Marching to the Temple by Assistant Pastor Kyle Toffey

February 24, 2010

Feb 13, 2010, Unification Headquarters Church, Cheong pa dong

So what is at the core of the new Temple?  God.  God and the true love of God!  True love is really the center of everything we are doing.  The Temple is our way of expressing love to God but also it is a place where God can express His or Her love for us.  It is going to be a place where we need to learn to practice the way of true love.  We need to practice the way of true love.  It is not something that actually comes naturally to us because the natural world that we have been exposed to all our lives has actually been a world that has been teaching us the wrong way of loving.  We show God our love by practicing loving each other.  We can show our love by the way we sing, the way we pray, the way we greet each other every day, there at the Temple.

Interesting Story:

As our senior pastor likes to say, I have a little interesting story for you.  This one deals with life and death here in Seoul.  There were two Korean fellows at the gates going into heaven, one was Moksanim Kim (Pastor Kim) and the other was bus driver Kim. Read the rest of this entry »


Building a World of Universal Peace by Rev. Dr. Hyung Jin Moon, International Chairman, Universal Peace Federation

February 20, 2010

February 18, 2010

Up till that point I had thought true love was merely “living for the sake of others,” doing service work and being kindhearted, and surely it may be these things, but it is also so much more. I realized that true love, the essence of God, the parental heart was a love so unimaginably profound that it would lay down its sacred life, give away its holy soul, descend into the darkest and deepest Hells again and again so that you and me and our children could enter the kingdom of God. This is the level of true love that our True Parents have inherited and actualized in their lifetime. This is the heroic true love that they ask each and every one of us to inherit, for if we do so then we will create the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Your Excellencies, distinguished leaders from around the world, Ambassadors for Peace, ladies and gentlemen:

On behalf of the Founders of the Universal Peace Federation, True Parents, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, it is my honor to welcome you to Korea for this International Leadership Conference. Read the rest of this entry »

Rev. Hyung Jin Moon Speech in Taiwan – Part 2

February 16, 2010

December 19, 2009

When I got to Korea, leaders were telling me: “You cannot witness in Korea.” When we put Japanese leaders in to witness in Korea, the Korean members said: “Even we Korean people can’t witness in Korea. How can Japanese people witness in Korea? That’s crazy.” They were saying that. But what happened? We are witnessing again. Why — because, we put up the people who have the greatest faith. Do you understand – great faith plus an organizational mind. They are not just doing it out of their own energy, they are organizing other brothers and sisters to move together in teams to witness. This kind of thinking – faith-based thinking – created growth again in the Unification Church.

(Speaking in Korean – switching to English) Too many languages! (laughter).

In Korea the situation has completely turned around. You know, before we used to get persecuted all the time in Korea by the media . . . always negative articles . . . terrible, all these kinds of things. The church in Korea did not grow for 30 years. I think I told you this yesterday. Read the rest of this entry »

Facing our Heavenly Destiny

February 15, 2010

February  6, 2010, Chungpadong HQ Church, Seoul, Korea

We are moving to the Temple, the Temple to attend God and True Parents, to teach the world that the Messiah, the Maitreya, the Mahdi, the Kalki, the Righteous One has come!  And that we are standing with our faith and our pride to uphold the value of True Parents, to bring in the many, many people who had been prepared by God and the spirit world, who are waiting to meet their True Parents, the True Parents of heaven and earth.  Let’s give it up for God and True Parents.

Welcoming Remarks:

Yeon Ah Nim:

Good afternoon, brothers and sisters! Welcome to the Headquarter of the Unification Church. Brothers and sisters, can you believe that we are actually moving today? Can you? (Applause) Read the rest of this entry »

Rev. Hyung Jin Moon’s Interesting Story

February 15, 2010

I heard a story about two churchgoers, who were witnessing, and they were going to the neighborhood, and knocking on doors, witnessing to the neighborhood.

At one house they came to, they knocked on the door, a woman came out, and they explained what they were doing. She was very hostile. She said, “I don’t want to hear any of your religion!” She slammed the door in their face. But miraculously the door flung open again.

There again they looked at each other very puzzled. She said, “You’d better take your foot out of the door. I know you put your foot in the door. I’m going to call the police!” And she slammed the door again. Miraculously again the door swung open again. At this point she said, “I’m going to call the army. You’d better take your foot out of that door!” She went to close that door again, and the two churchgoers said, “Ma’am (Madam), before you do that again, you may want to move your cat!” (Laughter)

Sermon: Being spiritually and physically blessed / August 16th, 2008

Rev. Hyung Jin Moon’s Prayer

February 15, 2010

Father, we thank You so much for this day that You have blessed upon us. As we now come into Your presence, Father, we know that You have planned for Your blessed central families, Your children, just like Moses who had to walk through the wilderness course, and the leadership that was changed to Joshua, moving into Canaan, Father, in the age of settlement. But Father, we know, looking at the providential history, that Your children became faithless in Canaan, that they were not able to substantiate the gathering ground for Your community.

But Father, at this time True Father has told us, even before we came to HQ Church, of this important mission. Father, we know that we will have to substantialize this, Father, to be able to have the central place in this land of Canaan, so that our families can gather, Father, that our families can grow in their lives of faith, in their lives in abundance physically and spiritually.

Father, we pray that You may ordain this, that Father, You may give us the strength that we will need to fight through the many battles that are up against us. Father, we pray that You may fill us with a strong faith that can move through the challenges, the archangels, the obstacles that will come into our way.

But Father, let us always have compassion, and let us know that as we move and focus not on the benefit of the leaders but the benefit of the members, Your children, Father, we know that Your house will be a house of blessing, that Your children will be able to shine, that our church will move into a new history and a new age that we will be able to witness.

Father, thank You so much for this day. We pray that You may pour Your abundance and blessing upon each and everyone of these families today, and we pray that each one of the family members around this world may be, Father, consoled, may recognize that, as Father has asked us to step into leadership, we are focusing not on the benefit of the leadership but focusing on letting our blessed families shine, allowing them to move closer to True Parents, allowing them to truly live a blessed life.

We believe that if we do that as a church, as a family, Father, we will be able to transcend boundaries and we will be able to work with other organizations, Father, religions that can help establish Your ideal Peace Kingdom on this earth. Thank You so much, Father, for this blessing that You have blessed upon us, and Father, let us move with confidence into this new age where we can now represent our church and all that it represents for the rest of history, Father. Thank You so much. We pray these things with an everlasting love and gratitude from the depths of our hearts,

In our names, Aju!

Sermon: Being spiritually and physically blessed / August 16th, 2008

Rev. Hyung Jin Moon Speech in Taiwan – Part 1

February 10, 2010

December 19, 2009

It’s nice to be here in Taiwan. Actually I did not know I was going to be here in Taiwan but Parents made a special order for me to come to Taiwan this time. We are very happy to be here. We had time to be here, I think 3 years ago – I was still bald then – we had a little time to come to Taiwan and talk to the members. Mother also came at that time. She was doing a speech tour here. So she was here and she was very happy I could talk a little bit of Chinese, although my Chinese is terrible now. I am in big trouble for tomorrow because I have to do that speech in Chinese. I am already stressed because of that!

