Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Prayer

Heavenly Father,

Thank You so much for this day that You have blessed us with.  Father, we entered into Your presence with praise and thanksgiving, with gratitude.  Father, we know that You have done so many amazing things in our lives.  After we met True Parents, our lives changed completely.  Father, we may have become blessed with somebody that we have never, ever met.  Father, we pray that we may understand this incredible life that we have lived.  Father, we understand that we may have had tribulation and obstacles and hills that we had to cross but, Father, we know that each one of those things were planned. Each one of those things caused us to become stronger, to become more victorious, Father, to become filled with the overcoming power that You wish for us to have.

Father, we know that now in this incredible time, in this incredible nation,  True Father’s life story and his word are now creating tremendous interest among the nation’s people; not just in our own desires but in reality.  Father, we see that the autobiography is third bestseller nationwide amongst all genres of every single book that is published here and every single international book that is here as well.  True Father’s word, his life is number three.  It is creating a tremendous interest in this nation.  Father, let us understand that in this hard time, in this nation of Korea, where people are losing their sense of identity, where they are losing hope in their futures, Father let us truly allow the Unification Movement to be that incredible beacon of hope, to be that amazing source of inspiration Father, the inspiration that has guided our own lives on our incredible path of faith. Father, we have seen incredible, astonishing changes that have happened in our church.  The age of liberation is here and it is unfolding before our eyes and Father we pray that we may be able to lead the nation; we may be able to inspire the nation Father, to understand that this land is a holy land and truly to understand and pick up the mantle of this incredible providential work.

Father, we thank you for giving us the opportunity to be here in this nation.  We know we may not be here forever or long in this nation but Father, while we are here, let us truly participate. Let us truly be Cheon Il Guk owners so that we can truly inherit your true love and be able to make an incredible difference in the lives of those around us.  Father, we thank you so much for we know that united we stand and divided we fall.  We pray that we may come together in unity into a common purpose to truly testify about the life of our True Parents, about the incredible preparation and providence that you have prepared and the incredible community that has lived and served and sacrificed for the world – the Unification tradition – an incredible community!  Father, we pray that this can be shown to the world, that we also may continue to grow and mature.  Father, we wish that we can become greater in every single aspect so that truly we may be that incredible beacon of hope for this new era that You are preparing.  Thank you so much.  We pray all these things together in our own names, united here as one and around the world, as central Blessed families.  Aju.

Sermon: United We Stand / May 23, 2009


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