Rev. Hyung Jin Nim’s Interesting Story

I heard a story about a man. His name was Henry. He was very old and was now on his deathbed. He was right about to pass into the spirit world. There he was lying in his bed, very frail and weak. All of a sudden he smelled this incredible fragrance. He thought: “What is this incredible smell?” And then he came to think of it. It was his favorite chocolate chip cookies!

So, he said: “You know what, before I go to heaven I’m going to get myself a cookie, there might not be any in heaven!” He was very frail and wobbly. He must have gathered all his strength to get out of the bed. He walked all the way down the stairs, almost tripping down. He got to the kitchen and saw on the kitchen table about a hundred of his favorite chocolate chip cookies! Absolutely heaven! He thought that this must be heaven.

He walked into the kitchen, he was reaching his hand towards the beautiful, delicious, fragrant cookies and all of a sudden his hand was smacked! As he looked over, he saw his wife standing with a spatula. She said: “Henry, stay out of those. Those are for the funeral!”

Sermon:  Seeing Your Destiny / July 4, 2009


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