Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Prayer

Heavenly Father thank You for this day that You have blessed upon us, Father we thank You for speaking to us today, reminding us to be a blessing. To be a blessing doesn’t have to be in huge ways but we know it can be in the smallest action, in a smile, in an encouraging letter, in a thank you, Father it could be in helping somebody stand up walk up the stairs, if they are elderly.
We pray that we may inherit your true love and be able to be a greater blessing to this world. Father we know that true love is not a feeling, true love is a power. It’s a power that is strong enough to overcome and make naturally surrender even the worst evil, Father, for true love is dynamic, is alive, is emotion and is powerful. Father we pray that we may inherit that, and we may be able to live our lives not only trying to fulfill our own needs and desires but fulfilling and helping others become more blessed themselves.
We know when we do that we’ll become even more blessed, that you will help us to rise to new levels of victory, to new levels of illumination and peace and that, Father, You will work  Your true love power through us.
Thank You so much for this day. We pray that You may be with each brother and sister present here today and we pray truly to inherit your true love and be greater blessings to this world. Thank You so much. We pray all these things with a tremendous gratitude and everlasting love in our own names as central blessed families. We pray together here as one. Aju!

Sermon: The Joy of Blessings/March 28, 2009


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