You know for us it’s very simple. True Parents asked us to take responsibility in a variety of areas. In fact for any of the areas of our responsibility, whether it be Unification Church, World Mission Department, UPF, Youth Federation, CARP, for any of these areas our purpose is the same. Our purpose is actually very simple, and is the same. And that purpose is for people to understand that True Parents are the Messiah and the returning Christ. Very simple!

So our purpose is not just to make people feel good. Our purpose is not just to make networks and contacts. Our purpose is to witness. Whatever we are doing in our lives, we have the privilege of being alive while True Parents are alive.

This is one of the problems that happened to our church. As we were in the formation stage, we were HSA-UWC, and we had to inherit the foundation of Christianity. And through that foundation, the Kingdom of Heaven could have been created in 7 years, Father said. That was the prophecy back then. But of course due to the failure of Christianity that did not happen and there were extensions on that providence. And so in 1993 Father opened up the Family Federation for World Peace. That was to now go beyond Christianity and to spread our network into different areas, politics and all sorts of different areas. And we did that. We did that for many years.

But you know, as I gave my speech when I was inaugurated as UPF Chairman, I told them very clearly, “We’ve been doing that kind of work, but the reality of it is that all that foundation has come from the blood and sweat and tears of not only True Parents but of the members of faith. So any of those activities that we’ve done, that came because of Japanese brothers and sisters’ blood and sweat and tears.” In fact I told them the reality of this situation. Even in the Korean church, every year the Korean church was subsidized $10 Million. Every year! All your churches in all your other different nations, as well, receive subsidies from the Japanese church.

So we have to be very clear and honest about what foundation this is coming from. The reason we have to be honest about this is because it is coming from incredible faith, incredible faith! This kind of faith is unseen around the world because when you look at the history of the other churches in the Unification Movement around the world, only the Japanese church has been able, for 30 years, to continue to witness and continue to fund the entire world providence. Only the Japanese church!

And that reason is very simple, actually. It’s not that complex, it’s very simple! The Japanese church has been able to witness and be that successful, but it could have been much more successful if it did not have the burden of funding all the other nations. It could be absolutely one of the biggest forces in Japan right now.

The reason why I can say that with confidence is because there are also other new religions in Japan like Sokagakai which is huge now, millions of believers. In the 1970s our Japanese church was bigger than them. We were bigger than them and we grew faster than them, we could witness more quickly than them, but due to our Japanese church having to burden this huge responsibility worldwide, they were not able to grow their church or invest in their church.

So, the Japanese members have continued to suffer but the Japanese church has not been able to grow. That reason is simple; it’s not because it is Japan’s fault. It is really our fault. All the other nations received from Japan. If we were able to create self-sufficiency, then all the other nations would have become more owners of their faith. At the same time the Japanese church could have had tremendous success and at this point it could probably be Cheon Il Guk while True Parents are alive.

I say that because any of the activities that we have done, we have to be very clear where this comes from. It comes from faith, and so in this final stage of perfection when Father says, “Put out the Unification Church name,” we now put our symbol out. We don’t hide it behind Family Federation, behind UPF or behind anything. We put up the Unification symbol and we put the Unification Church sign up very strong. As you know, the World Temple will be done by February and on that building it’s going to say very strong, right on the front, “Unification Church, Tong Il Kyo Hae”; boom, right up there. We’re not beating around the bush! We are very straight forward with what we believe.

And in the Unification Church, which all these other activities are branches of, whether it be Women’s Federation or UPF or anything else, we have one mission, and that mission is very clear. We have the mission to tell the world that Jesus Christ’s mission has been completed by the returning Lord. That’s our mission. The mission is not simply just to make friends.

When you look at the life of Jesus Christ, the mission of the Disciples was not just to make Jesus popular. It was to make people believe in Christ, to make people follow Jesus. That was the mission of an Apostle. And we can see the failures of the Apostles to do that to Jesus. They denied Christ, Peter denied him 3 times, even though Jesus gave him a big blessing. We can see that Judas Iscariot sold his faith in Jesus to get some money from some Roman guards. So we can see this big betrayal of faith towards the Messiah, Jesus Christ, while he was alive.

But the role of the Apostle was not to just take care of his own reputation. You see, the Disciples of Christ did that. They were embarrassed of what other people would think, or they were embarrassed about what society would think or they were embarrassed of Jesus, when they should actually have been proclaiming him.

So this is a very important thing for us to understand as leaders. We cannot be embarrassed about True Parents. We cannot be embarrassed by Divine Principle. We have to have strong faith, because there is only ONE Messiah that comes back, only one! And that is Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Aju! You see, that’s the fundamental faith.

When you look at Jesus’ life, when you actually study the Bible, you get a feeling of what kind of person Jesus was. Jesus is not a nice guy. He is not like the Dalai Lama! He is not nice! He is very angry; he screams a lot. In John Chapter 8 Jesus is up in the Temple, and starts criticizing them. He starts saying, “I am the light of the world.” And he is criticizing the Jews and the Jews say, “How can you say that?” And he says to the Jews, “You are of your father the Devil!” He is basically saying, “You are Satan!” Then they say to Him, “Our father is not the Devil, our father is Abraham.”  And in John Chapter 8, Jesus says, “Before Abraham, I was!” How arrogant that looks! He looks insane, he’s crazy! This crazy 30-year-old self-proclaimed Messiah is running around and ruining other religions, walking in their temples and calling them Satan; he looks insane, you see!

But we have to understand that, at the time, when people looked at Jesus they could not accept him as Christ because they did not understand; they had the wrong expectation. I’ll tell you why. The Jewish expectation for the Messiah was that he would come from the line of David and that he would actually unite the tribes of Israel and that he would usher in a new era of peace. This was actually what they were expecting. When you look at the messianic expectations of the Jewish communities, this is what they were expecting. They were expecting the messiah to bring peace! But this is wrong. This is a wrong expectation!

The Messiah does not come to bring peace. This is what our members also forget. In the Gospel of Matthew Jesus says, “I come not to bring peace; I come to bring a sword!” It’s totally the opposite of what Jewish people thought! It’s totally the opposite of what normal people thought! “I thought the messiah is going to bring peace to this world!” No! He is going to bring a sword. It’s totally the opposite!

So the Messiah comes to bring a sword. What is he going to do with that sword? He is going to cut off our false lineage; he is going to cut off our false life and false love that was inherited from Satan. That’s what he comes to do. He comes to bring the sword. The people of Israel wanted somebody that was going to bring world peace and they got Jesus who was so challenging! He is getting up in peoples’ faces; he is calling them Satan, and is calling them devils. He is so opposite to what they thought! But this is how we must understand the messiah.

One of the big problems in our movement is that we have brought a lot of VIPs and guests to events. We have explained True Parents as great patriots of Korea, great peace activists, great moguls of peace, and then they come to the event. And Father is on stage; he will be screaming. Sometimes he will say, “You are Satan! All of you have Satan’s blood!” Then he will talk about the sexual organ and absolute sex, all this kind of stuff, and they are thinking, “What is this?” They are thinking, “I was expecting a patriot, some kind of  politician, somebody who will come up there and say nice words and encourage people and say, ‘Let’s fight for peace.’”

That’s not the Messiah. You see, by explaining True Parents as that kind of person, a patriot or an activist, we are not expressing who he is and this is a fundamental problem because we are hiding his identity, and because we are hiding his identity, people can’t understand why he is acting like that.

