Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Prayer

Heavenly Father, thank You so much for the blessing You have given us today.  We thank You because we know You are our parent.  Your only wish for us is that we can truly be all that we can be.  Dear God, You have given us so much incredible potential.  And You also have given us the desire in our hearts to share that potential with others.  As we continue to learn, let us today understand the difference between false desire and good desire.  Father, let us not cast away ALL desire, but let us understand that desire which brings You joy, our True Parents joy, and our community joy.  For that type of desire is honorable, righteous and beautiful.  Father, we pray that we will be confident to have that righteous desire and become saviors to this world, like our True Parents have taught us.  And to be little messiahs ourselves, that go forth and wish and yearn to help and free others from suffering.  Father, we pray that in our lives we can find this purpose, and as we center ourselves on this purpose, we will achieve great success and victory, all to be returned to You for Your glory.
Father, thank you that You have given us this time to reflect and to remember that it is alright to want to have You shine in this world.  We can desire the truth that You have given us.  We can allow the truth of our True Parents and the Divine Principle to shine into this world, to restore marriages, families, and nations.  Father, we believe that this will become a reality.
To do this, we want to step out of our past, meeting those new horizons, with hope, expectancy, and a bright heart of love that will conquer all darkness.  Thank you so much.  We pray this together as one central blessed family.  Aju.

Sermon: Desiring the Promise / June 20th, 2009


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