Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Interesting Story

Brothers and sisters we always like to start with something a little interesting!

We heard about the story of a little young man, his name was Michael and he has spent a little time with his grandma and eventually he came back home and he was eating dinner with his dad and his mom. And this was the grandma on his mom’s side.

And so they prepared a beautiful meal. Right before the meal, the children came and sat at the table and they didn’t pray and just started eating.

And then their mom said, “Hey wait a minute you guys. You know, we’re supposed to pray before we eat, we’re supposed to say grace before we eat. And the children said, “Oh don’t worry, unlike grandma, mom is a great cook.” (Audience laughing)

Sermon: Living with a Savior’s Heart / July 5, 2008


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