But, when we (Hyung Jin Nim and others) witness to people we tell them, “Father is the Messiah. He is the returning Christ. When you go to his event – if you come this time – don’t expect to be encouraged. You’re going to be yelled at, you’re probably going to be called Satan. You’d better expect that because he is the Messiah… Look at the story of Jesus!” and we always explain to them the story of Jesus, “Look at Jesus. He did not come to tell people good words. He came to challenge them, to declare that the Kingdom of God has come, to declare that they are of their father the Devil, to declare that they have to change from their wicked ways and repent. This is what the Messiah comes to do.”

And so when you come to understand True Father as the Messiah, when you describe to VIPs that he is the Messiah, and when you explain also how Jesus acts, then when they see True Father talking like that, they have their spiritual eyes open. So because their spiritual eyes are open, they see Father and they say, “Oh! Yes, that’s what Jesus would do! That’s what he is doing. He’s up there.” You can look past what you see in front of your eyes, you can open your spiritual eyes and see that this man really loves God; this man is crazy for God. This man wants to save the world. You can start seeing that. You see, but that only comes when you are able to open your eyes of faith.

So this is one of the things that our movement has not done very strongly.  We’ve been very weak on this for a decade or so. And I understand that there is a process. We had to make networks and contacts. But now, brothers and sisters, this is the final stage.  We are not here to make just contacts. We are here to make victory for the returning Christ, for the Messiah of all humanity.

And we are here to declare his name, and we are here to declare that True Parents are the Messiah because this is what Apostles must do and this is what as Unificationists we must do and as leaders – if you are leaders in your different areas – this is what you must do. This is our responsibility, not only to ourselves, not only to the Movement, not only to True Parents and God, but to all our ancestors and all our descendants because this is the one time that all the ancestors have been waiting for to experience, such a time when the Messiah is actually here.  All the descendants will look back at this time because the Messiah was (is) actually here.

But the question is, “Were the Disciples faithful? Did they declare the truth of Christ or did they watch their reputations and were shy? Where they scared like Peter? Or were they like Judas who actually betrayed the Messiah?” You see, we have to be very clear about what we are doing. You know, we have to be very clear. We are not here just to gather VIPs together and tell them, “Hey! We are not that crazy!” That’s’ not our point.

We are here to teach them that True Father, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, is the Messiah; that he is the person that God has prepared as His only son and that he is the one that the whole world, all the religions, and all history have been waiting for.

And this kind of faith is very important because without this kind of faith the spiritual world will not help you in your activities, absolutely will not. It won’t help you and neither will the blessing of True Parents come into your region. Only with strong faith, with the foundation of faith, does the foundation of substance arise. So that’s why it’s so important for us to return back to faith, return back to that faith in True Parents.

We hear many people and many groups that have split off; that say that True Parents are not of their thinking. “True Father is too old or True Mother has failed her mission.” That’s what some of these groups say like Nakayama. But if you actually think about it, those groups have no future, because there’s only one True Parents. Nobody else is True Parents. There’s only ONE Messiah. And if you understand the severity of that, then you understand how incredibly privileged you are, but also the incredible weight of responsibility we have. It’s a huge weight of responsibility!

You know, Father has asked us to take responsibility for different organizations but for us the purpose is the same. I don’t care what it is! It can be UPF, World Mission Department or Youth Federation. I don’t care! For me it’s the same purpose, and that is to declare that True Parents are the Messiah. That simple!

When we meet VIPs, when we meet people, we tell them very straight, “True Father is the Messiah! Aren’t you delighted that he came to Korea? We are so blessed!” What are they going to say? They’re going to say that I am crazy? So what? I don’t care!

They’re going to say I am crazy? They’re going to say that the Unification Church is crazy? Then you have to call all the other religions crazy. Why is us believing in True Parents crazy and believing in a Middle Eastern man named Jesus as God – not only the SON of God, as GOD – why is THAT not crazy? We are actually more rational, our theology is more rational. If you call us crazy, then you have to call all Christians crazy. All Muslims are crazy then. You have to call everybody crazy then.

So, for us it’s better to be honest. We found the only way to really be able to touch somebody’s heart and make them a believer in True Parents, make them serve True Parents as the Messiah is to be honest. Because you know what we found? All the people who are associated with us, as soon as they find out that we are somehow connected with the Unification Church, they look up on the internet and they find exactly what we think.  They find out that we all believe that Rev. Moon is the Messiah. So there’s no need in hiding it. They can find it on the internet today if they want. There is no need to hide it.

In fact we have to be more confident than that. For us it’s much better just to be honest, and upfront, “This is what we believe, this is what Unificationists believe. We are very proud, we are very happy about that.” We have nothing to hide. We are very proud of our faith, and it is our democratic right to believe in our religion.

Human rights violations have been put against us in Japan, for example. You all have heard probably about the kidnappings and the forced confinements in Japan. Big problem, big human rights’ issue that’s going to become bigger! We are going to keep making that bigger. I had lunch with the top 12 newspapers in Korea just before I came here yesterday, and we told them about that issue. It’s a big issue. It’s a human rights’ violation against the Unification Church.

You may have heard the reports, but I am sure, slowly your regions will hear more about it. We will be fighting against these human rights violations. We are going to be suing the Japanese government and the different people, Christian ministers and different Communist lawyers who have been perpetrating these illegal acts.

So, in this time of great immediacy, in this time of great importance and in this time when our brothers’ and sisters’ rights have been stripped because they are Unificationists, it really is a sin, it really is spitting in their face if we say, “We don’t need the Unification Church, and we don’t need  religion.” I hear this kind of language all the time and frankly, if you think about it, it’s not really that intelligent, because we can say that about anything. “Father didn’t come to create the Unification Church!” Well Father did not come to create a political party, neither did he come to make a school like Sun Moon University; neither did he come to make any other thing. We can say that about anything.

We can also say that in the Garden of Eden there is no religion.  OK, in the Garden of Eden there is also no universities, in the Garden of Eden there is also no political parties, in the Garden of Eden there is no Federation for Peace. It’s already all done.  We can all live in God’s dominion. We understand that. But that’s not the point. The point is that the world right now is NOT the Garden of Eden. That’s why we need different organizations to move the world into the Garden of Eden, to create the Kingdom.

And that’s why we have to be proud of the Unification Church and of our faith as Unificationists. Why? Because that is fundamentally the reason why we are here. That is fundamentally the  purpose of our existence, of anything that’s connected. Because of that we have discovered in our own personal lives that Reverend Moon is the Messiah; that he has come to fulfill the mission of Jesus Christ, that he is the returning Lord that and he is the Lord that all religions have been waiting for.

If we hear that and something on the inside of us is delighted and happy and excited, then we have faith. If we hear that and say, “Oh! If other people hear that, they may think I am a little weird” then our faith is weak. Then we have to assess our faith and we have to strengthen our faith and we have to grow our faith.

You see, the reason why the Japanese church has grown until now and continues to make tremendous sacrifice for the whole world is because the Japanese members have incredible faith. It’s not because they are super human beings. They are human beings like you and me, but their faith is way (very much) above ours. This is the difference – totally above us – and I can say that with utter confidence because I have met those families.

I met one family for example with a couple of children in one small apartment. They donated everything, everything they had. They had a big mansion; they sold it to give to the world providence. They were very rich. They sold their cars. All the education funds that they prepared for their children; they sold that to support the providence. Even their health insurance! This one lady, she sold even her health insurance so she could participate in serving True Parents.

