Rev. Hyung Jin Moon Speech in Taiwan – Part 2

December 19, 2009

When I got to Korea, leaders were telling me: “You cannot witness in Korea.” When we put Japanese leaders in to witness in Korea, the Korean members said: “Even we Korean people can’t witness in Korea. How can Japanese people witness in Korea? That’s crazy.” They were saying that. But what happened? We are witnessing again. Why — because, we put up the people who have the greatest faith. Do you understand – great faith plus an organizational mind. They are not just doing it out of their own energy, they are organizing other brothers and sisters to move together in teams to witness. This kind of thinking – faith-based thinking – created growth again in the Unification Church.

(Speaking in Korean – switching to English) Too many languages! (laughter).

In Korea the situation has completely turned around. You know, before we used to get persecuted all the time in Korea by the media . . . always negative articles . . . terrible, all these kinds of things. The church in Korea did not grow for 30 years. I think I told you this yesterday. We have the statistics; we were 16,000 members, 30 years ago; then it dropped to 12,000 members nationwide. It was terrible. For 30 years we had negative growth, negative press. It was very bad. The whole VIP networks were all laughing at the Unification Church. I told you yesterday what some of the VIPs told me, right? But that situation has completely turned around. That turned around when Kook Jin Nim came to Korea in 2005. The Tong Il Group, IlHwa included, was a business group with $100 million dollars loss per year. Do you understand how much that is? $100 million US dollars loss. This is how terrible and unprofessional the businesses were being run. This was not just the case in Korea; also in many other countries we had very unprofessionally run businesses. This was all subsidized by Japan.

So you think about it. Japanese brothers and sisters had to subsidize $100 million dollars for just Korea, for that one business group. And then they did this for all the other countries like America, and for so many others. So we had $100 million dollars a year loss in that business group when Kook Jin Nim came in; he’s is a genius, he is an incredible leader. Within three years he turned it around — a $100 million dollar loss to $50 million dollars profit. Do you understand? That is ridiculous. That is incredible. Nobody can imagine such an incredible result!

Of course right now, since the group has become so successful, Christianity is angry. Korean Christians don’t like that. So they did a couple of media programs on us the other day, about how the Unification Church is growing too quickly. They are very worried, they say. They did a radio broadcast, a TV broadcast. CTS is the biggest Christian channel there. “We are very worried about the Unification Church.” They did a great marketing piece for us actually, because they told all the Christians in Korea, “This is terrible. How can you let it happen?”

Now the Tong Il Group is turned around. The Tong Il Group is number 70 among the most powerful business groups in Korea. It wasn’t even on the list before. Now we are up at number 70. I met two people who were at the Yonsei University, in the MBA program. One person was in our staff, he was the financial director. He is a young man, blessed kid, very smart, and he had outside experience at Samsung; a very smart kid. He’ll be moving to Yeongpyeong; but he was attending Yonsei University. That’s one of the top universities in Korea; he’s in the MBA program. He was listening to the professor lecturing one day, when he said, “Okay, we are going to do a case study of a successful business in Korea that turned around.” In Yonsei University, the professors started talking about the Tong Il Group; and they said that Kook Jin Moon turned this company around. They used the Tong Il Group as a case study for successful business-turn-around in the MBA program in Yonsei! (applause).

So we have to understand that this is real result, okay? We are not here to only talk; we want to make real results for True Parents. Kook Jin Nim made huge results in the business groups; he is in Forbes Magazine and all that kind of stuff. So many interviews we have done – in the last year and a half, we have done over 120 different media articles. So I’ve done interviews on the church side; Kook Jin has communicated with media on the business side; we have had interviews with all the top newspapers and magazines in Korea. We are very blessed to report that not one of them was negative. Every single one of them was positive, because we talked to them honestly.

We told them that our Unification Church was collapsing; that it wasn’t growing, it was stagnating. Our faith was dying. And we told them very honestly that we changed that. We came in, and Kook Jin Nim changed the business group. On the church side, we started implementing transparent management, so that all the members can see where their donations go. We implemented a “decision chain” in the decision process. All of you understand the decision chain because the World Mission Department has a decision chain now. That is basically a program that modern businesses use. So the Chedan started using that with Deloy Consulting, one of the biggest consulting firms in the world. They created the decision chain process. What that is, is that they make sure that every single decision is made for the benefit of the organization. In the past, if you were a leader you could just make a decision based on what you wanted. That is not good. That decision has to be checked by all people in the organization to make sure that the decision is the best for that organization. You see, professional organizations run like this. So even on the church side, in the World Mission Department, we brought in the decision change process. Now, even though I am the Segye Hwaejang (International President) all the decisions are checked. I just don’t make decisions. Every decision is checked, and in the process all the subordinate positions of responsibility have to approve those decisions. The decisions come up the decision line and then finally they come to me, and if there is a really big decision, we have to bring it up to Father.

