Rev. Hyung Jin Moon’s Prayer

Heavenly Father, thank You so much for these brothers and sisters. This is our family. Today we have brothers and sisters from Hong Kong. I pray that they may live with Your anointment, that they can live with Your spirit. Father we have brothers and sisters from New York, from Africa, from Taiwan, from Singapore, from the Philippines. Father, this is our amazing Unification Family. Your true love has brought together this diverse group so that we may come together in Your amazing love. 

Father, we know that You have portrayed and given us the most amazing kind of love that we could have known, Father, a love that can transcend death, go over the grave, a love that can be victorious over sorrow, over tears, Father, that can change our tears into tears of joy. Father, You gave us a new life, a new birth,  resurrection. Father You have shown us that the power of Your true love is greater than any other force in the world. No torture, no prison, no hell can stop the power of Your love, of Your amazing grace, of Your unending true love.
Father we want to touch the center of the universe, the center of the cosmos which we know is Your heart, pulsing with true love. We know that True Parents have come before us. They have been physically tortured. They have gone to the prisons, to the death camp for us and Father they have gone in the spirit to take our place so that we would not have to suffer in the lower realm, so that we would be freed, so we would come directly come to the eighth stage, Father, that we may walk hand in hand with them into these incredible gates Father, the gates that You open for Your children. 

Father, we pray that You can be with our brothers and sisters today, Father we pray that You may come down and descend upon them, that we may have a rebirth experience, that we may resurrect in this sanctuary, Father. We pray that we can have new life in this sanctuary today, Father. All the hope and the life that we have been dreaming away (lost) in our lives, we pray that they may be resurrected, Father, in Your incredible glory. Father, we pray that we may understand that it is not about US, let us understand that it is about YOUR glory, Your victory Father. Let us offer ourselves so that You move us in an almighty way, an almighty way Father, that You will bring us into the next level in our lives, the next level in our family. Father,  we pray that we may see that because of a certain problem in our lives that is always stealing our hopes, we are getting stronger, we are getting more victorious and  be healed inside and made whole in the bosom of the Lord. Thank You so much! 

We want to pray to You today as an offering. We want to sacrifice our hearts just like True Parents did in the Seven Deaths and Resurrections. We want to offer this as an altar call offering to You, Father, as Your children coming together in love and in unity, in devotion, in gratitude and in hope Father. We want to leave this up to You and we want to give You strength, we want to give You more joy today. 

Thank You so much for blessing the Unification Church, Father. Thank You so much for anointing the Unification movement, anointing the footsteps of all the members in the world. We pray that wherever they may be, their feet and their footsteps can be anointed, that their lives may shine, that they may show the light of God into this land of darkness. Please Father, we pray that we may be able to offer this today, we pray that You may receive this heart today, Father. We thank You so much, we feel Your presence today as we lift our hands and close our eyes. As we touch Your face, we know You are reaching down to our hearts and resurrecting the dreams that have been stolen by the enemy. We know that You are reaching to our hearts and resurrecting the potential that we gave up, the projects that we gave up. We pray that we may now resurrect those dreams and those desires and that they may be used for Your glory Father. Thank You so much. 

We pray that our brothers and sisters may return to Hong Kong, to Singapore, to Malaysia, to the U.S., all over the world and that Your light, the new dawning of true love, can touch this world in a magnificent and mighty way. We pray that we may be able to move and shake this world with the power of the Principle and the power of  the true love that is behind the Seven Deaths and Resurrections, Father! Thank You so much. Please, Father be with these brothers and sisters today and we want to offer all these things because united we stand and divided we fall. We thank You so much and offer all this to You in Your glory and for Your victory. In the name of True Parents we pray and in the name of central blessed families we pray. Aju!

Sermon: Miracles of Faith / August 15,2009


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