Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Prayer

Heavenly Father, thank You so much for this day.  Father, we pray that we may have strength and confidence in our minds.  Father, in this most auspicious age You have prepared such an incredible historical course and providential course. You have prepared such an amazing truth for this world which is that we are to inherit the true love of God, that true love is Your essence and that we can actually inherit that.  Not by selfish means and not by trying to become more powerful ourselves, but by selfless true love action that is able to bring the worst enemy to natural surrender. 
Father, we know that if we are able to inherit this (love) we become Your object partner.  We become those people who can share TRUE joy and true love with You.  Father, we thank You so much for giving us this opportunity, because no longer are we separated from You forever as just the sinful human beings.  Father, You have allowed us to realize the human potential that You gave us from the very beginning, and  True Father and True Mother have allowed us to realize through the teachings of the principle, that we can actually receive Your divine value.  Thank You so much for giving us this time.

We pray that we will be able to be strong, we may be wise in our lives, we may not be haughty or arrogant, or go forth and scream and attack people.  Father, let us be wise and patient, let us be  always working on our inner selves, to truly substantiate Your true love, Your selfless actions.  Let us become better each day even just a little bit.  That’s a great victory.  Father, we thank You. We want to stand up in this age.  We don’t want to keep sitting down, and we know we are standing here because of Your grace.  We know we want to get forward, too,  and really be able to establish CIG here, so we can bring tremendous joy to You, and You can establish Your kingdom here on earth.  Father, we thank You so much for this day that You have offered to us.  We want to go forward this day, leaving the sanctuary with a new strength, with a new confidence in ourselves as Unficicationists, with a new belief in our faith, (believing) that we can share this and that it is attractive. 
Father, there are so many new people being witnessed to today.  Let us see that as evidence that our faith is attractive in this age.  Thank You so much.  Give us the confidence, give us the strength, let us not be held down by the weight of bullies in our mind or in our physical presence. But let us be strong, let us be wise, let us always be true to You.  Thank You so much.  We pray that You may give us strength once more. We offer all the glory and thanks, in our own names as Central Blessed Families together as one family, AJU.

Sermon: Standing up in Faith / May 16, 2009


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