With these processes we are professionalizing the way we operate our church – transparent financial management, decision chain management, systematization, etc. These are all very important in the modern day to run and grow this kind of world-wide organization. At the same time, these things are being built at a professional level, the top level. As these programs become more available to the different nations, our churches will become more professionally run. At the same time, although we have these systems, we need new talent to run these systems, because most of us don’t know how to run these systems. I didn’t know how to make or run these systems. I was taught. I have people around me who are professionals in the fields of financial management and business management. They are with us in our team. So as we have these systems, we have to bring in new professionals who come in and work with us, and always audit us and make sure that we are always transparent as we manage things.

But at the same time, we can’t lose faith. See, even though you have a system, if you lose faith, the movement will not grow. So you have to have the system and professional management. That is really important in the modern day. We are going to continue to spread it worldwide as we succeed in different countries. We already brought it to Japan, and it’s now in Korea. America is starting to learn about these processes. But the system is not enough on its own; it is not going to take the place of faith. Why? Because we are a faith community. Do you understand, brothers and sisters? We are a religion.

For many years we have been kind of saying we are not a religion. That’s not true. We ARE a religion. I studied religion and I tell you, we ARE a religion. We have everything that a religion has. We have scripture, we have ritual, we have ceremony, and we have theology. We have every single thing a religion has. So we should not talk about not being a religion. We are a religion. We should be proud of the fact that we are a religion. I’ll tell you why: because as a religion you are protected by democratic law. You have to understand that as a religion in democratic countries we have to be proud and state that we are a religion. Nobody can steal this right that we have, which is the freedom of religion. This is why we have to be clear about why we are a religion.

In Japan for example, nobody can take away the right of freedom of religion. You cannot kidnap our members and confine them, like our sister told us today. A Christian pastor did this in Japan. There are 4,300 cases of human rights violations. The only way in this modern world that we are able to have the protection of the law is to understand that we are a religion. We have the protection of the law, and nobody can steal our freedom to have faith. So this is why we have to change the way we deal with society; and also change the way we think, even in our movement.

Of course Father says that we don’t need religion in the ideal world. But also in the ideal world we don’t need education, and we don’t need politics. We don’t need any of that. In the ideal world – in the Garden of Eden – there was no religion, no politics, no Sun Moon University, no UPF, nothing. So that argument is not good to use, that Father said there is no need for religion, no need for the Unification Church. That’s not a smart argument if you think about it. When Father says that, he is looking at the Garden of Eden. When you look at that there is no religion, but there is also no other organization there as well.

So we must not be anti-religious. Actually, we have to be very strong in the fact that we are a religion. The reason why is because we have members across the world who are being violated of their human rights, of their freedom of religion, because of religious persecution. So for us as a movement, we have to be very proud of our faith, proud of our religion, proud of our belief in True Parents as the Messiah. This kind of faith is very important now. In the end, even though we are persecuted, it is only by this kind of faith that we can overcome Communism and overcome other systems that try to oppress religions.

Do you know the reason for the real downfall of the Communist regime in Russia? What was the downfall? There were many factors, but do you know the real factor? Religious people started entering into Russia, and teaching religion, and they were persecuted, but they continued to teach their religion. Do you know why? Because Communism says that the highest authority is the state, but the religion says no, the highest authority is not the state, the highest authority is God. You see that is why Communism doesn’t like religion. But this is fundamentally the power that overthrows Communism. It’s faith in a higher power than the state. Do you see what I mean? So this is why we have to understand that the power of faith is the power that overcomes evil and falsity. The power of faith is very important.

When we understand that, then we can understand why we have to stand up for our faith, not be weak in our faith and not hide our faith. We have to declare our faith, because this is our human right. This is our democratic right. Nobody can steal your faith. Nobody can force you to not believe in True Parents. Nobody can kidnap you in Taiwan. Nobody can kidnap you and confine you and brainwash you so that you don’t have to believe in the Unification Church. That is a violation of your human rights. We have to be clear about that. Brothers and Sisters, do you know what I am saying? This is very important. We are being persecuted around the world, because of our religion. So in this time we can’t be hiding our faith, we have to be stronger with our faith.

We have to talk to the media. We had a lecture with the top media in Korea yesterday, the day before I came here, and I told them that in Japan we have huge human rights violations perpetrated against the Unification Church. We have over 4,300 cases of forced kidnapping and confinement. Some of our brothers and sisters were confined for 12 years, five months, like Goto-san. They were starved, they were tortured. One sister was raped for three months every day. The reason why they did that was because they learned the Divine Principle, and when the Christians ministers learned the Principle, they learned about the Fall. So by raping her they made her feel like she was such a sinner that she cannot return back to the Unification Church, and return back to her family. This is a woman who is married and a registered citizen of Japan, who is forced, confined and raped for three months; and the Japanese government has done nothing about it. We have another sister who committed suicide while she was confined for three months. And this in a court of law is murder, because the environment was made such that she committed suicide. That is homicide in modern law.