Where else in the world do our members have faith like that? In fact when Father has a new project everybody is just rolling their eyes and saying, “Oh my God! I don’t want to pay for that!” and the Japanese members do it again. That’s the difference in faith, brothers and sisters.

And that’s why when we see those brothers and sisters, they really are like our mother. We have to bow down to them because they have true faith. That’s the reason why the Japanese church has succeeded even though it has been persecuted, and that’s why it continues to succeed.

In the month of October, using the direct witnessing method, which is the method where we declare that we are the Unification Church and that Reverend Moon is the founder, the Japanese church witnessed to 3,609 people.  One month! One month!

In the Korean church even in 30 years we could not witness to 3,609 people. 30 years! But in one month, they witnessed to 3,609 people! Think about that! Declaring True Parents, declaring the Unification Church, declaring that Reverend Moon is the Messiah! 3,609 people.

And Japan is actually a greater economic power than Korea, Taiwan, most of your nations, right? So they have a higher economic strength, are a greater superpower, and the level of education of these people that were witnessed to are all quite high. So it’s not because they are fools that they joined the church! No! It’s because they are totally inspired, not only by Rev. Moon or by the Principle, but by the people that are teaching it. You see, in the end, witnessing is done by people, and witnessing is victorious only when the people who are witnessing have a phenomenal faith. That is the only way that the Holy Spirit can move.

When you hear a person who is just teaching the Principle because they HAVE TO do it, or on the other hand you hear somebody whose life was saved because of the Principle, then when you hear the person whose life was saved because they found the Principle, there is an excitement there. You don’t even know why you’re excited. You just see that person and you’re excited. Just like your life can be changed if you have a great biology teacher; you want to become a scientist all of a sudden although you actually wanted to study business or something. Same thing! Witnessing is like that. It’s all about the level of faith the people have who are teaching it.

But when we came to the Korean church most of the leaders were saying to us, “We can’t witness in Korea!” This was the attitude! This was the faith level! “We can’t witness in Korea, nobody listens to the Divine Principle. We give it for free! We give it for free and nobody is listening!” This was the level of faith. Honestly speaking, that’s quite a low faith. I don’t know how you can consider yourself a Unificationist – especially a leader in the Unification Movement – if you have that kind of faith.

And so, of course, with that attitude you cannot witness! I guarantee, you won’t witness to anybody, because even if you tell me the content I won’t believe that YOU actually believe it.

So we (Hyung Jin Nim and his team) did not focus on who was a higher family, 36 couple or 72 couple or 6,000 couple. We did not focus on that. What we focused on was putting leaders who had faith into positions of leadership, leaders who had faith, who had the ability to inspire other people to have faith, inspire people to witness, people with real faith, who are really crazy about True Parents, like Mrs. Erikawa. Mrs. Erikawa is crazy about True Parents! I love her! She is crazy about True Parents! All she thinks about is True Parents, all day, all night. She runs around all day, all night with the Japanese and the Korean sisters – all day all night – just thinking, “True Parents, True Parents!” She is crazy about True Parents.

So we put a Japanese lady at the head of the Korean witnessing. The head of the Korean church, basically, is a Japanese woman! Not only is she a woman, but she is Japanese! And if you understand, in Korea that can be very insulting. You know Koreans are very prideful of their country. How can a Japanese person come here to Korea and tell us how to believe in True Parents? We are the Fatherland!  We serve True Parents! But we put her in the top role for the women’s witnessing group, and also above the witnessing department.

So we did not focus on whether or not the person is a higher couple, or this or that. That does not matter to us. She always says to me, “If Father says, ‘Do the Harakiri’, I do the Harakiri!” You know the samurai thing? “If Father says, ‘Do that,’ I do it!”

But when we did that, (put a Japanese woman as head of witnessing), many Korean members were saying, “That’s crazy! Why you put that Japanese woman there? We don’t like that! This is Korea! We Korean people can’t even witness to Korean people. How is that Japanese woman going to witness to Korean people?”

This is wrong thinking.  Why?  It doesn’t matter about race; it doesn’t matter about nationality.   It doesn’t matter if you’re white or black. It doesn’t matter. Faith transcends all boundaries.  If you see a person of real faith life, a person that has been completely transformed by True Parents, they are crazy about True Parents; when you see that faith, then you are inspired.

We have Goto-san, who is the person who was confined for 12 years in Japan.  He came to Korea; he gave a speech at Mapo Church, the Headquarter Church. We had VIP’s there.  He was talking about all sorts of stuff. In his sermon, he was talking about how he was persecuted by the Christians for 12 years; his family was trying to convert him to Christianity, 12 years.  But his faith is so strong that in spite of 12 years of hearing negative things about True Parents, and lies and terrible things about True Parents, 12 years, they could not break him.  They could not break his faith, you see. He said that in the end he realized how great the truth is, and (he explained) how he naturally subjugated his persecutors.  And he realized that Christians could not live up to Jesus’ teachings; and that  Father’s teaching was the greatest.  And so we had VIP’s there on that day because our services are open.  Members always bring new people at the service then we put them into the witnessing process.  We had new people, VIP’s, at that sermon that he spoke to. Some of our ministers were worried, “Oh!  They may hear too much, too much too quickly, you know.  This guy might seem like an evangelist, some kind of fundamentalist Unificationist, too extreme.”

So, some of our ministers asked some of those VIP’s, “How did you feel about Goto-san’s speech?”  We were expecting maybe, “Oh! It’s very intense.  He’s very strong.”  But they said, “I was completely inspired.”  Totally opposite!  They said, “I was crying from beginning to end.”  And they said, “I want to sign a membership card today.”  Yes, we had that kind of spiritual phenomena happening.  But why are they inspired, although he’s Japanese; he’s Unificationist? You know, people could see him as crazy. But why are they inspired?  They see that kind of incredible faith.

And that’s the reason why the Japanese church has been able to support the whole world because they have thousands of Goto-sans.  Our brothers and sisters, their faith level is like that.  He was tortured psychologically for 12 years but still, his love for True Parents was greater than that.  That’s how powerful his faith is.  Most people break down in 3 months because they have such intense, everyday, 8 hours of brainwashing, of slandering True Parents, and all sorts of lies and terrible things;  continuous bombarding.  We have to understand that people are not inspired by people who are just trying to maintain their reputation.  They’re not going to become followers of True Parents if we’re just trying to please them.  We’re not here to please the VIP’s; we’re not here to please anybody.  We’re here to make believers.  We’re here to make them believe in True Parents as the Messiah.  That’s very clear.

You see when you witness, you can’t please people.  Witnessing is not about pleasing people.  Witnessing – you have to challenge people.  You  have to challenge them.  You have to sometimes make them angry.  Yes, angry.  Did you know that when Christian members who became disciples of True Parents, when they first heard the Principle, they were angry.  “What!  How can they say Jesus did not come to die?  How can they say that?” Angry, very angry. “How can they say a Korean man is the messiah, this is crazy!”  They were angry.  But  this is witnessing.  We’re not there to please people.  We’re there to tell them the truth, whether they like it or not.  That’s why the truth will set us free.  That’s why those people who really witness and testify to True Parents, they are those who are real believers; those are the real disciples of True Parents.

