Rev. Hyung Jin Moon’s Interesting Story

We like to start with something a little interesting
I heard a story about a young girl named Jenny and she was just about two. Her Mom just had a new born baby boy.  So happy, happy, happy.  Mom came back from the hospital and now was taking care of the baby and Jenny was experiencing the joy of having this new amazing younger brother.
One day, the mother had to go back to the hospital for a check up. So, Auntie came and took care of Jenny and the Mom went to the hospital and when she came back she asked Jenny, “How was it Jenny?” And Jenny said, “Mmm, mmmm.”
So then she said, “Jenny, can we pray? How about we pray and thank God for your younger brother?”  Jenny said, “Ok, ok we can do that.”  So they closed their eyes and folded their hands.  And Jenny prayed, “Dear God, thank you so much for my wonderful younger brother.  You know I asked you for a puppy.  Can you at least make him bark?”
Sermon: Fearless True Love / September 26, 2009

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