So you have to understand, brothers and sisters, that this is not a joke. We are being persecuted because of our faith; and we cannot hide our faith, we have to stand up for our brothers and our sisters. As a family member, when our brothers and sisters are being murdered and persecuted because of their faith, this is not the time to be weak in our faith. This is the time to be strong, and to understand that we have to fight for these people’s justice. You understand what I am saying, right? This is very important, because these people are the people who subsidize every one of our churches around the world. Every church that you are in right now was subsidized by the Japanese movement. That is the reality. Whether it be in Afghanistan or India, or wherever, the Japanese brothers and sisters have been dying for us; dying for you and for me. When they are being persecuted like this, we cannot leave them to die. We have to stand up.

This is why Kook Jin Nim, in taking responsibility for Japan based on Father’s direction, has been working with this issue. Now there are many legal cases we are putting against the government. A lot of members are now organized collectively, and we are suing the government for human rights violations. We are also appealing to the different nations, the American civil rights committees and organizations for human rights. Also in Korea I have already talked to the media. We are talking to the media, and we have already contacted the Japanese Embassy. This is not a joke. This is a humungous human rights violation. So we have to understand that all of the negative things that people say – and they created this hate language against the Unification Church in Singapore and Indonesia, and other nations where Unifiction Church is banned – that this is because of the lies that have been made by people who have persecuted us. So we have to be clear about this. People who have persecuted us and kidnapped and raped our members and murdered them are the people who have created hate language. Many times they are Christians who have created this hate language against the Unification Church. That hate language has become hate crimes against humanity.

When we witness, we have two ways of responding. When we witness and we meet someone who is positive, we teach how to inherit the true love of God. That one slogan is the slogan we use to teach the Principle very simply. If you understand “Inherit the true love of God,” you can understand the Principle very easily. That one line is the whole Principe, if you think about it. What was the Fall? It was inheriting, not true love, but inheriting the false love of Satan, not inheriting the true love of God. What is the Divinity of God? It is true love. What is the purpose of creation? It is to inherit the true love of God. Do you understand? How are we going to create the kingdom? By inheriting the true love of God – very simple. We have created the one line slogan to teach the Principle. When you witness, what you actually have to do is to explain the Principle in about less than one minute. And this is hard to do because the Principle is very deep. How do you explain the Principle in less than one minute? You explain it by: “Inherit the true love of God.” Very simple.

So if they are positive, we teach them “Inherit the true love of God” and then bring them to the Divine Principle lectures and into the witnessing process. Then after they receive the Principle they don’t just listen and say they want to be a member, they make a commitment; they make a donation to the church; a donation to the world providence. Many of our new members have made a big donation to the World Temple construction. So world providence activity is what they are called to do; not only talking, “I am a member.” You make the commitment. If you are really going to serve the Lord, then you make the commitment. If they are positive, we bring them that way.

If they are negative, and they say, “I heard bad things about the Unification Church, you guys are a cult.” Then what we do is we pull out the pamphlet that shows the illegal kidnapping and confinement, rape and even murder of our brothers and sisters in Japan – a democratic nation, the second most powerful nation in the world.

In a DEMOCRATIC country this kind of incredible persecution of one religion has never been seen. Only the Unification Church has been targeted to be persecuted like this. So we have to understand that we are victims. When people speak negatively, we have to say, “No, you are very misinformed.” If you understand the truth, and you understand the human rights abuse that is happening in Japan, and the fact that we are now legally moving to find justice; and if you show them the evidence that we have been persecuted, that these Christian ministers have kidnapped, confined and raped people, citizens of a modern democratic nation, because they want to persecute the Unification Church ….. what we have found was that those people cannot say anything. We tell them that all of that negative stuff has been made by these people who have committed crimes against humanity, human rights crimes. Then we show them that pamphlet, and we show them the picture of Goto-san. What we found is that negative people cannot say anything; they don’t know what to say. Because if they say “that’s a lie” and if they say “that’s not true” then they look like they are someone who supports human rights violations. Do you see what I mean? So they don’t want to respond that way. We found that it totally shuts them down. We show them the incredible abuse, and it shuts them down completely. They cannot respond, and because of that we say, “You should learn more.” Then we bring them into the idea of Principle.

Using this method of double direct witnessing, we teach people directly that we are the Unification Church. We don’t hide it. We don’t say “Family Federation.” We don’t put up the Family Federation sign anymore. We already sent the memo to all of the nations from the World Mission Department, “Take down the Family Fed sign, and put up the Unification Church sign, and put up the Unification Church.” Be proud of your religion; be proud of your faith. True Father has given us direction, “Use Tong Il Gyo.” He actually wrote in very big calligraphy, Tong Il Gyo Bok: “The fortune of the Unification Church.” It’s an awesome, awesome blessing for the church.

You have to be proud, brothers and sisters! No more hiding your faith. We have got to be proud. We are being violated; our human rights are being stripped. You have to be proud of your faith. Of course in other nations, such in China, where it is banned, that’s a little different story. Each one of those nations is a case by case basis. But in democratic nations, you have to be strong with your belief! In democratic nations we have the right to believe, we have the right to religion.

