Rev. Hyung Jin Moon’s Prayer

Father, we thank You so much for this day that You have blessed upon us. As we now come into Your presence, Father, we know that You have planned for Your blessed central families, Your children, just like Moses who had to walk through the wilderness course, and the leadership that was changed to Joshua, moving into Canaan, Father, in the age of settlement. But Father, we know, looking at the providential history, that Your children became faithless in Canaan, that they were not able to substantiate the gathering ground for Your community.

But Father, at this time True Father has told us, even before we came to HQ Church, of this important mission. Father, we know that we will have to substantialize this, Father, to be able to have the central place in this land of Canaan, so that our families can gather, Father, that our families can grow in their lives of faith, in their lives in abundance physically and spiritually.

Father, we pray that You may ordain this, that Father, You may give us the strength that we will need to fight through the many battles that are up against us. Father, we pray that You may fill us with a strong faith that can move through the challenges, the archangels, the obstacles that will come into our way.

But Father, let us always have compassion, and let us know that as we move and focus not on the benefit of the leaders but the benefit of the members, Your children, Father, we know that Your house will be a house of blessing, that Your children will be able to shine, that our church will move into a new history and a new age that we will be able to witness.

Father, thank You so much for this day. We pray that You may pour Your abundance and blessing upon each and everyone of these families today, and we pray that each one of the family members around this world may be, Father, consoled, may recognize that, as Father has asked us to step into leadership, we are focusing not on the benefit of the leadership but focusing on letting our blessed families shine, allowing them to move closer to True Parents, allowing them to truly live a blessed life.

We believe that if we do that as a church, as a family, Father, we will be able to transcend boundaries and we will be able to work with other organizations, Father, religions that can help establish Your ideal Peace Kingdom on this earth. Thank You so much, Father, for this blessing that You have blessed upon us, and Father, let us move with confidence into this new age where we can now represent our church and all that it represents for the rest of history, Father. Thank You so much. We pray these things with an everlasting love and gratitude from the depths of our hearts,

In our names, Aju!

Sermon: Being spiritually and physically blessed / August 16th, 2008


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