Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Prayer

Heavenly Father, our beloved True Parents, thank You so much for this day that You have blessed upon us. Father, today we feel restored and rejuvenated by Your presence here in this sanctuary, Father, in the presence of all our precious central blessed families, Father, the fruits of history which You have waited for, for 6,000 years of biblical history.

Father, we are standing in that kind of auspicious time and position. Let us truly be able to surround ourselves with, Father, the right relationships, those who fill us with faith, fill us with strength, fill us with confidence, fill us with hope in our lives.

Father, let us surround ourselves with people who become examples to us, who let us rise higher in our blessed family life, in our blessed marriage life, in our blessed relationship life, in our blessed work life. In all the things that we do, let us try to surround ourselves with the victorious children that you have created.

Father, we thank You so much for this day that You are guarding us and protecting us, that You are covering us with Your love like a shield, and Father, we pray that each one of these families here today in this sanctuary and also joining us in spirit here, Father, we pray that You may be with them, that You may protect them, that You may give them strength, and Father, that You may surround them and lead the right people to them so that they truly may live that blessed life that You have blessed them to live.

Father, we thank You. We pray that we may truly be blessings to this world, that we may truly be inspirations and examples for this world. Please, be with these families today. Please be with us here today and give us the strength as we leave and face our lives, face the new week with hope, Father, with optimism, with strength, and with perseverance.

Let us always be around the right type of people centering ourselves with faithful friends and a faith-filled community. Thank You so much. We thank You once again with an everlasting love, and a total gratitude.
In our own names as blessed central families, we pray. Aju! (Aju!)

Sermon: Having Victory in our Relationships / September 6, 2008


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