Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Interesting Story

I heard a very interesting story. It was about a little boy named Alex, and he was one day in his grandfather’s library. On his granddaddy’s desk there was an old Bible.

Little Alex went over and picked up the Bible and was flipping through it. In the chapter of Genesis an old leaf that granddaddy uses as a book mark fell out. All of a sudden, Alex was overjoyed. He picked up that leaf and he put it in the Bible, and he ran to his mom, and said “Mommy, mommy, look what I found”!

Mommy saw this and said, “Yes, of course, that’s grandfather’s bookmark for his Bible.” And little Alex said “Mom it’s not a bookmark! I found it in the book of Genesis!” “Honey that is a bookmark. It’s simply a bookmark; he has used it for many years.” He said, “Mommy, it’s not a bookmark. I found it in the book of Genesis and it’s Adam’s underwear!” (Big laughter)

Sermon: Unbeatable Natural Subjugation / July 12, 2008


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