Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Interesting Story

You know before we begin, we’d like to start with something a little interesting.

I heard a beautiful story: There was a college student who wrote a letter home to Mom and Dad. It read like this:

“Dear Mom and Dad, I feel miserable! Because I have to keep writing for money. I feel ashamed and unhappy. I have to ask for another $100. But every cell in my body rebels. I beg on bended knee that you forgive me. Your son, Marvin.

P.S. I felt so terrible that I ran after the mailman who picked up this letter. I wanted to take this letter from him and burn it right away. I prayed to God that I could get it back, but I was too late.”

A few days later, Marvin received a letter from his father:

“Dear son, good news! Your prayers were answered. Your letter never came!”

Sermon: Learning to Live Unintimidated/ December 13, 2008


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