpyong’s first branch location, Beach Palace, is a new time-share condominium, located on Korea’s west coast, at Mujangpo Beach, just opened last summer. ( The design for the building is based on the form of two hands joined for prayer, and the building is constructed so that all the rooms have a view of the ocean.

That’s the picture of a sunset taken from the Beach Palace. There is a small island and twice a month there is a miracle that takes place. Just like at the times of Moses. 24 times a year, the water recedes and you can walk to the island. And you can actually pick up fish in the sand. In August the water recedes at night time, so people walk to the island with torches. The condo is very busy at that time so unless you are a member of the Beach Palace you can’t get a room.

This is the grand Opening Ceremony last year attended by Kook Jin Nim. True Parents also visited the Beach Palace condo. True Father had to go back early, but True Mother and the grandchildren went swimming all day at the beach.

In this picture you can see the condominium in the background. We are selling time-share memberships for these condominiums. We don’t have that many left, actually. (Laughter) I hope all of you will buy a time-share membership at Beach Palace.

What are the benefits? You all have things that you wish for in your life. You wish for good health. You wish for a happy life. And you wish for some free time and prosperity, don’t’ you? So if you buy a membership at Beach Palace, you can have a healthy and harmonious life. This is because all the people who buy memberships at Beach Palace are rich, so the instant you buy a membership you will also become rich.

True Parents love these places, so if you were to come and visit us you can share True Parents’ ideals and understanding. Kook Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim also visit the resorts often and are very interested in the development of these places, so if you come and visit, you can also join their circle of concern surrounding the resorts. Especially if you buy a membership, you can participate in even more benefits.

I would like to finish my presentation by sharing my philosophy in the management of Yongpyong Resort. Every organization, whether it is large or small, whether is it a business or a non-profit institution, has to face the same three fundamental challenges. These three are human resources, space resources and time resources. God created man and endowed him with a purpose, and whether it was through the Big Bang or some other process, He created the universe, and people have superimposed on the universe their ideas regarding time. Time is a relative concept. It’s created by the rotation of the earth.

So as we live and work we need to deal with these three resources. If we speak about human resources, we need to take into account the purpose of life, which includes the concept that people would like to live well. As we manage the people who work for us, we need to take this into account. It’s the same in the church. The fundamental purpose of the church is to advance human happiness. And whether we refer to it as Cheon Il Guk or anything else, the church is composed of the human resources, its members.

For a business like Yongpyong the purpose of its operation is human happiness, and the company’s staff are the human resource that is available to pursue that goal. This is the area we have to manage, to administrate, well. It is directly related to cost management.

And when we consider space resources, this is what we use to make our profits. Along with managing our resources, we also need to consider ethics and morals. Regarding time, we need to balance short term and long term strategies and goals. We need to pursue research and development, along with short term operational decisions.

Because the financial situation inside and outside the company is difficult right now, our focus is on the short term, and how to make a profit and maintain personnel with the limited space we currently have at Yongpyong. Now we are utilizing about 80% of our resources for short term goals. When things are more stable, I expect to use more like 60% of our resources for the short term, and invest 40% in longer term development. In financial management the roles that need to be filled are those of creator, administrator and orchestrator.

The role of creator, creative management, is filled not by myself, but primarily by Kook Jin Nim. The most important of the three roles is the role of creator, because if something is never created, there is no need to maintain or direct it. Our aim is to maintain the vision that Kook Jin Nim has given as creative direction, to develop and expand it.

The job of administrator is hard to explain properly. One famous economist teaches that there are universal economic principles that require aiming for the essence of all things. I tried to apply his economic principles, teach we should minimize time, minimize space, minimize friction and apply humanity and justice. In order to save time, I have to be decisive with executive decisions, and make new products and promotions quickly. In order to minimize space, I try to be as frugal as possible to prevent waste. And I also try to minimize friction between the management and employees.

Even the sunrays don’t come directly to earth, it has a curvature, coming down to earth. In running a business, there are many possible sources of friction, friction between workers and management, friction between the company and the community, friction with management policies, friction with laws. . The most logical approach would be to go directly, however sometimes you have to meander through curvatures. If something stands in your way, if it is something you can ignore, you can just ignore it, but if the force coming at you is to powerful, you have to go around it.

Just as the spring brings forth life and in the winter everything is reduced, I try to apply those two similar approaches to business management. This is what Kook Jin Nim teaches. There are times when you can expand, and times when you have to take a sharp critical inspection of every aspect. When students are studying, they all start out on the same footing, but when its time to go to university, there are different levels of success based on the marks they get on their exams.

When it comes to the role of orchestrator, I try to understand True Parents’ viewpoint toward my employees and view them with love. I try to be the first on in the office every morning and the last one to leave every evening. Even if my work takes me out of the office, I return to the office before going home. This is the kind of sacrificial life of service that True Parents have taught us.

And also as an orchestrator you have to have self-discipline. Even though the company has a staff hierarchy, I try to make a family-like working environment. In a family there is a measure of freedom, and at the same time a measure of ownership. I think that if the workplace is like this, it will be successful. So I try to make a workplace with a family atmosphere, but I make the rules very clear and enforce them strictly.

This concludes my presentation in regard to Yongpyong resort and its business management principles. As I mentioned earlier, I hope you will all become members of Beach Palace. Thank you for your patience during this long presentation.

Closing Prayer by Hyung Jin Nim:

Heavenly Father, thank You so much for this day that You have blessed upon us. Today we had the chance to hear about the many activities that are happening on the economic side of our Unification movement. The Principle states that in the ideal world religions, politics and economics should be moving together to create Your ideal kingdom. Here we have our brother who is really shedding his blood, sweat and tears to bring success in the companies that our Unification movement has started.

It is a very proud day for us Unificationists when the companies that True Parents have started are not negative but are producing great joy and services for many people. We pray that that may be a foundation to create good relationships in our lives, so that we may share our faith and the vision of our True Parents.

Thank You so much for this time that You have given. We pray for all the brothers and sisters that are here that we may also be growing ourselves all the time, that we can increase in our professionalism, in our skills and abilities. If there is one thing that we have learned from Pres. Cheong today that is to always, ceaselessly strive to improve ourselves and to always abide by the will of God. We thank You for this brother who has shared his own experiences and who is now teaming up with Kook Jin Hyung in creating success for our Unification movement.

We thank You so much for this time that You have blessed upon us and we pray that once again You may bless these companies in this group that are represented and led by our brothers and sisters. We truly are thankful for all that You have begun and blessed upon us. Thank you once more for this time. We pray all these things as Central Bless Families. Aju.

Transcribed by: Anne Inoue / Regina Shin

Polished by: Rev. Bruno Klotz


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