And in the end, brothers and sisters, I’m going to tell you this because I love you, and I’m going to tell you straight up.  When you go in heaven, there’s nothing else that matters when you go to spirit world.  Your title, your position, my title, my position, means nothing.  It’s useless, waste.  What matters when you go to spirit world, “Did you declare True Parents?  Did you save souls?  Did you bring people to True Parents, or did you try to protect your reputation?”  That’s a very important point we have to remember.  When we die and we go to spirit world, our ancestors will judge us.  They have waited for 2,000 years for the moment when the Messiah had come and you guys were there at the time and you didn’t even tell anybody because you are worried about what people would think.

That’s not how we’re supposed to be.  We have to have a stronger faith.  We have to understand the spirit world.  We have to understand True Parents’ purpose, their mission. We have to declare that, testify to that, bring new people into that. This is the only way for our lives to have any meaning.  Other than that, we have no meaning, no divine purpose.  So if we understand this clearly, we can understand how exciting it is to be alive.  So exciting!  We can understand how amazing it is that we are able to be here.  But we’re not here to have a job, or have work. That’s not our purpose.  That cannot be our purpose.  Our purpose is here to declare and glorify our True Parents.  That’s what we’re here for.  So for me it’s very clear; for us it’s very clear.

When Kook-jin meets VIP’s – he met all the top VIP’s of Korea, the Head of Congress, the Secretary General, all those people, the head of the military, the head of CIA, everybody – and whenever he meets them, he is very upfront (direct), “Oh! Aren’t you happy that the Messiah has come to your land of Korea?”  And at first, they are like, a little, shocked by this.  Some of them are shocked.  But then, they say, “Oh! I guess I am.  Yes, I guess I am.”

You see, when we talk to people, we’re very upfront.  I just met the Buddhist monk, head of Taegu order, just a couple of weeks ago.  I told him, “You know, we’re so blessed to be in Korea.  Korea is a prepared nation.  This is the nation where the Messiah, the Saviour has come.  Isn’t that incredible?”  At first, he said like, “Hmm, yes, ok.”  At first, they don’t get it; at first people don’t get it when you say it.  But the more you say it, the more they start to understand.  “Oh, maybe it’s true.”

The more we are strong in our faith and tell people, that the Messiah has come….. and we believe this not because we are stupid.  We believe this because we studied theology; we believe this because we are actually very smart.  Because if we look at Christian theology, you realize that it has no theology.  It’s so weak; the theology is so weak.  When you look at Christian theology, for example, it cannot explain the Purpose of Creation.  It cannot explain the Purpose of Man.  It cannot explain the Divinity of God.  It cannot explain how the kingdom can be created.  It cannot explain how all these things are connected to the mission of Christ.  They say they love Christ, but they can’t explain how everything is connected.  You see, when you study Christian theology, what you realize is that, in Christian theology, God equals Jesus.  Jesus, the Jewish person, the middle-Eastern man that was walking around 2,000 years ago, is actually God.  Anybody from the Christian background can agree with me, okay?  He is actually God.  He is not a human being; he is God, the God who created the universe and the stars and the fish in the sea, and the salt and the ocean, and the leaves in the tree, everything. That person walking around is God Almighty.

There’s an old big problem with that when you’ve come to it theologically, very big problems with that.  In the end they say Jesus is God, but God is Unknowable. In the end they say He is a Mystery.  It’s called the Seven Mysteries of Christ in the Catholic tradition, for example.  They are the Mysteries of Christ.  In the end, because we are sinners and we are fallen human beings, we cannot understand the Divinity of God in Christian theology, if you study it.  So, in the end, we cannot understand fully the nature of God, and thus, God is completely divided from humankind.  And in the end, we cannot become like God.  That’s why they say, “Just believe, believe and you will be saved.  Believe! Don’t ask me questions.  Believe.”

When you study Christian theology, they can’t explain how the kingdom will actually be created.  They can’t.  What they say about in terms of the kingdom is that when the Lord returns, we will be taken to the kingdom.  And that’s known as the Rapture theology.  In the Rapture theology, when Jesus returns, everybody who believes will be taken up into the sky.  You know this theology, right? You’ve heard of this.  Even if you’re driving your car, if you profess Jesus, then, when he returns, you will be taken out of your car and you will go to heaven.  Even people in the grave will come out and go to heaven.  This is the level of how they explain how the kingdom will be created, or how we will be led to the kingdom.  They cannot explain it.  You see, Christian theology fundamentally is incomplete.  It’s self-admittedly incomplete.  Why? Because it’s a theology that is waiting for the return of Christ.  It admits that it’s incomplete; that’s why they must wait for the Christ to complete it.  So it actually admits that it is incomplete.  Most Christians are unaware of this.  You see, when you actually study different theologies, you understand how weak they are actually.

You see, only the Principle can explain these things, only the Principle.  Father actually says that we can know the Divinity of God.  The Divine God, His Divinity, is not unknowable; it is knowable.  And Father  defines what God’s Divinity is.  What is God’s Divinity?  It is true love.  But then, he also defines what true love is.  What is true love?  True love is a parental love that is so powerful that it can even subjugate Satan, the worst Satan.  So he defines God’s essence, he defines what true love is.  And then what was the Purpose of Creation?  The Purpose of Creation was to inherit this love!  Very simple!  The Purpose of Creation was to inherit God’s true love; not false love, true love.  And then if Adam and Eve inherited that true love, they would have become the first ancestor.  And then from them, their children will inherit true love, and that will become the first family, etc, to the tribe, nation, and world.  And through that process of inheriting God’s true love  the kingdom of God on earth emerges.

See, only the Unification Principle can explain from the Divinity of God to the Purpose of Creation, to the process of building the kingdom, and how that is all tied to the Christ, who is supposed to redeem that.  So, if we understand this, then we understand how powerful our theology is.  It’s so powerful compared to Christian theology!  Christian theology for 2,000 years had brilliant thinkers like Aquinas, and Francis Assisi and all of those people who were great, brilliant theologians, great mystics like Teresa of Avila, etc. But still they could not answer these fundamental questions.  Only the Principle reveals these truths.  Our theology is so powerful.  You see, if you actually study other religions, you understand how powerful the Divine Principle is.

The best way for young people like blessed children to understand the value of the Principle is to teach them Christian theology.  As BC’s, we didn’t learn about the Bible, nor did we learn about what Christian’s believe.  We just learned the Principle so we don’t have any benchmark or comparison why it’s valuable.  But what we’re doing now from HQ Church is we’re educating all the young blessed children in learning the Bible.  Everybody is now learning the Bible first.  So we start teaching the Bible to the elementary school kids in our Unification Church.  We teach them Bible.  We teach them 70% Bible, 30% Principle orientation.  Then as they go to middle school/high school, we will switch that around, it’s going to be 30% Bible, 70% Principle.  But if you understand the Bible and you understand the Biblical stories and you understand God and you understand how Christians see Jesus, then you can understand how powerful the Principle is; how it answers the most fundamental questions that racked the minds of great saints in the Christian world.  And then you can understand why the Unification Movement spread so rapidly, because it has God’s Truth.  It spread so rapidly because of the blessing of God, because the returning Christ has come.

I studied religion at Harvard; I studied world religions.  I studied all the religions; most of the main religions we had to study.  And in  one of the classes on world religions, there is a section of new religions.  And they cover many new religions, like the Hare Krishna, like the Soka Gakkai movement, or the Baha’i tradition that comes out of Islam.  But they also cover the Unification Church.  Yes!  And guess what?  The Unification Church is the most successful religion in history while the founder was here.  The most successful; there is no other religion that has grown this rapidly and spread this far while the founder is alive.