So in this situation, the media in Korea has changed tremendously, and now we have so much support from the media. Now, we are being recognized in the business world for being quite successful. Now, even universities are teaching the Unification movement as a case study to look at. Now, our church is growing again; we are back up from 12,000 members to 18,000 members within one year after the restructuring. Donations nationwide have increased 110%. This year we have not received even one penny from Japan subsidies – everything the Korean members have done. Do you understand? This has not happened in 30 years.

So we want to take people out of the mentality of dependency, and move them into inter-dependency. We can do it. We can have ownership in our movement. We can do it. Okay? That is how we move to being responsible for the whole worldwide movement. Let’s not be dependent children, always begging, begging. That is very childish. We don’t want that kind of future; we can’t have that kind of future. We have to become mature adults as a movement. We can support each other, when anyone is in trouble. Then the Unification movement will grow very strong. Okay? All these systems are being created. They are making results, as you can actually hear from the report; making real results in real society. These are not just “talking reports,” these are things that are really happening in society. So when we see that turn-around in Korea, we see that people are being witnessed to; every week we are witnessing.

When I got to Korea, leaders were telling me: “You cannot witness in Korea.” When we put Japanese leaders in to witness in Korea, the Korean members said: “Even we Korean people can’t witness in Korea. How can Japanese people witness in Korea? That’s crazy.” They were saying that. But what happened? We are witnessing again. Why — because, we put up the people who have the greatest faith. Do you understand – great faith plus an organizational mind. They are not just doing it out of their own energy, they are organizing other brothers and sisters to move together in teams to witness. This kind of thinking – faith-based thinking – created growth again in the Unification Church.

So don’t lose hope in your nation if the church has not been growing. That is not a problem with the content; that’s not a problem with True Parents; it is not a problem with Heaven’s blessing. It’s a problem with us; it is a problem with our thinking. We have shown in Korea that it is a problem in the thinking, a problem with the faith. If our faith level is “We can’t witness in this place,” then I guarantee you, you will not witness, and you will not grow. You have to change that faith. You have to raise that faith. We can grow, we can change people’s lives. Yes, we can make True Parents proud in our nation.

You see, because of our thinking and rational organizational planning, we move as an organization, not as an individual. You move as an organization with our faith. Okay? That’s what church action means. Ecclesia: It means a group, a gathering. Okay? So we move as a group, not as just individuals. We elevate people who witness great. People who witness better than you, learn from them – put them as the leader! Tell them to teach everybody how to witness. When we have this kind of honest church culture and we are not just trying to protect our position, if somebody is better than us, then we say, “You lead, and I will listen. Thank you.” Then this honest church culture creates real faith; and people who really witness, who live their life of faith and are crazy about True Parents, and witnessing and changing people’s lives, those people can shine. When those people can shine, then our church shines. Why? Because when we elevate the faithful, True Parents shine. When we don’t elevate the faithful, True Parents cannot shine. Do you see what I mean? So brothers and sisters, we have to really change our thinking. Change our thinking.

Every one of your churches, I don’t care what nation it is, even Thailand for example, or Japan which is a Buddhist nation – Japan has no Christian foundation, Christianity is smaller than us or it is about the same size, it is tiny — but Japan can witness to 3, 600 people per month. It is not a problem of whether it is a Buddhist nation or a Christian nation; that is not the problem. The problem is how we are thinking. What is our faith level? That’s the problem; and that’s what we found was the biggest impediment when we got to Korea to start our ministry there. The biggest problem was that the Korean members were saying, “We can’t witness. We can’t witness. The Divine Principle is not powerful enough in this new age. Yeah, maybe in the 70s it was powerful, but not anymore.” This was the faith. So, of course, with that kind of faith, you can’t inspire anybody; you can’t even inspire each other. But when you have a faith that is exciting, when you’re excited about this truth that is going to change mankind, and you feel that power in it, and you know that you can change people’s lives, and you go out and you talk to people and you see them change – then you start believing again. That’s when we saw the Holy Spirit coming; that’s when we saw the blessing coming back to the Korean church. That’s when we saw Christians converting into the Unification Church, once again after 30 years. We have Christian people now who are converting to the Unification Church! Do you understand that? That is exciting! They are finding the returning Lord! How exciting! How exciting! That is exciting! Do you know how exciting that is? That happens because we have faith. The Foundation of Faith comes before what? The Foundation of Substance. We cannot make Cheon Il Guk and the Foundation of Substance before we prepare what? The Foundation of Faith.

Brothers and sisters, I want to encourage you. Have faith! Believe and have hope! You see, if your faith is powerful, and we are creating a culture of powerful faith in all different nations, then we cannot stop growing. I’ll tell you why: Because God’s blessing is in our faith in the Principle, in the truth that has been revealed. When we have excitement in our faith, and we go out to change people, and to save people’s lives, when we go out with that excitement, then Heaven works. Do you understand? Do you see what I mean? Do you believe?

Oh my gosh, I feel like some kind of revivalist or something. (laughter) This is so important, so exciting for the Unificationists. We are fighting for the greatest cause in the universe. The greatest cause. It is so exciting to be alive; to be able to witness. Every day is so exciting. We go out in the street witnessing. It is so fun. We don’t have to be stuck in the office all day. We can be running around in the streets talking to the people about the Messiah, bringing them into workshops, seeing them hear the Principle; seeing them change, talking to them about the Messiah coming. That is excitement. You feel alive. Your faith feels alive.

