Walking The Way

September 28, 2009

September 19, 2009, HQ Church, Seoul Korea

You see, even in Japan we’re witnessing at this time, telling straight up who we are, who we are, maintaining our faith and being clear about our faith. This is very important, brothers and sisters. No longer can we hide behind different names, because while we do that, our brothers and sisters are being kidnapped and persecuted. Only if we stand strong with our faith and show that it is our right in a democratic nation to believe and choose our religion, and only if we stand up for those who’ve been persecuted, only if we do that, will this type of illegal kidnapping and abduction stop. Only then will those perpetrators be brought to justice.

Opening Prayer by Anne Inoue:

Good afternoon Heavenly Father. We are so blessed and grateful to be here this morning. You have given this opportunity for us to get together once during our week, to share our hearts with You, our struggles and our joys of the past week; to meditate on our lives, and to have a chance to receive from You some inspiration and guidance that will help us through the upcoming week. Read the rest of this entry »


Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Interesting Story

September 28, 2009

Last time we met the atheist who was swimming in the ocean. Now I heard another story about that same guy; he had a close call last time. This time he decided “I’m not going to go to the ocean, instead I am going to go hiking in the mountains, that’ll be safer. There won’t be any sharks, and probably no bears because this is Korea. So I’ll go hiking in the mountains.”

So he went out, he climbed up the mountain; he was enjoying the beautiful scenery and the beautiful views, and suddenly he slipped on a rock, and began to fall, tumbling down the mountain. In fact, he tumbled off a cliff. And while he was spinning down, he luckily grabbed hold of a vine (branch) that was hanging from the cliff. He was holding onto that vine and he yelled up, “Is there anybody up there who can help me? God please save me! Is there anybody who can help me?”

From the top of the cliff came a booming voice that said, “Yes, there’s somebody up here.” And the atheist said, “Well, can you help me? Could you lower a rope down and save me, please?” And the person up there said, “Yes, but you’re going to have to do something for me before I do that.” The atheist said, “Well, who are you? What do I have to do in order for you to help me?” and He said, “Well I am Almighty God, and I need you to let go of the vine, and have faith in me and I will save you.” And at that moment the atheist pondered; he reflected on those words, and he looked up and said. “Is there another God up there?”

Sermon: The Power of Forgiveness / December 15, 2007

Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Prayer

September 28, 2009

Heavenly Father, we thank You for this day that You have blessed upon us. Father, you have given us true faith and strength in this day. We have heard Your words of wisdom, Your words of enlightenment into our hearts. Father, You have spoken through our dear friend, President Carazo, his worldwide vision and his experience. Father, he has come here to truly be able to shed his light of compassion, his heart as a grandparent to all of his children and his family, really standing with a parental heart, facing this world and facing his own future.

Father, we are here today worshipping together as one family, and, Father, we are here overcoming all obstacles that are in our way. Father, we know that in our lives we may be facing challenges, hurdles, but, Father, we pray that You may give us the strength, the perseverance and the confidence to truly be able to overcome them and quickly move forward, to truly be able to establish Your world of peace. Heavenly Father, today is a true and great day.

We pray that You may be with our brothers and sisters all around the world, that all their prayers, their love and devotion may be here with our True Parents in Korea, that Your homeland may be blessed and all Your children that reside here and in other nations connected.

Father, we pray that your light of hope may reach all nations of this globe. Thank You today for our dear brother, President Carazo, his touching words, his amazing wealth of experience he has shared with us. Father, let’s not just respect each other but let us learn to love one another, let’s be truly global citizen where we can truly set the example for interreligious, international, interracial harmony and peace.

Father, we truly wish that we may come together into the temple where You reside and truly be able to offer our strengths, our worship, our faith, our discipline, our confidence, Your hope that you imbue into us, and, Father, that we may walk out with more confidence, more strength, more perseverance and more victory.

Father, thank You for this day. We truly are grateful for all that You have blessed us with and pray that Your abundant blessing may be with the Carazo family, with all their beautiful children and grandchildren, and that Your abundant protection, love and abundance and fruition may be with them for ever and ever. Father, thank You so much for this day, thank you so much for the words You have shared with us. Father, we take these with us and leave today more enlightened, more enriched and filled with more hope for our futures. We pray all these things with tremendous gratitude and everlasting love in the names of all the blessed central families around this world together here. Aju.

Sermon: Special Service with Pres. Carazo de Costa Rica / October 18, 2008

Living For The Lord

September 23, 2009

September 12, 2009, Headquarters Church, Seoul, Korea

While Father is here it so important for us to understand this. While Father is here it is so critical for us to understand who the eternal center is. I am not the new center. Don’t look at me as the new center! Don’t even THINK I am the new king or whatever! That is totally false if you assume that. This applies also to anyone else who proclaims themselves the new true parents. This is what Father wanted us to clarify with the members.Brothers and sisters around the world, we must be clear on this issue. Father asked us to go around calling for unity, to go around and call for prayer for those that are thinking of splitting from Father, for those who are thinking of not wanting to unite with True Parents. Our job as sons and daughters is not to take the place of True Parents – as I stated about a million times in this sermon – but to inherit their selfless love. That is our job! Our job is to inherit the selfless love of True Parents, and it is our job to glorify them in our lives, glorify them in our works and our deeds.

