Rev, Hyung Jin Nim's Prayer

Heavenly Father, True Parents, thank You so much for this incredible day that You have given to us. Father, we thank You for preparing this incredible, supernatural age. It is an age where miracles for our movement begin to happen.
We have sweated and shead our tears and our blood for our Unification movement. We have seen True Parents walking the way of the cross in the indemnity period. We have seen the elders in our movement offering their way on that thorny path. But with the incredible opening of the age of liberation and complete release, True Parents were able to become Your object partner and liberate You from Your loneliness.
We know that because of that, this age is opening, and we see our movement transforming and changing. We see it becoming so much more transparent and fair. We see the movement being accepted in society’s eyes and more and more impressing society. We see that this age has truly been prepared. We want to acknowledge all Your efforts, all Your supernatural efforts that You have done for us. We also want to acknowledge the incredible efforts of the great saints that are with us and  moving  the  religious people to be able to really understand True Parents’ life and providential course.
Thank You so much for this time. We pray that in this time we can have confidence and that we can share our faith with pride. And that we truly know that we will make a difference in this world as Unificationists. We thank You so much for You have truly blessed us. We want to offer all this to You in joy and gratitude in our own names as central blessed families. Aju!

Sermon: Supernatural Preparation / June 13th, 2009


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