Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Prayer

Brothers and sisters let’s come together! Let’s join for prayer.
Heavenly Father, thank You for this day today. Father, we have encountered a miracle in our tradition. Father, your children, Father, we have moved through the course of indemnity. We have served our True Parents, attended them. Father, they have walked the path of blood, sweat and tears, Father, they have sacrificed everything for humanity. Father, even the sacrifice of our brother that went to the spiritual world. Father, we know that those conditions were called, those conditions were heard, Father. And Father, around the world, everybody on this planet realized that there is something amazing, something providential, Father, that your invisible hands are protecting True Parents, our family.

Father, each one of our brothers and sisters on that plane, each one of our Unification brothers and sisters, all around that world, Father, we were in that plane today with Mr Kim with Mr Yoon. Father we were on that plane with Won Joo, we were on that plane with Father and Mother, with the children. Father, all of us, as Unification brothers and sisters, we were there, Father. And Father, we know that in that situation we would do the same thing, Father. That is the tremendous power of your children, Father.

Thank you so much for giving us this miracle. Father, through this we realize that we are reborn. True Father went into the inferno of death, Father, and overcame even death. Father, we saw it with our own eyes. The world saw it. It is impossible to explain. Father, it is Your doing, it is your goodness. We are so grateful for this miracle. Thank You, Father, for showing us this to renew ourselves, to renew our faith.

And Father, allow us to truly live that blessed life that you have blessed us to live. Let us have more victory, let us have more illumination, let us have more peace in this world. And Father, let us be a blessing to this world for ever and ever as Your children.
Father, we pray these things as one family around this world in our names as central blessed families, thanking you so much! AJU! (Aju!) Thank You, Father!

Sermon: Miraculous Helicopter Landing Special Sermon / July 26, 2008


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