Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Prayer

Let’s gather our hearts in prayer:

Heavenly Father, thank You so much for this day, that You have blessed upon us.  Father, we pray that today we may be alive and illuminated in our minds and our bodies. Father, we pray that we really can be the bringers of light to this world.  Father, in the beginning something good could slowly go in another direction. (To avoid this in our life) let us always reach into ourselves and use our power of self-reflexivity, let us use that power, that ability, that talent, so that we always can remember and know that we are staying true to the goals and dreams that You have given us, Father, that we are staying true to ourselves and to our mission here on this earth.
Father, please let us be those kind of people that can see ourselves (reflect about ourselves) and can guide others by doing (by example) and having that kind of wisdom. Thank You so much, Father, that  You can give us this new era today. Every day that You give us, Father, we know that You are opening up new possibilites and new chances for us to partake. We pray that we may walk into these blessings this week, and Father, walk into these blessings this year.

Father, we pray, that any tribulation or obstacle, that is in our path,  can be eradicated, eliminated, and that we can overcome that right now. Father, we pray, that as we step out with a victorious spirit, we know that You are guiding our footsteps and directing our path, that You are hoping for us, and that You are there every step of the way. We thank You, Father, in advance we thank You, and we offer all the victories to You with all our hearts together as one as central blessed families, Aju!

Sermon: The Power of Reflexivity / March 14, 2009


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