Welcoming Remarks

Yeon Ah Nim:

Good Afternoon brothers and sisters. It is really great to be back and see all of you in the Sanctuary. As you know we were in America last week and we met a lot of wonderful American members. We are especially grateful for In Jin Nim’s leadership there. We also had the opportunity to participate in the Lovin’ Life Ministry as well. We sincerely hope and desire that today through the service we can return glory to our Heavenly Father and True Parents and bring joy to them as well. Welcome brothers and welcome sisters. Read the rest of this entry »

Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Interesting Story

September 23, 2009

I heard an interesting story. A couple went to the doctor to get a checkup.

After the husband’s checkup, the doctor called the wife into his office alone. He said, “Madame, your husband is suffering from a very severe stress disorder. It could take his life. If you don’t do the following, your husband will surely die.

This is what you must do: each morning you must fix him a healthy breakfast, be pleasant at all times, for lunch make him a nutrious meal, for dinner prepare an especially nice meal for him, don’t burden him with any chores, don’t discuss your problems with him, no nagging, it will only make his stress worse. If you can do this for the next 10 months to a year, I think your husband will regain his health completely.”

On the way home the husband asked his wife, “Honey, what did the doctor say to you? He said he had something serious to say.” She replied, “He said that you’re going to die.” Laughter

Sermon: The Power of Grace / December 27, 2008

Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Prayer

September 23, 2009

Heavenly Father, thank you so much for this day that you have blessed upon us. Father, we are truly thankful for being able to be in this place as Unification family. But Father, up until now we have walked a course of indemnity that our parents have walked. They have been persecuted. Our first generation has been persecuted and ridiculed for following True Parents. But Father, in this Age of Liberation and release, complete release, where we can truly live the blessed life that you have blessed us to live, Father, let us truly be able to fulfill the purpose and the mission for which you have sent us to this world.

Heavenly Father, on this day we wish to pray with all of our families here and across the world, Father, for the Resurrection Chapter, where all the religions will become united in the coming of the Second Advent, Father, a promise and a prophecy, heard so many times, that we have disbelieved and doubted so many times; but Father, we now have a clear vision for this.

Father, True Father has given us that mission, that clear numerical vision, 210,000 World Peace Temple, where nobody will be able to deny the Unification tradition, Father, where nobody will be able to deny that we can bring together the world’s religions, that we can create peace between various traditions and religious heritages; where we can truly bring unity and a model for an ideal community in this world.

Heavenly Father, for so many years we have truly been waiting for this time; and, Father, we know that, as we prepare for this and as we move towards it with one heart and one mind, Father, we know we will bring this to pass. We will bring this glory before Heaven and True Parents. And Father, while our True Parents are here on this earth, Father, we will see the day where thousands and tens of thousands of Christians and Catholics and Buddhists can honor and worship together with us, as a Unification family.
Father, we are so thankful for that vision that you have given to us. Father, we know that it is not one person’s vision. Father, we truly are grateful for that prophecy, and that at this time we will be truly able to substantialize that here on earth.

Father, please bless us as we walk this course for the next couple of years to the 2013th date that True Parents have given us for Cheon Il Guk. Father, we truly pray that you will invest in us, that You will give us your ability and your strength, that You will work Your history through us, and that You will work Your providence through us. Father, give us Your strength, give us Your confidence, Father, give us Your love, and Your unfailing heart. Father, let us be faithful in our actions and in our lives. Truly, we thank You once more for all the blessings You have bestowed upon us. And Father, we pray that Your abundant blessings be with all of our Unification families here and across the world, with all who are joining us in this worship service. Father, be with those families, bless those families, and let us truly show the world that we are the most incredible religious tradition that the world has ever seen.

Brothers and sisters, let us offer our prayers to Heavenly Father this day. We pray these things, as Central Blessed Families, in our names, together as one. Aju

Sermon: Creating a Clear Vision / October 11, 2008

Kidnapping and Abduction Incidents of Japanese Members: Project to resolve the abduction and confinement problem – Pres. Kook Jin Nim

September 17, 2009

September 5, 2009, HQ Church, Seoul Korea

This commercial law states that when a person is fundraising, he/she should not mention words such as God or spiritual world. That’s the accusation, and yes, we are guilty of that. But did you know that since 1966 our Japanese members have been systematically kidnapped by deprogrammers? For 43 years our members have been kidnapped, beaten, tortured and in some cases raped. And their faith was yanked (forced) away from them. They were forced not to believe in what they sincerely wanted to believe. Were you aware of this fact? This is the reality of our church in Japan, and the government has turned a blind eye towards this criminal kidnapping enterprise. You have the communist attorneys and the Christian ministers who basically trick parents to kidnap their children, and they get paid for it! The ministers get paid to harangue these student members for years, until their faith and souls are broken. Since 1966 there have been over 4,000 cases of kidnapping in Japan. Over 4,000! Yet the government has not made one criminal prosecution – not one! Not one individual has been prosecuted for the criminal kidnapping of over 4,000 people of faith. Can you believe this? Is this reasonable? This is Japan, the second wealthiest nation on earth, where religious freedom is guaranteed in the constitution.

Welcoming Remarks by Rev. Kyle Toffey:

Good afternoon, sisters and brothers! (Good afternoon!) Alright, that’s good. Actually, as I stand before you today, I’m very, very nervous – not necessarily to stand in front of you – but as you know, we are sharing our dearest beloved Hyung Jin Nim with America today. And you know that he’s going to be speaking on Sunday at the Manhattan Center in New York City. So, how many people will show up for that? Actually, they’re calling for people from Washington to Maine and from New York to Ohio to come and see Hyung Jin Nim! (Wooh!) So let us give him a big hand! Read the rest of this entry »