Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Prayer

Heavenly Father, thank You for this day. We thank You that we’re able to join together here, dear God, before You in the sanctuary.
Father, it’s cold outside but inside here we can feel the warmth of Your presence. We can feel that You care for us, that You have been watching us. Father, You have great things planned and in store for us. Father we pray that 2009 will be an exciting new year. A year filled with new fruition, new blessing, Father, new maturity, Father, new abundance, new sharing in our life.
Father, we pray we may become the people that You have designed us to become, truly, those people that can be great blessings to this world. Thank you so much for letting us join here today. We pray that You may be with each of the families here today. Bless them completely. Father, be with those families joining us across the globe, via internet, wherever they may be, in any country. Father, we pray that You’ll be with them today.
Father we pray that through this service, through this gathering of hearts, that, Father, we may bring You joy, inspiration, enthusiasm and a new found meaning and aliveness when you look at us. Once again we’re tremendously grateful. We offer our everlasting joy and humble gratitude to You. In our names as central blessed families, Aju!

Sermon: Having Positive Intensity/Jan. 24, 2009


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