I tell you if you are not witnessing, your faith is not alive. You will be struggling with your faith all the time. If you have doubt, go out and witness every day. You will have more faith. The best antidote for struggling with your faith is witnessing. Get into the excitement of witnessing. It is so fun. It is not boring office work. You meet people. You go out and feel the fresh air. You go and run around and see and find whom God has prepared that day. It is so fun. Hey, maybe it is that person over there by the bench sitting next to the subway reading a newspaper!

I met a guy who was smoking a cigarette who received the pamphlet and then signed up for a Divine Principle course. We found Christians who converted. They were very professional people working for SK, one of the top technology companies. They were young in their forties, in management positions. This person was smoking and drinking; there is a lot of smoking and drinking in the business world in Korea. In three months he stopped smoking and drinking. He is witnessing on the streets to his friends from SK; one of his friends is in the Divine Principle workshop now.

We have seven different regions in the prefecture. Kook Jin told them, “Make them pay to listen to Divine Principe.” What? What? What? We are teaching the Divine Principle for free and they don’t even listen. How can we make them pay and listen? Kook Jin says, “You make them pay one thousand dollars.’” What! What! What! Crazy! Crazy! Impossible! Kook Jin Nim!

In the number two region we have a president of a construction company, whose wife is a very devout Buddhist. He was introduced to the Principle. This president of the construction company made the donation of one thousand dollars to listen to Divine Principle. He owned the Principle. He accepted the Principle. Then he made a twenty-one thousand dollar donation to the world temple. Then he had more blessings from heaven; his company succeeded more and then recently, just a few days ago, he made a fifty thousand dollar donation to the temple. This man, the president, is now witnessing to his employees; he is bringing his high level managers into the Divine Principle lectures right now.

So don’t tell me you can’t witness. I have heard it before in the Korean church. “We can’t witness, we can’t witness. Korean people don’t do donations.” That is baloney (nonsense). There are so many people out there who are looking for the truth. So many people out there who want to do something for the world, so many people who want to change history by their contribution. Our faith was the problem. You understand?

I want to tell you this because I want to give you some hope in your nation. It is not hopeless. It is all about faith. If we have the faith the result can come. If we have the belief and the energy and the excitement in the Principle and in that we found the Messiah then when we go out and talk to people about it there is an excitement there. There is incredible electricity. They don’t even know why they are attracted to it. We know that their ancestors are moving in them. This is the substantial resurrection chapter in the Principle. In the time of the resurrected Lord there will be a substantial resurrection. Well, what is that? The good Christian spirits in the spirit world will come down and move Christians; the good Buddhists will come down and move Buddhists; the good Muslims will come down and move Muslims. It is all about who is leading those people. As Unificationists we have to have strong faith. That is the way how we can inspire and help the good spirits that are trying to break through. They are trying to break through just as much as we are. The problem is they are already in the spirit world. They can see everything. So they know. In the physical world we have to have a strong faith.  I want to encourage you.

I don’t want to go too long, and I went too long yesterday. I want to encourage you, I am telling you, it is not impossible because we are working not with men, but we are working with God. And I tell you something. When you work alone you are a minority, When you work alone as a Unification church member you are a minority. If you work with God and if you work for the sake of proclaiming the Messiah then you are a majority. Do you understand? You will become the spiritual majority. When you come forth with that spiritual confidence and you meet one person, you have millions of ancestors behind you. You are the spiritual majority. They cannot defeat you if you go with that kind of heart to save them. This is the kind of faith we need to find again. Because of this kind of faith, I am so proud of the Korean Church, because they improved so much in the last year, year and a half. Really, our members have grown so much there. I am so proud of them, so proud, I always tell them, of course we are not at the top; we are not at the Fatherland level yet. But we have come a long way. We still have to go to the Fatherland level to truly make a world impact. Brothers and sisters, we are not joking when we say that we are going to make True Parents the True King of this world. We are going to make that result. While True Parents are here we need to make the substantial Chun Il Guk.

Chun Il Guk is what? You see Chun Il Guk there – you see our mark. (pointing at flag) That is the Chun Il Guk flag, you know what that is, that is Divine Principle. You know what that is, that is the purpose of creation. You know what that is, that is True Parents right in there. If we don’t have that, there is no Chun Il Guk. If we don’t have Divine Principle, I am sorry you cannot make Chun Il Guk the Kingdom of Heaven without the Messiah. You cannot make Chun Il Guk by just gathering people. That is called having dinner together. That is not making Chun Il Guk. Making Chun Il Guk is by faith. Make Chun Il Guk by making believers in True Parents. When we have millions and tens of millions of believers that shout that is the Lord, True Parents are my Lord and Savior, and then we have the King of Kings. No King on earth can deny that incredible spiritual nation that will change the history of this world forever. AJU!

