Rev. Hyung Jin Nim’s Prayer

Heavenly Father, thank You so much for his day. Father, we want to celebrate on this day, this one year anniversary of the incredible substantial resurrection day. Father, we didn’t know what You have done for us. We followed True Parents, but we doubted them and we lost faith many times. Father, we couldn’t understand why their love was so great. Father, we talked and lectured about it, explained it, but we couldn’t feel what kind of love that True Love was. Father, You have given us that incredible True Love.

Father, True Parents in their life course have been imprisoned for the sake of their nation, they have been tortured in the prisons. They have bled for us, they have been beaten, their bones have been shattered, but Father, their spirit has descended to the most fearful realms of the spirit world so that we all may be free. Father, we stand on the incredible victory of that True Love. Not once, but seven times, for the sake of the individual all the way up to the cosmos and spirit world.

We want to give You an incredible “Thank you” today for You have given us that True Love, showed it in the life of True Parents. Father, that’s a great victory, that they have inherited Your parental heart which is True Love. Father, let’s understand what this True Love is, what kind of sacrifice this parental heart will do. Father, let us inherit that True Love. Let us become this kind of children so that Your victory may not be in vain.

Father, we want to give You all the glory today, we know now why we call You the King of Kings, we know now why we call True Parents our lord and our savior. We now know why they’ve paid the price for our own misdoings and sins, so that we could come to You, that our families could come to You and our tribes, our nations, and our spirits could come to You. Father, those seven deaths and resurrections are the greatest victory that You have shown to mankind.

Let us understand that incredible True Love, and let us be the inheritors of that and manifest that in this world, in whatever we do. Father, we want to give You one more thanks because You brought us where we are, You brought us up to this point when we could have given up and been defeated so many times. But You led us here, You guided us and You are faithful. Father, let us renew ourselves to You, and let us offer ourselves to You just as You have done with the lives of True Parents, for the sake of this world and for our own spirits.

We thank You so much and Father, please bless each and everyone of our unificationists worldwide. We pray that they may all live in that incredible victory that You have prepared for them. Father, we pray that we may walk with confidence, and we may teach with confidence and live with confidence, knowing that the True Love that You have shown to our True Parents, the parental love that will repeat these sacrifices for its children, is the highest type of love that the world has ever known.

Let us inherit that, let our Unificationists around the world inherit that and become the great victors of True Love, to make this world into what You have always wished for it to become, the great nation of Cheon Il Guk. Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven! Father, we pray with our hearts, with our minds, with our spirits this day. We want to give the greatest praise and the greatest thanksgiving in gratitude and in humility. We pray in our own names, as blessed central families. Aju!

Sermon: Follow True Love / July 18th, 2009


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