Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Prayer

Heavenly Father, we thank You for this day that You have blessed upon us. Father, you have given us true faith and strength in this day. We have heard Your words of wisdom, Your words of enlightenment into our hearts. Father, You have spoken through our dear friend, President Carazo, his worldwide vision and his experience. Father, he has come here to truly be able to shed his light of compassion, his heart as a grandparent to all of his children and his family, really standing with a parental heart, facing this world and facing his own future.

Father, we are here today worshipping together as one family, and, Father, we are here overcoming all obstacles that are in our way. Father, we know that in our lives we may be facing challenges, hurdles, but, Father, we pray that You may give us the strength, the perseverance and the confidence to truly be able to overcome them and quickly move forward, to truly be able to establish Your world of peace. Heavenly Father, today is a true and great day.

We pray that You may be with our brothers and sisters all around the world, that all their prayers, their love and devotion may be here with our True Parents in Korea, that Your homeland may be blessed and all Your children that reside here and in other nations connected.

Father, we pray that your light of hope may reach all nations of this globe. Thank You today for our dear brother, President Carazo, his touching words, his amazing wealth of experience he has shared with us. Father, let’s not just respect each other but let us learn to love one another, let’s be truly global citizen where we can truly set the example for interreligious, international, interracial harmony and peace.

Father, we truly wish that we may come together into the temple where You reside and truly be able to offer our strengths, our worship, our faith, our discipline, our confidence, Your hope that you imbue into us, and, Father, that we may walk out with more confidence, more strength, more perseverance and more victory.

Father, thank You for this day. We truly are grateful for all that You have blessed us with and pray that Your abundant blessing may be with the Carazo family, with all their beautiful children and grandchildren, and that Your abundant protection, love and abundance and fruition may be with them for ever and ever. Father, thank You so much for this day, thank you so much for the words You have shared with us. Father, we take these with us and leave today more enlightened, more enriched and filled with more hope for our futures. We pray all these things with tremendous gratitude and everlasting love in the names of all the blessed central families around this world together here. Aju.

Special Service with Pres. Carazo de Costa Rica / October 18, 2008


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