I tell you brothers and sisters, believe it, because it is going to happen. Whether we believe it or not, whether you believe it or not, other people will step up in faith. They will lead. It is all about our faith level. Is our faith weak or is it strong? Most of us probably have to repent but after repentance there is always forgiveness, there is always a new beginning. Remember, Unification Church was almost dead; all the members. Christians even laughed at us; they said Unification Church is dead. When we first started our ministry, Christian ministers would say, “Is the Unification Church still alive?” They would say that. Totally dead, the church wasn’t growing, stagnating and negative growth. No hope in everything we had done; no business was succeeding, total loss and no success; abysmal, it looked. Of course we talked about how great we were succeeding but in reality we were doing terribly. Real people in society knew this; they have a lot of connections; they have eyes and ears; they can find out very quickly whether we are telling the truth, especially in running businesses; it is very easy to check on businesses in the modern democratic world.

So now that they see real result being made in every field that Unification Church touches, whether it be church, business etc, then they cannot deny the fact that Father’s foundation will remain and that Father’s foundation will continue to shine. This is what we want to create; we want to create real result. Nobody can deny True Parents.

This is the purpose of any one of our organizations. It is to declare and make believers and announce that the Lord has come. That is the most important thing in all of history. All the providence has been prepared for the Lord to come. If we understand how important that is, then any other thing is unimportant. That is the most important thing. I really want to encourage you, have faith. Faith will set you free. It will set you free. Because when you have faith, you don’t have to worry about what other people think. You don’t have to worry about your reputation in society. You can be your best and you can declare True Parents. You can glorify them, you can have a heart that is free and liberated, and you can know that in the end you are serving the Lord with all your might. You know that when you go into heaven, you can go in with a pure heart, with all the spiritual children you have touched, and go before True Parents throne and bow before them with a smile on your face.

Brothers and sisters I hope we can all go before the throne of True Parents with that kind of victory. Not in shame or in shyness that we did not declare, like Peter who denied the Messiah. Remember the scripture in the Bible where Jesus says, “Those that deny me, I will deny them in front of the Father in heaven.” Remember that. Do not hide True Parents, do not hide the Unification Church identity. Don’t deny True Parents. As Unification Church members we should not deny True Parents. We have to proclaim them. We don’t want to get in the habit of denying. We want to get in the habit of proclaiming, affirming, telling confidently, that this is what we believe. This is the Messiah, the True Parent; this is the hope for all humanity. If we go with that faith I absolutely know that all the prayers, all the blood, sweat and tears are not going to be lost. We truly hope you are able to return glory to our True Parents while they are here. This is my deep prayer for Taiwan and all the other nations that you came from – Thailand and the Philippines and Indonesia, Beijing, China. It is all about faith now; all about faith in the Messiah.

You really want to make Chun Il Guk by 2013? There is no other way, there is no other way then to have faith in True Parents and testify on their behalf. If you do that I do believe we are going to lift up a great victory for True Parents while they are here. So many brothers and sisters and new people that God has prepared and new people that spiritual world has prepared. You will be blessed to meet them and to bring them into your life; to have new life with them in True Parents.

One of the things I feel in witnessing is that you fall in love with True Parents. Every time you witness to somebody, you fall in love with True Parents again. This is what I love about witnessing. It is like endlessly falling in love. Do you understand? The more people you witness to, the more you fall in love. I love that. It is like endless love. As long as you’re trying to save someone’s life, you feel the value of True Parents. As long as you are praying for somebody every day, having their picture and making the spiritual conditions, then when you see them growing it is like you are falling in love with True Parents, too. This is why if you are not witnessing you are not having a faith life. I am telling you it is the most exciting thing. It is so much better than sitting in your office all day. Witnessing and a faith life is so exciting. It is like falling in love. I love it.  Do you understand? It is incredible. It is like falling in love, really. You are falling in love with True Parents, every time you bring somebody before True Parents and that person can affirm True Parents. It is like you are falling in love with True Parents again. This is why if we really want to keep our faith alive we need to SHARE our faith. I am telling you it is so exciting. It is so fun.

I tell you, we are witnessing to prodigious VIPs in Korea. There were these two ladies. We first met them spiritually; I’ll tell you how we met them. I had a dream; Hyo Jin and Heung Jin came to me in a dream, spiritually they came to me in a dream. You know we take care of their children; not every day, but we have a day for them. Like every week we take one of Hyo Jin’s children and one of Heung Jin’s children and do their day; have dinner with them. As they don’t have a father figure, I can give them guidance and check on them a little bit, have dinner with them. So we do this, as I do with my children; I do Hyo Jin’s and Heung Jin’s children every week, etc. And so Hyo Jin and Heung Jin came to me in a dream and said, “It is very nice you are taking care of the children, doing their days. I know you are busy etc. Why you are not taking care of your sisters- in-law? How come you are not taking care of my wife?” I said, “Oh, my God.” I said, “Hyo Jin, Heung Jin, I am a busy guy and I am trying to take care of the children as much as I can. I do repent that I did not think about my sisters-in-law.” That was honest. I said ok. So that day I called all of my sisters-in-law and said we are going to do a sisters-in-law day; so I told them to be ready on Monday. “Be ready, I am going to take you shopping.” There is a joke about shopping – if you are sad, go shopping. If shopping doesn’t make you happy, you are in the wrong mall. Ladies, you understand that.

