Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Interesting Story

I heard a story about Moses and Jesus playing golf with another man. It was time for Moses to tee off (to open the game) and so Moses hit the ball. There was a big water hazard and so the ball flew right into a pond. Moses went up to the pond, he stretched his hands forward and he prayed to God, and the waters miraculously split! He walked in and he sliced the ball. The ball went about a foot close to the hole.

And then it was Jesus’ turn. He hit the ball, and again it went towards the water! But miraculously the ball didn’t go into the water. It stayed on top of the surface! Jesus walked up to the water, walked on top of the water and hit the ball and it got at within about 6 inches of the hole.

Then the third guy, he hit the ball. It went up again towards the water hazard and fell towards the water and at that exact instant a trout jumped up and swallowed the ball. And at that exact moment an eagle swooped down and caught the trout. And then it flew up and as he was flying right over the hole, a lighting bolt struck the eagle which dropped the trout, which dropped the ball into the hole, for a whole in one (everything in one go)!

Sermon: The Power of Consistency / October 4, 2008


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