Int’l. Pres. Hyung Jin Moon speak to Japanese Leaders

October 27, 2010

June 12,2010,  Chungpyung Training Center, Korea


We Need the Savior

True Parents give us True Life, True Love and True Lineage and then our responsibility is to give them Absolute Faith, Love, and Obedience and we all fail at that to certain degrees during our life of faith. And if we look at our lives we will notice that actually that we are not perfect either, that we all have sin.

We may not have the original sin due to True Parents’ Blessing, but we have collective sin, hereditary sin, and individual sin, which we accumulate on a daily basis. So, one of the things that we must remember is that we are sinners. I think our members and churches have forgotten this fact. We have forgotten that we are sinners. We have forgotten to teach our children that they are sinners as well, that they can accumulate all sorts of sins. The reason why this is so important is because if you realize that you are a sinner then you realize that you need a savior. If you don’t feel that you are a sinner you will believe that you don’t need a savior.

Do we truly desire and truly understand that we need True Parents? We need the savior and I think this is very basic of knowing that we all have tremendous amounts of sins. Without understanding this point, one does not understand or does not feel the importance to pursue the Messiah, to pursue the life of faith with all their heart. And this is really important. It’s only when we understand that we have sin and make sin everyday. We do sinful actions everyday, every single one of us here are sinners, including myself.

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True Filial Love

October 15, 2010

September 19, 2010, Cheon Bok Gung, Yongsan Seoul Korea

Welcoming Remarks:

Yeon-ah nim:

Good afternoon brothers and sisters.  Good afternoon.  Welcome to the headquarters of the Unification Church on this day.  It is really, really great to see you all.  This week we sincerely hope and pray that we live in God’s presence and True Parents’ love in our hearts and in our lives.  Aju.

Hyung-jin nim:

Good evening brothers and sisters.  I’m sorry, good afternoon!  That happens sometimes.  Let us begin by manifesting the Principle.  Give and receive action; four position foundation; may I inherit the true love and word of God.  Aju.

Today’s reading is from the Cheon Seong Gyeong 2201.  True Father says:

The filial child is the person who can accept what he dislikes more than what he likes.  The person who sacrifices his precious love in order to fulfill his filial duty to his parents will be able to go anywhere in Heaven, and if there are twelve pearly gates, then not one of them will be blocked to him.  All the gates will be wide open.

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Rev. Hyung Jin Moon’s Interfaith Assembly Keynote Address

October 10, 2010

October 09, 2010 , CBG,  Seoul Korea

UPF International Chairman’s Keynote address given on the occasion of the Interfaith Assembly: The Significance of Interfaith for Peace and Development on October 9, 2010. Seoul, South Korea.

Dear distinguished spiritual leaders from around the world! I was moved by the recitation of sacred words from the scriptures of your traditions, and your prayers, bringing God’s blessing to our endeavors.

Thank you for gracing this occasion with your presence, and for your lifelong commitment in service to God, humanity and global peace.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you here to the Cheon Bok Gung. This sanctuary is dedicated to the vision and wisdom of Almighty God, who leads us toward peace according to divine providence. This providence has been served through all the world’s great religions and faith traditions and can only be consummated or realized by all of them working in concert.

Our meeting here in this holy place is an expression of our mutual commitment to discover the path to lasting peace, and I am sure that God’s blessings are upon all of us.

This is also my spiritual home, the place where I come to give glory to God every day. This is a place where we share the good news of God’s providence and the vision of his Peace Kingdom. I am very pleased that you are all here today. So, once again, welcome to Korea and welcome to the Cheon Bok Gung!

This morning, it is my distinct honor and privilege to share with you a few words on behalf of my parents, Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, Father and Mother Moon. This morning, because it is a primary focus for our Interfaith Assembly, and because it is so central to the mission of the Universal Peace Federation, I want to share with you my Father’s vision for the establishment of an interreligious council at the United Nations, for this represents an urgent and necessary step towards world peace.

My Father has great respect for the United Nations. Had it not been for the United Nations Peace Force, comprised of 16 nations, not only would this nation of South Korea not exist today as a free and democratic society where religion has flourished, but neither would my Father have survived to carry out his providential mission. Nor, needless to say, would I be here today.

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Faith is the Way of Experience by Rev. Jae-seok Lee

October 4, 2010

August 29, 2010, Cheon Bok Gung, Yongsan Seoul Korea

Welcoming Remarks by Hyung Jin Nim:

Hello, brothers and sisters. We are in France.  You can see the Eiffel tower behind us. In August of 1965, Father came here and established a holy ground.  We were not actually scheduled to come to France, but recently, a second generation member passed into the spiritual world.  For that reason, we came to France.  We can see many miraculous things happening here.  God is protecting all the blessed members from around the world.  So we had an offering service to God and True Parents.  Today, you will be listening to the sermon of Rev. Jae-seok Lee in Korea and we will return and meet you in Korea next Sunday.  From France, we would like to greet you.

Main Sermon by Rev. Jae-seok Lee

Hello, everyone. The morning and the afternoon worship services’ atmosphere was quite similar, I felt.  First, let us read from the words of our True Parents: Life, Love, and the World of the Eternal Soul, pages 231-235.

“For the people of faith, learning through experience is absolutely necessary. This is the way we find out about God’s character and at the same time, we can feel the bond or the internal shimjung we can have. The path of learning through experience is the only way we can feel this.  Through a life of faith, we can feel happiness and a new hope.  This can only happen though this process of learning through experience.

“The heart has a gateway called the shimmun.  When we feel we can pray very well, this means we are closer to God and feel Him closer to us. So if we keep going inward, all the way deep down, we meet God’s gateway.  When God’s gateway and the gateway to our own heart are completely one with each other, we can feel God’s love and heart and be in a position to learn though experience.

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