So that day we were out there doing a little shopping “training” with the women and I was doing deep meditation training because shopping is very painful for me. We were there and I am trying to be supportive; I am choosing clothes and saying “Hey, this one looks good on you, beautiful, beautiful” We were having a good time. They were having a good time. Two ladies come in and are watching us and they say, “Oh, you are such a good husband.” I say, “I am doing meditation training today, I am doing shopping training.” You see, I am not complaining; no complaining, not saying, “Quickly, let’s go home, let’s go home.” Anyway we had a good conversation with them and then we found out that this lady sitting right in front of us is the owner of the biggest financial newspaper in Korea, the wall street journal of Korea. They were right there and her friend is a big owner of a golf resort and a big Christian in Korea. I had no idea. So they tell me who they are; I say, “Oh, my goodness!” So I give them my card. They say, “You are Tongil Gyo (UC)?” They said, “My father-in-law wanted to visit Cheong Pyeong, that temple.” I said, “Ok. I will take you there.” She called and said, “Daddy, daddy, I met Tongil Gyo and they gave us permission to go to the peace temple!” So we brought them to the peace temple and recently to Young Pyo and they heard Divine Principle. We spent time with them. Prodigious ladies. These are top VIPs in Korea, but every day we are witnessing and working with them; one of them is a devout Buddhist and the other is a very deep Christian. I never knew how to use the instant messaging on the hand phone. I can’t write Korean very well but every day, because I am witnessing and communicating with them, praying for them, I am using it, every day. I am telling you, witnessing is like falling in love. Of course I have told them many times that True Father is the Messiah. I tell them, “Aren’t you so happy that the Messiah could come to Korea?” and the Christian lady nods. This is a Korean evangelical lady, she goes to the top church, that is the SaRang Community Church, the church that the President of Korea attends, and one day we were supposed to meet and I asked, “How come you did not come?” and she said, “I am in a meeting.” So we met a couple of hours later and I said, “How come you are so busy and we can’t meet you Nunim (I call her sister). I can’t meet you,” and she said, “I was just meeting the President’s wife, I am sorry.”

It is so fun to deal with and witness to people because you really feel alive in your faith. Really we must not lose the excitement of witnessing. Witnessing is so fun and when we meet these people that God totally prepared there is a spiritual connection. We did not plan to meet them in the little shop, so they know there is some kind of spiritual thing happening. So we met with them many times and they heard Principle and they are getting deeper in their faith.

You have to remember that when you witness you have to challenge people; you have to challenge the person who you are witnessing to. You can’t just tell them nice things, you can’t just tell them, “Oh, Rev Moon is so nice and Reverend Moon is such a patriot.” We have to challenge them, “Reverend Moon is the Messiah. If you come to this meeting, he is probably going to scream at you; but that is what the Messiah does, because he can see your soul and he can see your sin so that when he sees you he wants to save you. That is why he will say that out of love.” When we are honest with the people we are witnessing to, they don’t know why, but the spirit is touching them. For us it is so exciting to be able to be running around witnessing on the street. This keeps up the energy. You know my daily schedule is training, training, training, meeting, meeting, meeting, service, training, training, training, meeting, meeting, meeting, service, that is every day like that. Of course I am very grateful for that, but there are too many meetings. I want to go out and run around the street and witness; that is fun: that is really fun. You go out and smell the nature, you smell all the people that are being prepared. God is preparing that day someone for you to bump into. On the road to Damascus, Paul had a revelation, just got bumped into. God has prepared ancestors for so many thousands of years and you meet that one person that day. What if you say, “I don’t want to go today, I’ll just stay in my office”: two thousand years of Jeongseong might die. That is why it is so important to put yourself out. Just think about it. I am the world president, I don’t have to go out witnessing, running around witnessing on the street like a crazy man. I don’t have to do that; but I don’t care about that, position doesn’t matter to me. It is more important to feel excited about True Parents. Then I feel alive, I feel like I am doing something for True Parents. Not just sitting in meetings and saying, “Hmm, hmmm; yeah, good idea.” That is useless. We have to be serving True Parents. It is a fun life, yes?