You look at the Mormon Church, Joseph Smith, he died in prison.  You look at the Baha’i tradition, Baha’u’llah also died at a very advanced age in prison.  You look at the ancient religions; Jesus died when he was 33.  Buddha died when he was 80.  He had about a couple thousand monks but still that was not a worldwide foundation.  Islam; Mohammed entered into Mecca by force, in warfare.  But still, that did not spread to the world during the time of the founder.  Only True Parents made this kind of foundation while the founder is present; to make this kind of foundation is unseen.

Study religion, you’ll find out.  This is very important for us to understand.  Because even if we look at True Parents with our physical eyes, they have done the impossible, absolutely have done the impossible.  Impossible!  Nobody can do this.  Not even Jesus could do it.  They have done the impossible, seriously.  My teachers of religion also, they don’t like True Parents, they may not agree with our teaching, but they could not deny that we’re such a successful religion.  You see?  So, even if we look at True Parents with our physical eyes, they have done the impossible.  But this is also the problem because we only see them with our physical eyes.  This has been a big problem of our church.

When we taught about True Parents, when we introduce True Parents, we did not tell their real identity strongly.  We did not go with the purpose of saving people’s spiritual lives.  For many years, we were into making associates, friends.  Just saying Father is a great peace activist, great educator, that he did so much for world peace, did incredible things for the world, that he should win the Nobel Peace Prize.  All that’s great!  But that is not True Father’s true identity.  His true identity is the Messiah!  The Saviour!  The returning Christ!  Aju! (Aju!)  That is the truth.  You see, if we cannot declare that, we’re not being Unificationists.  We’re not being disciples of True Parents.  We have to be able to declare this confidently.  We can be confident.  Why do we have to hide it?  We don’t have to hide it.

Well, every other religion does it (declaring their faith), why do we have to hide it?  I know a lot about other religions, they all do it.  Why only we had to hide it?  That’s ridiculous.  That’s unfair.  We want to declare too.  Hiding is not refreshing.  We want to declare too.  We don’t want this hiding, this is frustrating.  We have to come out.  Why do we have to hold in (hide) anything?  We can declare True Parents.   He is the Messiah.  We can declare.  Some KBS director was interviewing me.  He asked me, “So, you know, you do a lot of peace work and interreligious work, what are you trying to do there?  Are you just trying to have interreligious dialogue?”  And I said to him very clearly, “True Father is the Messiah, my friend.  Do you understand that?  Do you know what that means?  This is what it means.  Every age has a prophet that God has sent.  But in the final days, the highest truth will be revealed.  That is who True Parents are.  And all the religions have to understand that.  We’re not here just to make everybody happy.  We’re here because True Parents come as the central figure of all religions.”  I told him that.  It’s on the video.

Study religion.  If you study the Baha’i tradition, for example, they say it, they declare it.  Why do we as Unificationists have to hide it?  The Baha’i tradition says Baha’u’llah is the messiah.  That there’s progressive revelation, and his is the highest truth.  Of course, they say that after him there will come another one.  There will come other ones in the new generation.  My point is that we don’t have to be shy about saying what we believe.  There’s nothing wrong about our faith.  There’s nothing we have to be ashamed of about believing in True Parents as the Messiah.  Aju!  There’s nothing we should be ashamed of.  And this kind of confidence is important because if you want to witness to people, if you want to save people, if you want to bring them to True Parents, if you want them to have eternal love and life and lineage, then we have to do it with this kind of heart.

You see, this has always been a big trouble for me because I studied the world religions.  I had to learn to have a good understanding of the religious teachings of the world’s religions, especially Buddhism and Christianity.  That’s where I focused on.  So for me, I have a great respect for Buddhism.  I have a great respect for Christianity, and I have a great respect for other religions.  I love them actually; I lived with them.  You know, I lived with Tibet monks for about a year and six months.  I lived with Korean monks, I lived with Catholic priests.  So, I lived with these communities.  I love them.  They’re still my brothers.  I still adore them.  They’re still my friends.  I still write them.  So, for me, this was a very big blessing, but also a big problem.  I tell you why it’s a big problem.  Because now  I’m doing ministry, and True Father is giving me big roles to guide Unification Church and guide members’ faith, but here I am, I’ve studied the world’s religions, and when I look at the world’s religions, then they have great teachings, incredible teachings.  And when you study the world’s religions, you can study the agape love of Christ, you know, incredible love.    And Jesus defines the greatest type of love in John 15:13.  Jesus speaks about the greatest type of love.  What is the greatest love?  The greatest type of love is the love that one lays down his life for his friends.  It’s the greatest type of love.  That’s known as the agape love in Christian theology; agape love, a great type of sacrificial love.

In Buddhism, you have the great Mahakaruna of the Buddha, compassion, so much compassion to save all sentient beings, not only human beings,  also animal beings, microbial beings, all beings.  Incredible Mahakaruna, okay?  In Islam, you have the great devotional faith to love and have obedience to God, complete obedience to God, submission to God.  We have great teachings of love in all the religions.  So then, my big question is then, “So what is special about Unification Church love?”  So we usually describe true love, everything centered on true love, but I ask many people, “I’ve studied all the religions, tell me why true love is greater than Jesus’ love?  Tell me why true love is greater than the Buddha’s universal love?  Tell me why true love is greater than Mohammed’s type of love?  Is it greater or is it the same?  Is it equal or similar?”  You see.  This is a big theological question.  If you study religion, you will wrestle with this question.  You know, anybody who really studies religion has appreciation for other religions. You will wrestle with this question.   Because when we describe true love, we say it’s living for the sake of others.  We say it can naturally subjugate Satan.  And we say it’s others-centered love; others, not  self-centered, but love centered on others.

We teach like that.   This is what true love is.  But then, how is that greater than  the love of Jesus?  He gave his life for his friends.  He did everything.  When we talk of true love as living for the sake of others, he did that.  He did live for the sake of others.  Jesus did that.  Then we talk about subjugation of Satan.  He did that.  Then we talk about  love centered on others.  He did that.  So then what we are teaching is no greater than  what Jesus taught the world.  So the question is then, why is our true love greater than these other teachings?  Why do we try to claim that our true love will bring all the other religions to a new level?  If that’s true, then how come we cannot explain why our true love is so much more advanced and greater than the love in other religions and why it  will bring them to next level?  This is a big problem for me because I’m a theologian and also I’m a scholar.  I’ve studied religion and so I also have to be ministering and preaching for Unification members.  So this is a very big problem for me, you know, this is a very big problem.  Internally very difficult; could not find an answer here.

