Rev. Hyung Jin Nim’s Interesting Story

Brothers and sisters, you know we always like to start with something a little interesting, little interesting, and I heard a little story.

The Mom was at church, she came with her little daughter and all of a sudden the little girl started feeling a little sick. She said to her Mom, “Mommy, I need to go; can we go?” Mommy said, “Honey, we can’t go right now, it’s in the middle of service! We can’t go!” “Well Mommy, I think I’m going to throw up, I feel really sick,” the girl said. “Alright honey, this is what you do. You go outside of the church and go around to the back and there’s a bunch of bushes there. In the bushes, go do your thing, okay, and then come back.”

After just about 45 seconds, a very short amount of time, the little girl returned to her seat. The Mom said, “Honey, did you do your thing? Did you do your business?” The girl said, “Yes, I did it! I did it! I feel fantastic right now!” And Mom said, “Honey, how did you make it back so quick? How did you make it back in 45 seconds?”

The little girl said, “Well, Mommy, I didn’t have to go outside; right next to the front door there was a box that said FOR THE SICK. I did it there.” [Laughter]

Sermon: In God’s Hands / July 11, 2009


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