Rev. Hyung Moon’s Prayer:

Heavenly Father, thank you so much. Father we thank you this day because you are the rock upon which we are saved, and, Father, because of your deaths and resurrections, because of that incredible power and grace, we have a new resurrection inside of us.
Father, our unification movement is finally understanding why we are completing the mission of Jesus, why we stand in a providential history, why we are not a young movement, but why we are moving with 5000 years of your providence.

Father, let us get inside of us today. Let us realize that we are walking in the divine destiny with your divine movement, with your blessing. Father, let us have confidence in ourselves, and let us know that it is not by our own doing that good things will be received and good things will come to pass, but by us relying on the love that you have shed upon us and by being grateful for it. We pray that through your love we may be made new and made reborn.

Father, thank you so much for this day. We want to be able to be reborn today in our spirits. Our True Father is crying out to us today that united we stand and divided we fall. Our True Parents are crying out to the world today. Let us be one with them, one in heart and spirit. Let us center ourselves, our prayers, our lives, and our meditation on the victory of true love and move with that providence, move together with that divine destiny, and, Father, let us bring about the change in the world, which is our destiny.

Father, we thank you so much. We want to inherit this today. We hope that you can hold our hands today. We pray that we may be able to receive new life through this realization. Thank you for the everlasting life. We offer our thanks to you for the True Parents whom you called and chose to pay the indemnity for the sins accumulated from the early ancestors, and thank you for that grace. Because of this grace we are entering into the Kingdom. Let us be the best we can be. Father, let us be godly in our behavior, in our thoughts, in our minds. Come into our lives, come into our hearts, make us new, make us reborn. We thank you so much. We pray all this in our names as central blessed families. We pray this in the name of True Parents together as brothers and sisters in true love. Aju!

Sermon:Living For The Lord / September 12, 2009

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