Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Prayer

Heavenly Father, thank you so much for this day that you have blessed upon us. Father, we are truly thankful for being able to be in this place as Unification family. But Father, up until now we have walked a course of indemnity that our parents have walked. They have been persecuted. Our first generation has been persecuted and ridiculed for following True Parents. But Father, in this Age of Liberation and release, complete release, where we can truly live the blessed life that you have blessed us to live, Father, let us truly be able to fulfill the purpose and the mission for which you have sent us to this world.

Heavenly Father, on this day we wish to pray with all of our families here and across the world, Father, for the Resurrection Chapter, where all the religions will become united in the coming of the Second Advent, Father, a promise and a prophecy, heard so many times, that we have disbelieved and doubted so many times; but Father, we now have a clear vision for this.

Father, True Father has given us that mission, that clear numerical vision, 210,000 World Peace Temple, where nobody will be able to deny the Unification tradition, Father, where nobody will be able to deny that we can bring together the world’s religions, that we can create peace between various traditions and religious heritages; where we can truly bring unity and a model for an ideal community in this world.

Heavenly Father, for so many years we have truly been waiting for this time; and, Father, we know that, as we prepare for this and as we move towards it with one heart and one mind, Father, we know we will bring this to pass. We will bring this glory before Heaven and True Parents. And Father, while our True Parents are here on this earth, Father, we will see the day where thousands and tens of thousands of Christians and Catholics and Buddhists can honor and worship together with us, as a Unification family.
Father, we are so thankful for that vision that you have given to us. Father, we know that it is not one person’s vision. Father, we truly are grateful for that prophecy, and that at this time we will be truly able to substantialize that here on earth.

Father, please bless us as we walk this course for the next couple of years to the 2013th date that True Parents have given us for Cheon Il Guk. Father, we truly pray that you will invest in us, that You will give us your ability and your strength, that You will work Your history through us, and that You will work Your providence through us. Father, give us Your strength, give us Your confidence, Father, give us Your love, and Your unfailing heart. Father, let us be faithful in our actions and in our lives. Truly, we thank You once more for all the blessings You have bestowed upon us. And Father, we pray that Your abundant blessings be with all of our Unification families here and across the world, with all who are joining us in this worship service. Father, be with those families, bless those families, and let us truly show the world that we are the most incredible religious tradition that the world has ever seen.

Brothers and sisters, let us offer our prayers to Heavenly Father this day. We pray these things, as Central Blessed Families, in our names, together as one. Aju

Sermon: Creating a Clear Vision / October 11, 2008


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