I want to encourage you brothers and sisters; be excited about True Parents, be excited about your faith; that is really when you are alive. When you can proclaim that the Messiah is here, when you can say that to Christians and get them angry, that is fun; fun to get Christians angry. I was in a train station and sat next to four grandmas and I said, “Hey, how are you doing?” I said, “This is Moon Sun Myung and this is his book. I want you to read this; it is a best seller.” We wear a big yellow vest that says Tongil Gyo, huge letters on the back, with a big unification church sign. We wear a yellow vest; we wear a yellow hat and run around the train station. I was sitting there next to the four ladies and I have the big yellow vest on and I say, “I am from Tongil Gyo and this is my father’s book; it is fantastic; it is a best seller and I would love for you to read it; I want you to read it.” We went into conversation and I said, “Did you know that Reverend Moon is the Messiah?” And these Christian ladies, these four Christian ladies say, “How can you say that a human being is the Messiah?” I said, “Well, Jesus was a human being, and wasn’t he the Messiah?” “Yes, he was the Messiah.” “Wasn’t Jesus persecuted?” “Yes, he was persecuted.” “Jesus came for the mission of bringing the Kingdom?” “Yes, that is what happened.” “Well, it is the same thing with True Parents. True Parents are people too; but they came and are being persecuted by Christians just like you. They are persecuted but they are here to build the kingdom. That is amazing news.” They got so angry; go away! go away! I said, “Ladies, I love you; I am so happy we had this meeting.” I said, “Our blood pressure went up; we did exercise, and it is very healthy. Thank you so much for having this time. God bless you. Here is my card.”

Of course those people did not get witnessed to, but that is not the point; the point is to have fun with your faith. Making Christians angry is okay. We do it out of love; we do it with love because we love them. We don’t do it because we want to hurt them. We do it because we want to tell them the truth. When I do that I feel so free. They say that the truth will set you free. I feel so free. I don’t care if you are a Christian. Then you feel free in your faith. You don’t want to hide it. When you hide it you feel so strange. Why do you want to hide it? This is a democratic nation; I don’t need to hide this. You feel weird when you hide it. This is why we are so excited about witnessing. This is why, because of witnessing, we are now reclaiming our faith. We are proving to all the people who said you cannot witness in Korea, that Korean people are selfish and they don’t make donations to the world providence, we prove that that is so false. Did you know that new members, these new members have donated over seven million dollars to the world temple? New members in Korea! Korean people said they cannot do that, they would never do that. I tell you why they never did that: Because the leaders had no faith. That is why the leaders in society would not follow them. They won’t contribute to that kind of faith community. But when we have faith and we are excited and we are alive and we are so happy to find the Messiah, then somehow we are so attractive. We don’t know why we are so attractive, why we are so handsome. I don’t know. I am not that handsome, but people say that we are glowing and excited and running around. I like that. We have to be excited in our faith. We have to be excited. So even though you are not a model or beautiful, so what? Your spirit is alive.

People living in this world are so tired, so drained; they have no purpose, just running around trying to make money, no purpose. “I don’t know what I am going to do with my life.” They want to find somebody who is alive, somebody who is excited, find someone who is testifying and running around trying to save the world; that is so funny, such people are so exciting. Then they meet these people, and it is so exciting and it’s moving and becoming more professional. Why should they not join?

See, I tell you why the Christian community has grown up until now. It is not because of their theology, our theology is so much more powerful, so much more powerful. Christians cannot answer the most fundamental, most basic questions; the fundamental question of creation, why God created things; why He created people. What was their purpose? What is the Divinity of God? What is the Kingdom of God? How will it be created? They cannot understand, they cannot theologically explain that. But we have such a powerful theology. So the problem is not our theology. The problem is our faith.

Why can Christians grow? They are crazy about Jesus; they are so excited about Jesus. They want to sing about Jesus, they want to talk about Jesus; they want to put a sticker of him on their car. They have stickers on their car, “I love Jesus,” and “Jesus loves you.” They are crazy about Jesus, they love Jesus. That is the reason that Christianity grew because they loved the Messiah, they loved the Lord so the Holy Spirit could come and bless that. We have a stronger theology, so if on top of that we have a stronger love for the Messiah, a stronger love for Jesus, a stronger love for the returning Lord, stronger love for True Parents, then why cannot Christians join? They are automatically going to join because their questions are answered in the Principle and their hearts are answered in our community, because our faith is so strong. Our love for Jesus, our love for True Parents is so strong; we are so excited because Jesus has returned. We are alive, we are exciting people. We are not just sitting in an office all day, “Yes, good idea.” We are exciting people, running around and saving the world. That is what a Unificationist is.

You see what I mean? I want to encourage you today to be an exciting Unificationist. It all comes from your faith. When you are like that, then it is as Jesus said, “When you say to the mountain: move! then the mountain shall move. When we have faith, all things are possible. Because, we don’t work with men when we have faith, we are working with God. Do you understand? So we are not a minority; we become the majority. I want to encourage you today brothers and sisters. Let us build back that faith in the Unification Church, build back that faith in the Messiah. Let’s be excited, be a crazy man once again, crazy people once again. That is so fun to be crazy. I love it; why do you want to be normal? Be crazy. You got to be crazy for something in your life. You have to live for something in your life. Live for money and a paycheck every month? That is not a fun life. You got to live and be crazy for something. The best thing to be crazy for is to be crazy for God. Crazy for the Lord, if you are crazy like that you will have that kind of excitement. And people, even they don’t know why, they are being transformed. Brothers and sisters, once again, God bless and let’s return all the glory for True Parents.

Transcribers: Beatrice Clyburn, Misael Sagala
Mary Ellen Legay, Regina Shin
Proofreaders: Teresa Ledesma, Marcia Lawton Schlichting

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