You know, so at that point then I let go, gave myself up.  “I’m not going to answer this question.  I can’t answer this question alone.”  So at that time, I started praying more; more serious prayer, more serious prayer.  Just a couple of days ago I met a reporter. We did an interview a year ago, then we met again this year, and he said, “You studied all the religions, Mr. Moon.  You‘ve studied all the religions.  What makes you believe in Rev. Moon as the Messiah?  You’ve studied the greatness of all the other religions, what makes you believe that Rev. Moon is the Messiah?”  And I told him, “Look.  That was a big question for me too.  Yeah, you’re right.  I did study all the other religions.  That was very difficult for me because I love the other religions.  I have friends in other religions.  I have friends who are Buddhist monks and priests, Catholic priests, and they’re great companions to me, as well.  They have helped me very much in my life.  So it was always a question for me.”  But then I told him, “I could not solve this problem.  One day, I fell asleep, and then I had a dream.  In that dream, I saw True Father in prison.”  We know that Father went to prison six times.  We know that.  We know about the helicopter accident, etc.  Father, we know of course, was tortured in prison.  He was beaten and stabbed and burned and electrocuted, etc., dumped in water, we know that, we can just see that.  He worked in an ammonia-filled concentration camp, and all that kind of stuff.  In the dream, True Father was in prison, but then at the same time, almost like a split screen, True Father was up in prison but at the same time, True Father was down here.  His spirit was going into hell, into hell.  And then he went into hell, and all the fallen people were being tortured, down there in the stream, being tortured.  And big demons were ripping them and torturing them.  And True Father then threw his spirit body and he said, “Don’t touch these children.  They are my children.  I take responsibility.  You take my soul, and you torture my soul, but let these children go.”  Then when I awoke from that dream I came to some big realizations.

You see, in Christian theology there’s something called the Apostle’s Creed.  That is the creed of the believers in Jesus.  And in the Apostle’s Creed it says that Jesus died for us, etc., to become the perfect sacrificial offering for us.  That he was crucified and descended into hell.  It says that Jesus descended into hell and was resurrected on the third day.  You see?  If you only see Jesus with your physical eyes, you will only see a middle-eastern Jewish man.  That’s all you will see, who was running around making trouble and who was crucified.  That’s all you will see.  As a Christian, you have to open your spiritual eyes.  And you have to accept that Jesus  died for you.  And that he went to hell for you.  And that he was resurrected to show the power of God.  When you open your spiritual eyes and see Jesus, then you can experience rebirth.  That’s called being reborn.  When  you open your spiritual eyes, “Jesus died for me, Oh!” Then tears come and then you have a rebirth experience.

So if you are to truly understand Jesus’ heart, as a Christian, you must open your spiritual eyes.  Do you follow?  In the same way, what I realized that day was that we only taught about True Parents with our physical eyes.  We only taught that Father was in prison six times, that they had a miraculous helicopter accident, that they are great patriots and great peace activists. That’s all with just the physical eyes.  But we did not open our spiritual eyes.  We did not see that every time when Father was imprisoned, he was imprisoned for our sake.  He went to prison to die for us, for our family, our tribe, our nation, our society, our world, for cosmic sin; he paid all the indemnity of history.  He gave up his life to indemnify all that sin and failure.  In each one of the prisons Father was not only physically tortured but his spirit went into hell to save the souls of our ancestors and our souls.  We have no chance to get into the Kingdom of Heaven. There is no way that on our own strength  we can indemnify the history of sin.  True Parents as the Messiah and the true inheritors of God’s essence, of His True Love, walked the path of the seven deaths and resurrections and they died for us not once, like Jesus, but over and over.  They died again and died again and died again, giving their body, giving their soul, selling their spirit so that their children can one day enter the Kingdom of God.

I realized, “Oh my God!  When True Parents say True Love and when we say True Love there is a big difference.  All we hear when we hear True Love is, “live for the sake of others,” or “other-centred love” – that is all we know.  But when they talk about True Love, they are talking about sacrificing their life, blood, spirit and soul for our sake, not just once, but over and over, dying and dying over and over, willingly going the path of death, willingly going to hell, so that one day we can enter into the eighth stage of God’s direct dominion which we call Cheon Il Guk.  Only if we open our spiritual eyes can we understand that the True Love that True Parents teach is the highest type of love that the world has ever known.  This love is even greater than the agape love of Jesus because Jesus spoke of a love that will lay down one’s life for one’s friends; it is a horizontal great love, but it is not the parental love.  Jesus inherited the greatest type of love that a single man can inherit.  He was not a parent, so he inherited the great love that can sacrifice and die for the friends.  That’s how he described it.

But True Parents would not only lay down their life for their friend,  they would lay down their life and soul and spirit over and over and over.  They would willingly die again and again so that the children could have eternal life.  When I realized that, I realized, “My God!  What True Father has lived and what the victory of True Parents is, is the greatest love that the world will ever know.  This IS the greatest type of love, greater than the agape love of Christ, greater than the great Mahakaruna the Buddha, greater than the great obedient love of Mohammed to Allah; this is the greatest, this is the center, the parental heart.”  So when I had that kind of experience, then my faith completely changed.  People say I preach so differently now.  It is said in the Bible that when you are reborn in Christ you are made a new creature … a new creation.  People say, “Hyung Jin, you became a new creature, a new creature!”  I feel different.

As somebody who studied religions I could not answer why are we really greater than other religions. Many people in our movement made that conclusion which is, basically, that all religions are the same.  “We fundamentally teach the same thing (as other religions).”  We got to that level, basically, and that is why we were not declaring True Parents.  We got to such a level of relativity that we lost the value of True Parents.

As someone who studied religion and can compare them, after this kind of experience, when I saw True Parents, it felt totally different because now I could at least get a sense of what kind of love they lived with, what kind of True Love they sacrificed with, what a parental heart is, what True Love is.  I could start sensing, I could start feeling at least a little bit of what kind of love this was.  I could imagine them going into hell crying and sacrificing their soul and being ripped and torn and being beaten by evil spirits and being tortured so that we could be free from that.  Not only once they would go into that terrible place; they would go over and over so that our families and our children could be saved.  When you start feeling this kind of parental love, then you can understand; slowly you can start feeling how great the parental love is.  It is not just like when we say “living for the sake of others” and clean up a little street here, clean there. That is not the level we are talking about when we talk about the seven deaths.  Even though you die for the sake of the children, you die again, you die again, you willingly die, for the sake of the children.  THIS is the type of love we are talking about.

This is the phenomenal achievement of True Parents.  This is why we call them True Parents.  This is why they are the center of the entire Kingdom of God.  This is why without True Parents there is no Cheon Il Guk.  Only with True Parents is there Cheon Il Guk.  Only with the Messiah is there the Kingdom of God.  Only with the Messiah who comes as the Adam, the returning Christ, will the purpose of creation be fulfilled and the Kingdom of Heaven will be achieved; only with the Messiah.  That is why we are called – as people who believe in the Messiah – to testify on his behalf, to believe in him, to create that powerful foundation of faith that leads to the foundation of substance.  This is why for us it is very simple.  Any organization – I do not care which one it is – if True Parents founded it, it has one purpose – that is to glorify True Parents.  That is the purpose of that organization.  I do not care what it is.  It has a purpose to glorify True Parents, to testify on behalf of the returning Christ, and to announce to the world that Jesus’ mission is being fulfilled, that God is being liberated, and that the True Parents of all humankind have come.  This is why it is exciting to be a Unification Church member!  Very exciting!  It is not embarrassing!  It is not shy!  It is exciting because we have the Messiah.  We have the truth.

