Rev. Hyung Jin Moon’s Prayer


Heavenly Father,thank you so much for this day, Father. We are in Your presence, and Father, we want to recognize today that a family is not only together and stands together in times of feast and good times; but Father, a true family learns how to stick together and stand for one another and defend one another in times of crisis, in times of persecution. Father, we pray that today we may mature to that level. 
Father, call in us the heart that is not only centered on our own need.  Father, let us expand to the needs of those who have suffered so much for us.  Father, our Japanese movement has sacrificed and has held the entire financial responsibility to fund every church in America, every church in Korea, every church in Lithuania, every church in Africa. They have shouldered that burden for the last 30 years. They have paid for our church buildings; they have paid for our ceremonies and our events. And Father, we are indebted.  They have sacrificed the most, and they are our saints.
Father, we may feel that we have done a lot; but You know how much Your Japanese sons and daughters have suffered!  Those who truly know (the truth), do know how much they have suffered for the sake of all our communities around the world.  Father, we want to pray for them today and particularly for those who have been illegally abducted, Father, in a democratic state, against their will. Father, they have been not only persecuted but tortured, and imprisoned!  Some of our sisters, Father — we don’t even want to repeat what happened to them! Father, these grave misdoings and sins are against Your people, Father!
We pray for Your forgiveness because, Father, this is truly, truly painful for You to see.  Father, we want to be here together for them; we want to pray for them today. And we don’t want to just pray – we want to step out in action, for it is said in the Scripture that he who hears the words and puts them into practice is the one who builds a house on a rock. Let us hear these words, Father. Let us put into practice our faith. Let us share it and declare it, so that nobody can take it away from us or from our brothers and sisters in Japan, or in Africa or in Russia or anywhere else.
Father, let us protect our faith; it is time for us to stand up for one another.  Father, we want to do that. We are mature, we are adults, Father. Father, we know that we want to stand up for them, and give us the courage to do so, to stand up. Father, we pray that You may encourage the brothers and sisters from Japan who see this service. We pray that they may be encouraged today. Encourage them. They truly need it. We love them so much. We love You. We are pouring our hearts out to You, and we thank You.  Father, we thank You once again for being with us at this time, and we will do our 5%. Thank You so much.
We pray all these things in our names as central blessed families and proud Unificationists. We pray this in the name of True Parents. Aju! Aju! Aju!

Sermon: Walking The Way/September 19, 2009


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