Rev. Hyung Jin Moon’s Interesting Story

We always start in a something a little interesting.

 One day St. Peter saw a street gang, a group of gangsters coming towards the Pearly Gates. And St Peter said, “Oh my God. I have to go and report to God.”

 He ran and said, “God, we have a big problem! There’s a whole bunch of gangsters coming towards the Pearly Gates. What should I do?” And God replied, “Just do what you normally do with that type. Just re-direct them to the other world.” And St. Peter went back to carry out the problem, so he want back to the Pearly Gates.

But he suddenly came back running and yelling, “God they’re gone! They’re gone! And God said, “And so that’s good news. So they’re gone, so that’s good!”
St Peter said, “No, no. The Pearly Gates are gone!” (Laughter)

Sermon: Miracles of Faith / August 15,2009


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