So for us (at HQ church), when we bring VIPs to Father’s events, we make sure that they get the education that they are going to meet the Messiah.  “You are not going to meet a patriot, not going to meet a politician, not going to meet a great peace activist.  You are going to meet the Messiah!  You better come ready!  You better have prayed before you come!  You better have repented!  You had better come ready!  I do not care who you are; you can be president of the universe.  I do not care who you are.  This is the Messiah!  When you come, you are coming to see the Messiah!  You probably will be challenged!  You probably will be cursed!  You probably will be told you are Satan’s child, which Father says a lot!  But, if you accept who this person is, if you understand what mission this person has, then you will understand why he is saying that thing and you will understand why Jesus said the same thing because they are not here to please you.  They are not here to give you happy, happy news.  They are here to tell you, ‘You better serve God.  You better cut yourself off from Satan’s lineage.’  That is what the Messiah comes to do.”  So we want to be proud of who we are.  We want to be proud Unificationists; no more closet Unificationism!  You know closet Unificationism?  Do you know that term?  It means hiding your faith.  We do not want to hide any more.  Of course in certain areas like China and so forth, we have to be smart; do not be foolish!

What I am saying is that we have to be able to declare our faith.  That is actually the only way we defeat communism.  If you are talking about China, the only way you really defeat that kind of persecution is by declaring your faith.  That is the way Falun Gong has made a big problem for China because they stayed very strong, “This is our religion; you’re persecuting our religion.”  They made a big issue all around the world.  “China is bad, oppressive.  It is condemning religion.”  This made a big problem for China, a big, big problem.

The only way we defeat evil is by goodness.  The only way you defeat oppression and falseness is by truth and, the only way we are truthful as Unificationists is by declaring True Parents as the Lord and witnessing and bringing new people to believe in True Parents as the Lord and Savior of humanity!  Aju!

I pray that you become believers, brothers and sisters, people who are building the Foundation of Faith because it is only the Foundation of Faith upon which the Foundation of Substance will come.  We cannot pray for the substance without the faith.  We need the faith.  We need to once again return to our faith.  We are not closet Unificationists.  We have no reason to be shy as Unificationists, no reason to think we are crazy because we are a Unificationist.  Why do you have to believe that?  Why do you have to believe you are crazy?  Because you believe Reverend Moon?  You do not have to believe that; that is crazy.  THAT is crazy.

You can be proud of your religion.  You can understand that  that is your democratic right.  Nobody can take that away from you.  This is the modern world prepared to proclaim the Messiah.  The nations protect us; they are supposed to.  Only when we are confident and  declare,  only when we are strong with our faith, will people listen to us, will people be moved by our faith, will people come to receive True Parents not just as, “I believe he is a great leader …” – no, but “I believe he is my Messiah and Savior and I believe that through Him, through True Parents, I receive True Love and life and lineage, and I have been asked and given a great mission: the blessing to be able to live on His behalf, to live on their behalf, to serve them, and to declare them.”  Brothers and sisters, that is the greatest blessing you have in your life; me too!  The greatest blessing we have is that we have the blessing to declare the Messiah when he is here.  There is no other blessing greater than that.

Look at all of history.  There is nothing greater than that blessing.  If you really understand how powerful that blessing is, then you will understand how exciting it is to be a Unificationist!  How joyful it is to be able to walk the path of sacrifice for True Parents – it is absolute joy!  He who lives for his life will lose it, but he who loses his life for my sake will what?  Will gain it, as Christ says.  So this is why we have to return back to our faith.  We have to remember our faith once again.  We do not want to become quasi-Unificationists, you know, relativized Unificationists.  We want to be real Unificationists.  We are proud of True Parents, believe in True Parents, wish to serve and to testify and to witness on behalf of True Parents.  Only when you do this, I tell you, will the VIPs that you know and the people you are connected to, will they finally understand True Parents.  Only through that lens and that spiritual eye can you understand why True Father acts the way he does, why he, until this day – he is 90 years old and still does 16-hour Hoon Dok Haes –  why he is every day on the frontline witnessing about God.  He is witnessing every day!  Did you know that?  Father is 90 years old, he is the Messiah and he is still witnessing to God.

We have many members in the world saying, “Why do we have to witness?  We did not witness for 30 years.  Why do we have to witness?”  This is not right.  We are making FATHER witness.  He is 90 years old!  That is not filial piety.  WE have to do that.  Because we do not declare True Parents as the Messiah, HE has to do it.  Do you see what I mean?  This is a problem.

I met the Dalai Lama.  The Dalai Lama does not say to me, “I am the Bodhisattva Agalatishwala.”  Do you know that in Tibetan Buddhism the Dalai Lama IS the Bodhisattva Agalatishwala?  That means he is Gung I Busa!  He is Gung I Busa because in Tibetan Buddhism Gung I Busa is actually the male figure, Nan-sung man.  Dalai Lama is the incarnation of the Bodhisattva Agalatishwala.  He is a perfected being.  Do you understand what a Bodhisattva is in Buddhism?  That is basically a perfected being.  Totally perfect; flawless.  He can reach enlightenment if he wants but stays back to save others first.  Basically he is a flawless, perfect, perfected being.  Did you know that in Tibetan Buddhism, the Dalai Lama is that deity?  Did you know that?  But do you hear Dalai Lama saying, “I am Bodhisattva Agalatishwala”?  Do you know why he does not say that?  I know many Tibetan Buddhists.  You know why Dalai Lama does not have to say that?  Because every Tibetan Buddhist will tell you!  Every Tibetan Buddhist tells you he is the Cheon Il Zik!  So they are witnessing for the Dalai Lama on his behalf.  THEY are telling people he is the Bodhisattva Agalatishwala.  HE doesn’t have to do it.  But in our church, what happened?  We are not doing that, and Father has to do it.  That is not filial piety.  It is the opposite.  We have to be filial pious children.  We have to sacrifice our neck, sacrifice our reputation for our Parents.  We should do that; we can do that.  I can do it.

I meet outside people all the time.  I do not care what they think.  I tell them, “Aren’t you happy the Messiah has come to Korea?  Amazing!  We are blessed!  Wow!”  Then they say, “Hmmm.  Yes, we are blessed!”  Who cares what they think?  The point is that we are honest.

When we do that as Unification members – not only as leaders but everybody in the church, everybody who knows True Parents – when we do that for True Parents then THEY do not have to declare that.  We can take down that burden.  You see?  That is actually what children should be doing for True Parents – for the parents that have sacrificed their life and their soul, have gone to hell in our place.  We deserve to go to hell, actually, all of us, even me – all of us.

We have no right to go into the Kingdom of God; no right.  Even True children, all of us, should be in hell.  We have no right.  Only because of the love of True Parents, because True Parents took our place in hell over and over, and the place of our children and our grandchildren, of all of us; that is the only reason why we can go into Cheon Il Guk.  Not only members; I am talking about True Family, too.  So if we understand that  the True Parents  lived and died for us, over and over again, then we can understand that actually we have to serve, we have to elevate them and glorify them more than we are doing now.

For us it is very clear: for all the regions – Asia, Russia, North America, Central America, it does not matter – it is so clear.  The secret is very simple.  Do we want to make Cheon Il Guk?  I’ll tell you the secret.  It is one word, very simple:  True Parents.  That is it. That is it!  Do we want to make Cheon Il Guk?  It is True Parents, centered on True Parents as the Messiah and the Christ who comes to build the Kingdom.  Without True Parents there is no Cheon Il Guk.  Without True Parents there is no Kingdom of God.

Transcribers: Beatrice Clyburn, Misael Sagala, Mary Ellen Legay, Regina Shin Proofreaders:Teresa Ledesma, Marcia Lawton Schlichting